Porter-Cable PCFP02003

If you’re planning to get a compressor that’s affordable and can handle household tasks like inflating tires, toys, and nailing things to walls, we recommend Porter Cable’s PCFP02003 that’s considered a perfect family sized pancake compressor.


We can easily see that the PCFP02003 is portable and light; easy to bring wherever you go. But don’t be fooled by its looks and size because this pancake compressor is one versatile device where you can find efficient use for various applications.

If you plan to use this compressor for inflation or nail guns, rest assured that it will run for longer periods due to its quick recovery time. Plus, its air delivery works at 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI allowing maximum airflow for powering items. Consider it an ideal item to have because its 3.5 gallon that has a maximum pressure of 135 psi enhances the compressor’s functionality which is ideal for numerous tasks.

Unlike oil lubricated compressors, Porter Cable’s PCFP02003 oil-free design is more advantageous in terms of durability since it doesn’t require any type of lubricant to prevent wear and tear. The design of this compressor uses certain types of special piston rings to keep its cylinder lubricated; no oil means no additional cost and no messy tasks of changing oil to worry about.


  • Because it’s an oil free model, Porter Cable’s PCFP02003 is much easier and cheaper to maintain compared to the oil lubricated ones.
  • It’s equipped with a large 3.5 gallon tank that has a maximum pressure of 135 psi. Not only that, it has a pressure gauge that will help relieve excess pressure in the device.
  • With the compressor weighing just 29 pounds, makes it a very portable device.
  • It’s very convenient to start up because of its low amp motor, and it also has a convenient easy push switch.
  • The compressor is made of an aluminum casing, offering high durability and protection for the model.
  • If you have to work for extended periods, the compressor’s quick recovery time makes it handy for finishing various tasks.


  • If you’re using the compressor indoors, note that the motor produces noise. However, the noise levels have been reduced to 82 dBA that’s more manageable compared to its previous noise level.
  • The PCFP02003 doesn’t come with a single attachment, so if you don’t already have a hose, you’ll need to buy one separately. This means, if you want to connect your pneumatic tool to the compressor, you’d need to have a certain set of accessories; say two extra couplers, and the said hose that’s most suited for pneumatic use.

Most reviews of the PCFP02003 have positive feedbacks with a rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the selling point of it is its portability and low cost. The negative reviews about the compressor’s mainly about it being noisy.

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