Hitachi EC12 REVIEW

If you are a professional or a do-it-yourself- type of person, you would most likely opt for devices that are light, fast, yet more powerful than the traditional type of power tools. So if you’re in need of an innovational and professional-grade compressor, consider the Hitachi EC12 air compressor with its new features in addition to Hitachi’s classic quality.

Hitachi’s EC12 is ideal for supporting numerous pneumatic tools, and with its powerful motor and rugged all-metal interior, this machine will surely give you years and years of consistent quality performance while usage is made easy due to its ball valve drain cock. Easy to handle and compact, it incorporates a splash-lubricated direct drive motor in a convenient tank style, and the advantage of the EC12 is displayed when the compressor assists you in getting work done quickly, because of its efficient air delivery system and oil-lubricated pump.

Flexibility and Efficient Performance

Given that the EC12 is made by Hitachi, we can ensure that the machine will deliver a 100% consistency and reliable performance because of the robust motor which allows quick recovery time, as well as a maximum all-around performance. This air compressor uses a 2-HP, 115-volt direct drive electric motor and with its durability and high performance, the air delivery system of the EC12 can be considered a highly efficient aspect of the compressor; ideal for supporting a wide range of tools that include any type of pneumatic stapler.

Aside from these, the compressor’s cylinder is built of cast iron to reduce the risk of puncture and is also equipped with an intake filter to protect against interior component damage. Not only that, a thermal protection feature is present where the compressor automatically shuts down to guard against problems such as motor overload.

Air capacity, Portability, and Noise

EC12’s large twin stack air tanks provide a maximum air capacity of 4-gallons, and a maximum pressure of 125psi. The compressor weighs around 60-lbs. which is slightly on the heavier side, yet is still considered portable; and with its convenient carrying handle, it offers sturdiness and good balance for transporting the machine from one area to another. The Hitachi EC12 is also equipped with foot pads that make the machine fairly stable; though it would still be more secure if the compressor were placed on leveled ground.

When it comes to the compressor’s noise, the motor isn’t outright appalling yet it isn’t considered as one of the most quiet air compressors in the market, but is definitely better compared to most oil-less models available.

Hitachi EC12 Pros and Cons

Anyone who has had experience with Hitachi’s power tools will surely consider this air compressor model because of the company’s reputation of producing efficient, high-quality, and world class products. Below are some of the pros and cons for the EC12 air compressor.

The Pros

  • Can handle multiple pneumatic tools
  • Starts easily with the on and off toggle
  • Very high quality and durability
  • Has a good amount of airflow
  • Quick and effortless pressure adjustment
  • High-pressure output
  • 2-HP oil-lubricated motor for a lengthier device life span
  • Automatic shutdown thermal protection feature
  • Replicable filters for additional protection

The Cons

  • Its appearance features a more industrial look
  • During cold temperatures, there may be some difficulty starting the compressor
  • The EC12 does not come with an accessory kit
  • The handle placement gives portability, but the unit tilts off center at times
  • The placement of the unit’s regulator makes the twin manifold pipes fall off easily, which is quite common with big compressors.
  • Though considered portable, the EC12 still weighs on the heavier side and would require some muscle when transporting the device.

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