California Air Tools are devised with the latest technology which provides excellent quality, longevity, and reliability to their ultra-quiet and oil free air compressors.  Their air compressors have an oil-free, dual pump system equipped to make work more efficient and effective while creating less noise and wear for a much longer pump life.

If you require an air compressor that works perfectly for heavy tasks but want something that is not too noisy, then opt for an air compressor from California Air Tools since their machines are sure to be ultra-quiet that will allow you full concentration on your task at hand.

1. Choosing an air compressor from California Air Tools

It is necessary and important to choose the right air compressor to work conveniently for you and your application, so before selecting an air compressor, first determine what tools you plan to use along with the air compressor. The California Air Tool air compressor that you choose should produce enough CFM (air) to operate your specific air tools or applications properly. Here are some things to consider when choosing an air compressor to thoroughly complete your tasks.

  • Air Consumption Requirement
    As an example, an air tool will work properly if there is 2.35 CFM @ 90 PSI. A CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the air volume that runs your tool, while the PSI (pounds per square inch) is the air flow’s pressure. Having an idea about what CFM and PSI is will help determine the air delivery required from the air compressor you choose.
  • General HP that is necessary to run common air tools
  • If the air tools will be used for inflating, cleaning, airbrushing, or for blow guns, ½ HP is necessary for the air tool to work.
  • For inflating, cleaning, blow guns, airbrushing, staplers, engravers etc., 1.0 HP is required for the air tool.
  • When your task ranges from inflating, air brushing, and works with tools like brad nailer staplers, engravers, LVLP spray guns, dental hand-pieces and more, you would need an air tool with 2.0 HP.
  • Lastly, for inflating, cleaning, blow guns, finish nailers, LVLP spray guns, 3/8” ratchet or 3/8” impact wrenches, sanders, grinders, polishers, etc., air tools would require a much higher HP of 4.0 HP.

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2. Choosing the right size of air tanks

The size of your California Air Tool air compressor depends on the weight, space, and air storage required. The bigger the tank, more air storage will be available; having much larger air storage allows you to utilize more air before the compressor motor turns on.

Keep in mind that an air compressor’s tank size, which is usually measured by gallons, must be decided upon by the overall usage. A small tank size is suitable if usage of the air compressor is in short, quick, concentrated and fixed bursts for tools such as nailers. However, if the air compressor sustains usage for long periods of time, then a larger tank size will be more appropriate for tools like impact wrenches or board sanders.


If you are searching for a reliable, quiet, and excellent quality-made air compressor, it is highly suggested that you consider California Air Tools air compressors which will surely be a great choice for you and your tasks on hand.

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