Rolair JC10

Rolair’s JC10 is considered as one of the company’s most popular compressors which is a trim air compressor aimed towards professionals and savvy do-it-yourself people alike. It is a small, lightweight, yet heavy duty air compressor that works conveniently because of its whisper-quiet feature. It can keep up with the speed and requirements of a professional while combining user protection to provide longevity. This model is oil-less compressor that allows minimum to zero maintenance which is convenient for those professionals and DIY enthusiasts using the Rolair JC10.

When it comes to quiet, oil-less air compressors, the JC10’s undoubtedly whisper-quiet performance is considered as one of the best at the moment. The compressor is equipped with a 1-HP motor, running at 1,725-RPM and is rated at 60dB, plus the model produces less sound compared to normal conversations rated at 65dB. The Rolair JC10 is therefore a great choice for anyone who works in an environment where noise is considered a major issue.

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The Rolair JC10 is a single-stage air compressor that is ideal for light to general-duty tasks; mainly designed for household tasks such as inflating tires, sports equipment, and can also be used occasionally for pneumatic tools. Unless your applications require higher pressure output, it’s not necessary to purchase a two-stage air compressor.

  • Horsepower: 1-HP
  • CFM Displaced at 90psi = 5.3-CFM
  • CFM Delivered at 40psi = 3.8-CFM
  • CFM Delivered at 90psi = 2.3-CFM
  • Pump / Motor RPM: 1,725 RPM
  • Overload Protection: Automatic
  • Reed Valve System: Standard
  • Lubrication Type: Oil-less
  • Cylinders and Tank Capacity: 2, 2.5-gallons
  • Decibel: 60dB


  • Considered as one of the most quiet air compressors
  • Protective roll cage
  • Design is compact and lightweight
  • 5-gallon tank capacity
  • Oil-less design that requires minimum maintenance

Performance: Although rated at only 1-HP, the Rolair JC10 is powerful and efficient which will satisfy users that require effective performance for trim and finishing applications. While the compressor is not built for heavy duty airflow, the JC10 is perfect for any task around the house.

Pump Type: Being an oil-less air compressor, this feature is considered as one of the biggest benefits of the Rolair JC10; and unlike other compressors, maintenance is hardly required and this model can be run right out of the box.

Noise Level: At just 60dB, it is one of the most quiet air compressors available in the market. Most compressors under this category measure around 85-90dB which makes the JC10 suitable for those who work indoors for lengthy amounts of time, and dislike excessive noise levels that are most often the problem with oil-less compressors.

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Rolair JC10 – Who it’s for

Most of those who take advantage of the Rolair JC10 are those people who use the compressor in their homes for small and common applications. It is definitely not comparable to industrial grade models, but you should still consider this compressor when searching for an overall good model for your home.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • It is one of the most quiet air compressors available
  • The compressor requires minimum to no maintenance since it’s oil-less
  • Very compact and is highly portable
  • 8-amp draw supports easy start-up during cold temperatures

The Cons

  • The Rolair JC10 could be equipped with a slightly larger tank
  • Its handle could use more cushioning for more comfort
  • Compared to models with similar size, it is more expensive

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