How to Pick the Perfect Contractor Single-Stage Compressor?

portable_single_stage_1The single stage compressors are designed with only a single cylinder that compresses air, and it often reaches around 120psi. This level of psi is generally sufficient for household use or for smaller stores that power only one air tool at a time. When you are looking for portability where the air compressor can easily be lifted and carted, consider the single stage compressor which will be the best one for you.

When it comes to the contractor single stage compressor, it is fashioned by keeping in mind the professional requirements of the industry and these are large sized, medium-powered devices excellent for a variety of applications like repairing tools or nail guns on job sites.

Process of choosing the perfect contractor single stage compressor

When choosing your contractor single stage compressor, you must know that the relation of compressor pumps to performance is highly critical; and considering that the number of compressor choices available can be overwhelming, selecting the most appropriate mode can make things more convenient by simply asking yourself some of these important questions;

  • Applications used with the air compressor
    portable_single_stage_4– air compressors are used for tasks that range from tire inflation to operating a factory, and determining the exact job you need the machine for can help you choose which type of compressor model you need. Contractor air compressors are best used when minimal weight, portability, and low maintenance are necessary while the two stage air compressors are most suited for industrial applications.
  • What tools will you use and how much CFM would you need?
    – Depending on the tools, some need more CFM compared to others. An example would be for sanders, these require more air compared to an air ratchet or drill so if your job requires regular usage of this tool, an air compressor with more CFM will work better for you.Another factor to consider is the number of tools that will be operated at once.
  • How often will the contractor single stage compressor be used?
    When the contractor single stage compressor will be used several times per week, choose a machine that is equipped with a 50/50 duty cycle. But for commercial or industrial use, a higher and heavy-duty cycle compressor such as a high-performance, single or two stage air compressor will be more effective and efficient to work on tasks.
  • Future expansion?
    You know the requirements of your work, and if the necessary air levels for more uses will increase in the near future, it will be wiser and less expensive to purchase up to the next larger compressor than getting a second one in the future.

portable_single_stage_2Because of its durability, efficiency, portability, and tank size, the contractor single stage air compressor has become a favorite choice among builders, as well as professionals. Most of these kinds of air compressors include wheels for easier portability, which will be highly beneficial if you tend move to different areas on the job site.

portable_single_stage_3The usual on and off cycle on other air compressors is not required for this specific type of machine since it is built with a tank that is larger than others. The CFM of these contractor single stage compressors is much higher in comparison to the consumer grade compressors; it allows for an expanded range of air tools to be powered at the same time.

Top compressor brands that have this type of air compressor

  • Dewalt
  • California Air Tools
  • Porter Cable
  • Makita


Taking the mentioned tips into consideration will be helpful when it comes to choosing and purchasing a contractor single stage air compressor. Determine which among the available brands work best for you since doing so is crucial and important for your business. Choose an established and reputable air compressor dealer for further details on the contractor single stage air compressor.   

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