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Campbell Hausfeld’s tradition of bringing forth world-class and quality heavy-duty equipment began when it first started producing agricultural equipment and horse-drawn wagons. The company has been offering reliable and durable equipment for professionals and consumers for more than 175 years, and is currently increasing their line of products; from air tools, air nailers and staplers, commercial and consumer-grade air compressors, tire inflators, welders, and more.

1. The uses of Campbell Hausfeld air compressors

Air compressors from Campbell Hausfeld can be used by homeowners; wherein they can take advantage of the durability and effectiveness of the company’s tools. The air compressors, along with their air tools, help in inflating and rotating car tires, building decks, remodeling rooms, and spray painting to name a few.

For commercial customers, the company’s air compressors are considered useful as well since commercial solutions for tire industries and automotive repairs have a great need for such tools. Aside from these, Campbell Hausfeld also has other lines of products, as well as helpful recommendations that are fashioned for your shop size and air requirements.

Typically, Campbell Hausfeld air compressors are designed for filling a vehicle’s deflated tires, yet these can also be used to run in workshops considering that their air compressors are a perfect choice especially when it comes to continuous usage of power tools like air saws, die grinders, and paint guns.

Best Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

ModelAir DeliveryMaximum Pressure (PSI)Tank Size (Gallons)Net Weight (Pounds) 

Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV

3.8 SCFM @ 90 PSI150 PSI20 gal100.5 lbsCTA3

Campbell Hausfeld HL5402

3.7 SCFM @ 90 PSI125 PSI4 gal58 lbsCTA3

Campbell Hausfeld HL540100AV

3.7 SCFM @ 90 PSI125 PSI8 gal71.6 lbsCTA3

Campbell Hausfeld FP2080

0.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI135 PSI4 gal33.2 lbsCTA3

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

10.3 CFM @ 90 PSI135 PSI26 gal163 lbsCTA3

2. Maintenance

  • Safety Valve
    The safety valve automatically releases air if the pressure of the air compressor’s tank surpasses the preset’s maximum level. To ensure efficient operations, make sure to perform a few checks and tests weekly; if possible; to make sure that the safety valve of your Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is working properly. The ring on the safety valve should be pulled to allow this to snap back to its normal position. Make sure that the fast moving air from the valve is not directed towards the face. The safety valve should automatically be closed relatively at 40 to 50 psi, and once the ring is pulled but the safety valve does not allow automatic release of air, it is a sign that the safety valve must be replaced.
  • Changing oil
    Always make sure to maintain proper oil levels and make oil changes every three months. When checking, allow the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor to run just to warm up the oil, then unplug this after. Once done, position a pail under the pump end of the unit before removing the oil drain plug to allow oil to collect in the said pail.
    After removing the oil, replace the drain plug before filling the pump to a full; it is best to use SAE 30 industrial grade air compressor oil or full synthetic motor oil.

3. Cleaning and Storage

When the air compressor’s motor is turned off then unplugged, begin cleaning thoroughly the air compressor’s motor, flywheel, tank, and air lines.

When the air compressor will not be used, store this along with the hoses in a cool and dry place. The tank should be drained of moisture and all hoses should be disconnected then hung with open ends down; this allows any moisture in the tank to drain.

Protect the electrical cord from possible damage by winding the cord loosely around the unit’s handle or coiling the cord up.

4. Conclusion

With proper care and maintenance, Campbell Hausfeld air compressors can work and function for many years. With the overall excellent performance of these compressors when used continuously, air compressors from Campbell Hausfeld are definitely worth to consider when scouting for a great compressor to work with.

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