Rolair has been around for almost 60 years and is considered a great company due to their sole and main focus – to produce efficient and quality-made compressors and nothing else. They aim to create the finest air compressors available on the market and have achieved reaching the top with only the best.

Rolair is an American company founded in the heart of Wisconsin and has since believed that quality and attention to detail is essential when producing their equipment. As a result, the company has considered craftsmen and professionals when creating their machines which have resulted in compressors that are made specifically for heavy-duty work and rugged environments. Apart from this, the company also believes in a variety of options, hence why they offer a large array of compressors for you to choose from.


If you are a professional contractor or craftsman dealing with a huge workload requiring tools to withstand arduous environments, you will most definitely need an air compressor that can pull through even in the most challenging situations. Choose Rolair – the producer of hand-carry compressors, wheeled-gas and electric compressors, gas and electric stationary compressors, as well as pumps, attachments, and more.

Things to consider when purchasing Rolair Air Compressors

  • Rolair divides their equipment into different categories such as wheeled gas, wheeled electric, electric and gas stationary, plus hand carried items. So it’s best to determine first what the air compressor will be used for, and if the machine will be used indoors or outdoors to know which exact unit is required to complete your tasks.
  • Remember that if the compressor will be used indoors, gas powered ones should be ruled out due to the toxic fumes that it emits.
  • The next thing you should consider is the compressor’s portability – if you require a unit that can be transported to different places with ease, cross out any of the stationary unit compressors. If you’re deciding whether a hand-held compressor is better compared to wheeled units when it comes to portability, this matter depends mainly on your preference. However, keep in mind that hand-held units are usually smaller and less powerful compared to the wheeled units.
  • As with purchasing any type of air compressor, remember to find one that best fits your needs and requirements for the job at hand. Consider your budget and the power required for the job; if you plan to use the compressor for long periods, it’s best to choose from the higher priced models since these compressors are usually the ones that work best for tough jobs.

Suggested Rolair Air Compressors

Rolair has a wide variety of air compressors so we will show you some of their units that are considered favorites among users.

  • Rolair JC10
    – This unit is considered the best and undeniably one of the most quiet, oil-less air compressors available in the market today. It is equipped with a 1HP motor running at 1,725RPM and rated at 60 decibels. A great option for people working in an area where noise is considered a major issue.
  • Rolair FC2002
    – A contractor unit weighing around 62 lbs. The compressor is equipped with a 4.3-gallon tank and has 2HP as the unit’s peak. Rolair’s FC2002 is oil lubricated, and is an 80-decibel unit which only means it will have a longer working life; the reason why it’s called ‘the bull’. In addition to this, the unit is also built to run continuously, and while it is armed with reed valves and industrial ball bearings, the FC2002’s cylinders are made of cast iron – definitely a quality and well-made unit.
  • Rolair D2002HPV5 Pancake Compressor
    – A 90psi unit that has a 4.5-gallon tank made of cast iron weighing 62 lbs.; an electric, hand-carry unit that is perfect for commercial and industrial use.


Rolair is a great company that produces a line of high-quality machines, so if you’re searching for a product specifically made for a variety of tasks that can handle rugged tasks and environments, consider Rolair air compressors to your list of handy equipment.

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