Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 REVIEW

The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 may not have the most appealing appearance, but it’s a powerful hand-carry air compressor which is easy to bring around because of its size. Ingersoll Rand has a history of manufacturing high-quality products since the year 1871, and great customer support to stand behind them. Until now, products from Ingersoll Rand have not received any negative feedbacks from customers which can definitely assure you of the quality.

P1IU-A9 – Features and Specs

This air compressor is aimed for enthusiasts who work on remodeling; however, the unit is also a favorite among contractors due to its surprising reliability and sturdiness. The P1IU-A9 has enough power to run two power tools simultaneously by means of two quick-disconnect couplers found on the compressor itself. The unit makes use of an oil lubricated pump which allows the compressor to last longer, and it also includes twin 4-gallon tanks, ¼-in. universal couplers, a regulator and pressure gauge.


Because of the 2-HP motor, this air compressor is remarkably powerful and is able to run smoothly and in a consistent manner. Aside from these, the compressor is low on vibrations because of the balanced crankshaft, and it delivers 125psi or 90psi with a rate of 4.4CFM; these figures set Ingersoll Rand at the top of its class when it comes to durability and performance.

Consider this air compressor if you’re looking for a unit that can run progressively without a hitch.

Pump Type and Size

P1IU-A9’s pump is lubricated by oil so its longevity is more dependable compared to the oil-less types of compressors. Just like every good machine, you are required to do minimal amounts of maintenance to keep the compressor running smoothly without experiencing unwanted problems.

As for the size, the equipped twin tanks of the P1IU-A9 totals at 4.5-gallons and are stacked horizontally. The compressor is defined as being fully portable despite it weighing 77 lbs. – not an easy compressor to move about especially when going up and down the stairs. Despite the P1IU-A9 having no wheels, it is equipped with a handle that makes it much easier to carry around, and you can use a dolly or any type of cart to transport this compressor with ease.

Its machine is highly durable since the motor is enclosed by a heavy-duty caging, and it comes with two universal couplers, both sized at ¼ inches. The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 also includes a pressure gauge and a regulator on the front panel for you to see how it works.


With the P1IU-A9’s heavy duty design and power, the compressor is not as noisy as you would expect even if it goes at around 800dB. Granted that air compressors are not really designed to be quiet, it’s still good to know that there are models like the P1IU-A9 that do not contribute to unwanted noise.

Who should use the P1IU-A9

The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 is designed mainly for professional contractors, or homeowners requiring products that are powerful and made with high-quality parts; although there are a lot of smaller and much more portable air compressor models available, these are not as powerful and well-made as the P1IU-A9.

If you simply need a compressor for easy and light tasks around the house, opt for lighter and more portable compressors that function efficiently for little jobs since the Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 is designed for users who engage in rigorous tasks, and value performance and quality over light weight, as well as portability.

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