Picking The Perfect Single Stage Air Compressor

single_stage_stationary_1Air compressors have been used by people for over 100 years and have numerous advantages for household to industrial jobs. A reason for the popularity of air compressors is that air as a resource is clean, convenient, and safe. In addition to this, most compressed air tools are highly powerful and usually lighter than the common electric tools or those cordless ones that are powered by batteries. Also, these tools are used by almost every industrial sector; from automobiles, aircraft, and dairy farming to textiles.

Single Stage Air Compressors

These air compressors function by drawing air in before subsequently compressing it to its final pressure, and the single stage air compressors can attain pressure that reaches up to 150psi. Normally, a higher CFM rate is present in a single stage pump because each cylinder present draws air in then compresses it with air during every rotation.

How To Choose Your Compressor

single_stage_stationary_2Just like with any other tool or machine, there are certain factors that need to be considered when purchasing products to increase the productivity of your work. Here, we will share with you these important factors that you should take note of once you decide to choose your single stage air compressor.

  • Single Stage Air Compressor Portability
    When choosing your single stage compressor, it is important to consider where you’ll be using the machine; will it be necessary to transfer the compressor to different sites? If this is so, then a highly portable single stage air compressor will be a good type to purchase. If the air compressor will only be used at the same site, then a stationary air compressor will be adequate for the job.Stationary compressors are designed with fairly large tanks and are highly more powerful compared to their stationary counterparts.
  • Performance
    When inspecting the performance of an air compressor, you should take note of the horsepower, pressure, and volume. The machine’s pressure is expressed in pounds in square inch (PSI), and the higher the levels of PSI reaches, more air can be stored in the air compressor’s tank. On the other hand, volume is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and represents how much the machine can deliver air at a certain level of pressure.Remember that demanding jobs require a higher CFM, so if your applications are demanding most of the time, then see to it that the single stage air compressor you get has enough CFM for your requirements.Air compressors also have horsepower ratings and in general, the higher the HP means the compressor will have an increased PSI; however, this does not always apply with compressors since some use their power more efficiently.
  • Determine The Power Necessary To Finish The Job
    single_stage_stationary_3To know if the single stage air compressor is powerful enough to take on your job requirements, identify the tools you plan to use with the air compressor then find the CFM of the most demanding tool at its highest PSI level. To see if the compressor is capable of handling the tool, add 50% to this demand. If there are tools that require continuous usage, adding an even higher safety margin like 400% would be suggestible.

  • Consider the Air Compressor’s Tank Size
    Finding the right size for your single stage air compressor can be quite tricky – one, you would prefer a smaller tank to make transportation and portability much easier, however, if the size of the tank is too small, there might not be enough air to meet your demands.Air compressor tank sizes range between 1-80 gallons; for common household tasks, a 1-5 gallon tank will be sufficient. But for continuous use, a tank with 5 gallons or more will be needed, plus larger tanks can also prevent the air compressor from overheating.
  • Power Source
    Air compressors are powered in two ways: by electricity or by gasoline. Remember that gasoline powered air compressors should only be operated in well-ventilated work environments and if possible, should be operated outside to avoid inhaling dangerous fumes.Even if gas air compressors have the downside of releasing fumes, these compressors are generally more powerful and capable than electric air compressors, so it’s best to consider these tips when buying your single stage air compressor.


To choose the perfect single stage air compressor, consider carefully and thoroughly where you plan to use the machine. After this, you can begin assessing your power requirements as well as any other features necessary for your application. Since there is a wide array of single stage air compressors to choose from, you will have no shortage of options from which to choose from.

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