California CAT-6310

If you’re trying to find a compressor that won’t be too noisy to disrupt your conversations with anyone while in the process of work, then California Air Tools’ CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free Air Compressor will keep things peaceful but going for you.

The CAT-6310 – which is best used for various inflation tasks and to power most pneumatic tools – operates impressively at lowered noise levels compared to most compressors out there in the market. But that doesn’t mean that the quality of work gets compromised.

CAT-6310 – Silent Power

Our ears are very sensitive and any level of sound that’s above 90 decibels is hazardous to the ears and the body too. We also can’t deny that noise pollution is one disturbing occurrence in our environment that is why working with the CAT-6310 inside your home is a big relief from noise, since it only operates on 60 decibels which levels the sound of a normal conversation. Aside from the air compressor being this quiet, it runs on a powerful 1.0HP motor to carry out operations for various tasks.

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CAT-6310 – Oil free and portability

We take good care of all our devices yet if these were low maintenance and just like California Air Tool’s CAT-6310, then we’d all continue working productively without having to worry about maintenance such as oil changing, which is a really messy operation to deal with. In addition to this, the CAT-6310 may not be the smallest compressor around, but since it weighs just about 49lbs., it’s something extremely convenient in terms of portability. The CAT-6310 only has one handle, but it’s still well-designed for easy holding thus making it a must if you tend to lug something heavy from one area to another.


  • The CAT-6310 is so quiet that it operates without really causing any noise disturbances to the surroundings.
  • Another great thing is its portability. Because of its light weight and compact design, the CAT-6310 is easy to transport from one place to another since this device adds mobility to its features because of the wheels on the bottom of the tank.
  • Because of the excellent design of its oil-free pump, it increases the CAT-6310’s life span and makes it a convenient device due to it being low maintenance.
  • The price is considerably good, compared to other compressors available. It’s also accompanied by a 1 year limited warranty which is something we consider necessary.


  • The pressure gauges aren’t angled in a position where it’s easy to see.
  • The rubber grip on the handle moves around a bit since it isn’t glued to it.

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