Tips For Picking The Best Inflator

pick inflatorYou may have stumbled upon devices called ‘tire inflators’, but actually, these are just another name for air compressors. There are numerous types of air compressors out in the market today and you may be having a lot of trouble finding the one that will fit your specific needs. But if you know exactly what you will be using the air compressor for, then that will be the starting point when searching for that perfect compressor.

If the requirements of your power tools end at some distinct inflation tasks, perhaps you might need an air compressor that pumps air directly where it is required, instead of getting a compressor that is equipped with an air tank. Keep in mind that these are only convenient for small-scale tasks, but the compressors are more economical, easy to use, smaller and portable. If it is necessary to bring the compressor, it would be easier for you to transport the device from one place to another.

Listed below is a buying guide for specific types of inflators:

  • 12-Volt Inflators
    12_volt_inflator– These types of inflators are usually affordable and recommended for people on the go. During trips, the device can be kept in the trunk of your car, ready for instant tire inflation, or for inflating beach balls and sporting goods; plug the inflator into your car’s cigarette lighter and the device is ready for use.
  • 120-Volt Inflators
    120_volt_inflator– The 120-volt inflators are recommended for inflating toys, tires, air mattresses, sports equipment, and are good for house use as well. When inflating car tires, they can inflate those that are around 30 PSI but lack the power to fill larger tires that are about 100 PSI.
  • Cordless Inflators

cordless_inflator– Cordless inflators are useful for traveling and home use; and some units include rechargeable batteries which make it a good item to have in your home, or during travel. Not only that, but cordless inflators include 12-volt and 120-volt adapters which can be good when the device is needed when on the road.

Before purchasing an inflator for tires, there are some things you need to take into consideration before deciding on which one to get:

  • For use on personal vehicles, inflating tires would not be that often so a practical decision would be getting a tire inflator with a capacity of one to two gallons only.
  • If you own an auto-repair shop where inflating tires is a frequent task, commercial-grade tire inflators are the most recommended devices for this job.
  • Check and see if the inflator has a pressure gauge to inform you about the pressure inside tires
  • Some units have a flashlight included.
  • If you want something more automatic, make sure that the inflator can be set to shut itself off automatically once the tire has been completely inflated.

If you have finally decided on what to get, it is always good to first read the manual and safety precautions before using any device to avoid any sort of accident.


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