DeWalt is a comprehensive brand that creates world class power and hand tools specially designed for a variety of purposes, and their air compressors are made for tasks such as maintaining pressure for vehicles, tire rotation, crafts, construction, and even industrial uses such as general manufacturing and more.

The brand has an extensive number of air compressors that are highly recommended for professionals, do-it-yourself householders, and construction workers who handle heavy-onsite duties yet for the tool to work effectively and efficiently, regular air compressor maintenance is crucial to ensure that the tool functions smoothly.



Since DeWalt creates products that are manufactured and assembled with high standard parts, the maintenance needed for these machines should be minimal. Air compressor maintenance can be done by in-house technicians or companies that regularly service different types of air compressors. Here are some points to maintain your DeWalt air compressors and keep them working conveniently and efficiently.

  • For best results, air filters should be cleaned and examined weekly.
    Usually, these can be jolted to remove the filtered dust and debris; these should also be completely changed each month for better functionality.
  • Oil change should be done as often as necessary. Air compressors are also equipped with an oil filter that needs to be changed at regular intervals.
  • Weekly inspection of inlet filters is needed.
    Inlet filters of air compressors need weekly checkups and should be replaced whenever it deems necessary.
  • Regular piping and joint checkups are needed.
    Air leaks are easy to fix, so piping and joints should be checked regularly for water and air leaks.
  • Air compressor cleanliness should be maintained.
    Always keep your air compressors clean. Removing debris and dirt from the unit’s exterior helps keep the air filter clean.
  • Weekly wear and tear inspection is needed.
    Belts should have a weekly wear and tear inspection, and replaced when necessary.

It is vital for air compressors to have proper maintenance simply to have the system operate and function at efficient levels. If basic maintenance is neglected, the compressor may begin to lag and eventually break, so to avoid repairs that cost a lot and increased electric bills due to malfunctioning air compressors, it’s best to observe proper maintenance on all available equipment on hand.

If you are working with industrial air compressors, it will be useful and it is advisable to keep an analysis log when dates and services were made. This is to let everyone in the workplace have an idea of the air compressor’s condition.

Aside from checking the air compressor itself, you should also maintain and inspect the area surrounding the tool. A checklist may be necessary to remember what things need to be inspected during the air compressor maintenance and these include some of the following:

  • Ambience –the area where the air compressor settles should be clean and free of any unnecessary rubbish. The placeneeds to be ventilated well to allow proper cooling which prevents overheating and strain to the compressor’s system.
  • Gauges and control – to ensure that the air compressor is running at its highest capacity, make sure that the gauges and other controls are calibrated properly.
  • Use high-quality oil – for the air compressor to work more conveniently, it’s advisable to use quality grade oil that is sometimes specified by the manufacturer. Also, you should keep the oil tank and component parts clean to reduce sludge buildup on your compressor.


Before beginning the process of inspecting your DeWalt air compressor, always provide safety when working and using any type of machinery. When in the process of maintenance duties, be sure to disconnect any supply of electricity powering the tool and relieve this from stored pressure before any maintenance begins.

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