Picking The Perfect Rotary Screw Compressor

rotary_screw_compressor_1If you are someone who requires more than 60% duty cycles, it’s highly suggested that you opt for the biggest and most powerful rotary screw compressor available in the market. A large number of people consider this specific air compressor as one of the best machines around and is highly effective for most applications found in factories and professional garages. If you require constant air for precision tasks like powder or sand coating, then a rotary screw compressor is necessary to get the job done.

The rotary screw compressors are generally quiet and efficient, plus these are also the most technologically advanced compressors which make energy consumption lower, despite the power it generates.

Buying the perfect rotary screw compressor

rotary_screw_compressor_2Do you need a rotary screw compressor or does your job require this type of machine? Rotary screw compressors are beneficial for small and large production facilities such as factories and are also great for bigger garages and workshops. This type of compressor works perfectly for people who require an increased amount of compressed air to finish their tasks, so if you agreed with one of these, then you’re definitely someone who can make good use of this kind of compressor.

However, if any of these apply to you, a rotary screw compressor will not be that beneficial for your required needs.

  • The need for compressed air is only for hand tools
  • Continuous air for your tasks isn’t necessary
  • You need an air compressor for household or DIY types of work
  • You require a compressor for lightweight construction work

In these circumstances, a reciprocating air compressor would be a better option for you.

Choosing the correct capacity and pressure for your compressor

It’s imperative to purchase an air compressor that can deliver enough amounts of compressed air with the correct pressure, so if you are unsure of the important factors to consider when choosing your rotary screw compressor, listed below are some tips on how to pick the perfect rotary screw compressor.

  • Your first compressor
    – if this is your first compressor, it’s highly suggested that you read through the manual or specs sheets included with your machine. The pressure at which the machine operates and the amount of air it requires will be indicated in the manual.
    However, if it’s possible to read through the manual before even purchasing the item, it would be a great idea to do so since this will make you know if this compressor will work efficiently for you.
  • Replacement for your old rotary screw compressor
    – if you will replace your old compressor, check the current capacity and pressure of the old machine. If the old compressor works well and is adequate for your needs, purchase a new compressor with the same capacity and pressure. However, if you plan to expand your business in the future, decide whether purchasing a slightly bigger compressor is a good idea.
  • Increased CFM
    rotary_screw_compressor_3– inspect the pressure of your current compressor. Avoid looking at its maximum pressure since it’s usually higher compared to the pressure required to operate the machine. If you plan to replace the air compressor, check the capacity to determine how much more CFM you need. It’s also good to take into account any future business expansion when you determine the correct capacity of the compressor you plan to buy.
    Aside from this, if you plan to add another compressor for your applications, keep in mind that rotary screw compressors are energy efficient, and function better when used regularly; so rotary screw compressors should be made your primary compressor for work.

Popular brands that have rotary screw compressors

  • Quincy
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Atlas Copco


When it’s time for you to choose your rotary screw compressor, ensure that you look into these tips to be able to select the best one that has all the requirements you need such as the proper capacity and power it offers.

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