Choosing The Perfect Two-Stage Air Compressor

2_stage_1Two-stage or double-stage air compressors are units that have two cylinders or pistons, and these come in low-pressure and high-pressure cylinders. The low-pressure cylinder pumps up almost half of the end pressure, then the air is cooled and compressed further by the second high-pressure cylinder.

This type of air compressor has more capacity and a much higher pressure; its capacity reaches up to 50CFM while the pressure reaches as high as 175psi (12 bars). The two-stage air compressor is most convenient for commercial or industrial use and perfect for automotive shops, workshops, and other industrial uses.

Picking your two-stage air compressor

  • First consider the pressure required by the tools you will be using with the air compressor. Determine what tools you will use and then determine the needed pressure. Note that two-stage air compressors can get up to 175psi.
  • Now, you should find out how much pressure you need. If you only require about 125psi to fulfill your tasks, it’s best to search for a different compressor with lesser maximum pressure, but with a higher CFM.
  • Check the capacity required for the job. The necessary capacity of your air compressor is shown via the consumption of air by all your tools and machines together; this is important if all the tools are used at the same time.
    Like with purchasing any other type of air compressor, you are required to know the approximate amount of air that you will be using. Two-stage reciprocating air compressors go up to 50CFM, so if you will need more than this, a rotary screw compressor might be a better option.
  • Check the electrical connection. Considering that two-stage air compressors are much bigger than the single stage air compressor, the correct electrical connection becomes essential. Ensure that there is adequate power supply present in the area you want to have the air compressor installed; if possible, have the compressor installed by an electrician to avoid accidents.
    There are some compressors that can be purchased with either a single phase or 3-phase motor, and usually, you can select between 200 volts, 230 volts, or 40 volts. However, make sure that you select the proper type for your needs and remember that the larger two-stage air compressors only come as 3-phase machines. In addition to that, most dual stage air compressors are made without any wirings so you have to purchase one separately.

Top brands that produce two-stage air compressors

  • Campbell Hausfeld
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Quincy

2_stage_7The two-stage air compressors generally work just like a single stage air compressor, yet the difference is that these compressors have two actuating pistons. Two-stage compressors, unlike other units, require more maintenance since the unit is equipped with more parts, and in addition, these air compressors have a higher output and generate less heat thus ensures a longer working life.


When selecting an air compressor, the kind of framing equipment that should be utilized together with the size of the work load must be considered, and a continuous run-motor or stop and start model is also an essential factor in the compression process.

Air compressors can be a highly important investment for business owners, so it is essential to take into consideration the factors that affect the compressor’s performance before you purchase. While weighing your options, it’s a good idea to evaluate your business’ current CFM requirements, yet also calculate your required future demands. Do you plan to increase your technicians? Or maybe you plan to increase or upgrade your equipment to expand your business? If so, then you may want to opt for a larger air compressor to purchase which is more ideal for heavier jobs.

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