Previously Stanley Bostitch, and more commonly known as Bostitch, is an American company that concentrates on designing and producing fastening tools like staple guns and staplers, nailers, glue guns, riveters, screws, and the like. Their product range varies from home, construction, office, and even industrial use, and apart from these, Bostitch has developed a large number of improvements to what would soon become the modern desk stapler – Stanley Black and Decker’s subsidiary.


In the year 2013, Stanley Black and Decker launched and began selling pneumatic, mechanic’s hand, and tradesman’s power tools under the brand, Bostitch at various Wal-Mart stores, as well as with online distributors.

The company manufactures top-notch, quality, and contemporary fasteners and fastening tools especially for construction, home improvement, and industrial applications. Bostitch’s products include pneumatic nailers and staplers, a variety of compressors, manual operating staplers and tackers, rivet tools, assorted collated nails, screws, and even specialty fasteners in a collection of finishes and materials. Also included in their line of products are carton-closing staplers, office products, among others.

Choosing the best Bostitch Air Compressor for your needs

There are four simple steps that you must take note of, to ensure that you have the right air compressor required for your application.

  • Identify where the compressor will be used and what it will be used for. Choose the correct voltage for your air compressor; if the machine will be used on-site, the 110-volt compressor is the most appropriate for such environments.
  • Know which tank size is most appropriate for you. When selecting the compressor’s tank size, keep in mind that this does not affect the air delivery volume of the air compressor. However, it will affect the required amount of power the motor uses to make the compressor run, as well as to keep the tank full.  If you plan to use more than one tool with the air compressor, or if you prefer to keep the motor’s running noise to a minimum, it is best to choose a larger tank instead. Remember – when the tank size increases, portability of the air compressor decreases.
  • Consider the extra features – will they be useful?
    • Bostitch’s range of compressors varies in size, output, and features. If you require additional features such as built-in tools, twin air outlets, or fastener trays, be sure to choose the correct compressor unit.
    • When it comes to choosing the correct unit, ask yourself if an oil-less compressor is best suited to complete your task, or if a lubricated one will work better.
    • Air compressors come in oil-free and lubricated models and the traditional lubricated ones need oil to function; aside from requiring oil, these compressors also need regular monitoring and can be a little tedious at times.
    • Lubricated compressors are more durable than the oil-free compressors and can perform well during rugged and continuous work. Oil-free air compressors, on the other hand, work best for lower volume operations since these types of compressors are low maintenance and can function on steep angles, whereas the lubricated units may experience poor circulation of oil.
  • The number of tools that will be used all at once. It’s best to know how many tools the Bostitch air compressor will power at the same time. There are a number of variable factors to consider such as the type of fastener, the stability of the wood, and most importantly, what tools are being used. Take note that all air compressors should be operated and powered close or if possible, next to the main electrical power source. If this isn’t possible, it’s best to use a long air hose instead since a drop in line voltage may occur.

Below Are 4 Best Bostitch Air Compressors on the Market


While some of Bostitch’s air compressors are not fit for heavy-duty usage, they are perfect for painting, cleaning, and inflation tasks. Bostitch is the best option for those who are searching for quality-made products that are economical and durable, as well as products that are suitable for performing any and every type of tool operations.

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