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Best Home Air Compressor Reviews – the Ultimate Guide

Best Home Air Compressor Do you find it a challenge to choose the best home air compressor?  When you like to use air power tools around your home and garage, there a few things you might need to know about first.  There are a lot of factors that come into such a decision, such as cost and performance.  But we also think it is important to consider other factors like noise, storage and ease of use.

It is not much fun when you have to fix the tool before you can use it!  Or how about when you want to use a noisy power tool when someone else in the family wants to watch TV?

The Best Home Air Compressor should be dependable, safe, and easy to use

Sometimes we have constraints on our time, when we really just want to get the job done fast.  But what do you do if your favourite power tool is broken or too noisy or takes too long to set up?  It is so frustrating when you want to start work, but you are held up with an unreliable machine.  You know what it is like, before you can get started, you have to check the oil level, clean the filter, top up the fuel.  And when you have finally done the pre-start checklist, you find that you can’t get it started, or something is broken, or you forgot to do that important maintenance job when you last finished using it.

Best Home Air Compressor Reviews

We understand what you need when it comes to choosing a home air compressor.  You want something that is dependable, quiet yet powerful, simple to maintain, and easy to use.  Fortunately there are some excellent choices for the best home air compressor which will not break the bank, and will not disturb the neighbors.  Read on for our in depth assessment of the best home air compressor reviews.

Best Home Air Compressor Reviews:


KENSUN 12 Volt Home Air Compressor and Tire Inflator

Best Home Air Compressor Reviews If you like the ability to inflate tires or sports gear at home, then the simplest way to be independent is to buy your own Kensun 12 volt tire inflator.  These excellent small air compressors are excellent for inflating tires.  But don’t expect them to handle anything bigger than that.  These 12 volt tire inflators are purpose built for inflating all types of low pressure applications, like car tires, bicycle tires, soccer balls, and pool toys.

The Kensun 12 volt tire inflator is an incredibly compact and convenient air compressor that you will probably want to buy another one!  These compact little tire inflators can simply fit into the boot of your car or truck, ready for whenever you might have a roadside flat tire.  Simply connect up the purpose built inflator to the tire, and within a couple of minutes, you will have enough pressure to proceed on your way again.

What we like about it:  Kensun 12 volt tire inflator

The Kensun 12 volt tire inflator is really no effort to maintain, and because it weighs in at a very meager 1 pound, then there is no trouble to have on close to hand.  It is extremely quiet to use, and simply makes a little humming noise while it steadily goes to work.  As we suggested, it is not really capable of producing a high volume of compressed air, but it is certainly useful for inflating tires, and all sorts of equipment around the home.

Click here to read more about the Kensun Home Air Compressor and 12 volt tire inflator at Amazon.


Porter Cable PCFP02003 Pancake Air Compressor

Best Home Air Compressor Now we get into the serious home air compressor reviews, and we can’t look past the superb Porter Cable PCFP02003 pancake air compressor.  With is distinctive shape and coloration, the Porter Cable air compressor is a great choice for best home air compressor.  These small yet powerful pancake compressors are specifically built for use around the home and garage.

Powerful and easy to use home air compressor

Suitable for single user type applications, this home air compressor produces up to 135 psi.  Which is perfect for domestic users.   The Porter Cable pancake air compressor is electric powered, and runs from the normal domestic power outlet.  So you can plug this home air compressor into any outlet around your home.  All you need to do is simply get to work, with no fuss or bother.  No problems with checking the oil and fuel – there is none!  So maintenance is not an issue.  And you don’t have to bother with smelly fuel, and there is no exhaust fumes or engine noise to worry about either!

Excellent supply of compressed air

The Porter Cable home air compressor comes with a 3.5 gallon air storage tank.  This is ample for the average home handyman, and provides enough compressed air for most jobs.  The powerful motor keeps the tank topped up in the background while you work.  The Porter Cable home air compressor will allow a multitude of jobs around the home.  Such as renovating, painting, drilling, cutting and sanding.

What we like about it:  Porter Cable home air compressor

The Porter Cable home air compressor is flexible and portable.  Light enough to carry around with you, so you can work anywhere around the house or garage.  It is so simple to use, plug it in and turn it on, and you are ready to go.  The Porter Cable home air compressor is capable of running a wide range of air power tools.  Suitable for all kinds of tough jobs in your garage as well as domestic jobs.  Although it is best suited to using one tool at a time.  It is more than capable of providing a steady supply of compressed air to keep you working all day.

Click here to read more about the Porter Cable home air compressor at Amazon.


Senco PC1010 1 Gallon Home Air Compressor

Home Air Compressor When you want a lightweight, durable and hassle free home air compressor, the Senco PC1010 is a good choice.  An ideal home air compressor for the average home handyman.  The Senco home air compressor is powered by a 1 Horsepower electric motor.  It can be plugged in to any domestic power outlet around the house or garage.  Then you always have a reliable power source nearby.

Reliable home air compressor

Suitable for a wide range of domestic type work.  The Senco PC1010 is great for home renovations, either inside or out.  Because the electric motor is very quiet, you can use this home air compressor indoors without disturbing the whole family.   Just like the Porter Cable home air compressor, this model can deliver excellent air supply.  It has no trouble powering up to 125 psi operating pressure.  This is not necessarily something that all small air compressors can handle.  So be sure to check what the competition can handle.

Senco PC1010 home air compressor is easy to use

With simple and clear pressure gauges, you can be confident with operating this air compressor around the home or garage.  There is a gauge for tank  pressure as well as for output air pressure.  So you can always monitor how the flow rate is going.  The Senco PC1010 has an automatic thermal shutoff.  It is always good to know that you don’t have to worry about overloading it as it is self-protected.  The pressure couplings are simple to connect and dis-connector, and won’t leak air while you work.

What we like about it:  Senco PC1010 home air compressor

Great all round home air compressor, with everything you need to do those odd jobs around the home.  As well as more serious jobs like renovations and building projects.  The Senco PC1010 can drive all sorts of air power tools, including nailers, drills, saws and paint sprayers.  We like it because it is a simple no fuss, no nonsense home air compressor!

Click here to read more about the Senco PC1010 home air compressor at Amazon.


Campbell Hausfeld DC060500 Home Air Compressor

Best Home Air Compressor Campbell Hausfeld is a renowned manufacturer of some of the toughest and most reliable air compressors. They are suitable for heavy duty professional users.  When you choose a Campbell Hausfeld DC060500 Home air compressor, you get the benefit of all those years of experience.  But you don’t have to pay for a clunky old air compressor that weighs a ton.  With this little electric driven air compressor, you get good performance.  And that is what you need for the best home air compressor.

Campbell Hausfeld home air compressor – features

Firstly, this home air compressor is driven by a 1 horsepower electric motor.  It can be plugged in to any power outlet around your home or garage.  But the real winner is the incredible 6 gallon air tank.  Which is more than some industrial air compressors provide.  This comfortable sized tank fills to a very powerful operating pressure of 125 psi. So this machine really has the numbers to compete with some serious air compressors.

What we like about it:  Campbell Hausfeld home air compressor

Campbell Hausfeld really understands how to make a solid home air compressor, and that is what we like.  But the good thing is that it is perfectly suited for jobs around the home and garage. It is so easy to use that you can plug it in, and forget that it is running.  Once that big storage tank is filled to capacity, the motor simply shuts off.  But the air supply is there as soon as you need it.

Click here to see more details of the Campbell Hausfeld home air compressor at Amazon.


Best Home Air Compressor Reviews:


So there you have it, we have selected the best contenders for a home air compressor to suit your needs.  As you can see, every home air compressor on our list of reviews has an excellent operating pressure above 120 psi.  So you will be able to operate a wide range of air tools around the home or garage.

The only potential drawback with this type of home air compressor is the flow rate.  It may not cope with consistent heavy duty usage.  So you shouldn’t expect to run several power tools at once.  If the pressure drops, it will not be able to keep up with demand.  However, when using a single tool at one time, even under heavy demand, the air compressor will be working to keep the supply up.  If the pressure dips due to over demand, all you need to do is pause briefly.  Until the storage tank recovers and then you can continue with no problems.


Do you want more power for your home air compressor?

Arevyou are motivated by the need for a more powerful home air compressor?  If you want to choose a gas powered air compressor then we also have a good choice for you.


Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412 Gas Air Compressor

Best Home Air Compressor Reviews So if you know about a gas powered air compressor, then you probably understand about the noise and exhaust fumes.  These air compressors are loud!  And they require a little extra maintenance to check out the engine oil and fuel before you start work.  But when everything is in order, these gas powered air compressors can be simple and easy to use.

Loud but powerful!

Sure a gas powered air compressor makes a lot of noise, but it is also extremely powerful.  It comes fitted with a 5 Hp Honda motor.  It is probably only suitable for running outside, because of the noise and exhaust fumes.  But of course, you can run the high pressure air hose from the machine to an inside work site. So that is up to how you want to use it.

Industrial Air CTA5090412 Gas Air Compressor

The Industrial Air CTA5090412 air compressor comes with a kit with everything included.  You can also buy the very handy and long high pressure air hose, blow gun, quick release connectors.  It also comes with a good sized 4 gallon air tank. This air tank holds enough compressed air for the big jobs, but is not too heavy to move around.

What we like about it :  Industrial Air CTA5090412 Gas Air Compressor

If you can handle the noise and the exhaust fumes, this is the best home air compressor for you.  It provides a moderate operating pressure of 155 psi.  But it can produce an awesome continuous flow rate of air that will keep the average home handyman very happy.  No problem running any air powered tool from nail guns, drills, wrenches, saws and high flow paint sprayers.

Click here if the Industrial Air CTA5090412 gas air compressor sounds like what you need!


If you want to find the best air compressor for your home or garage, read more reviews here.

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