Top 10 Best Upright Vacuum Reviews in 2018

In every household, the floors and floor coverings will always tend to become dirty over time. Dirt and microscopic organisms gather on floor coverings after some time and get into rug filaments where everything stays until you decide it’s time for cleaning. Hardwood, flooring, and tiles are no exception. Surface dust and debris, and even remains of junk found will continuously hide in the boards, tiles and close by edges of floor rags. The best upright vacuum cleaner is one of the ideal ways you can give your floors a decent, profound cleaning.


This up-to-date machine can remove all kinds of dust and small particles that are deeply set on the rug. The main advantage of the best upright vacuum is that they are manufactured with diverse feature details and a variety of accessories to suit the varying needs of the consumer.

The future seems bright for these nifty devices.

With the rapid speed technological advancement, upright vacuum cleaners have been tailored to perform other functions besides only cleaning floors, with some models having the properties of suction control which are mainly used for cleaning delicate rugs and curtains. Which type of upright vacuum cleaners are the best and will have superior performance and standards?  Will it be consistent and dependable? Which type is tailored to suit my household needs? What is the best upright vacuum cleaner for your house or apartment?   Read on, and hopefully these best upright vacuum reviews will help answer your questions.

Top 10 Best Upright Vacuum reviews

It has a style name of standard brush roll, its light weight in nature 14 lbs. It has a hose length 8.5 and a cord length of 30 feet. This particular device is produced with an exclusive Anti-Allergen complete seal technology +HEPA .It also has a portable canister which is extra-large in capacity making it easier to lift while cleaning, this particular cleaner never loses suction technology.  Dust removal is our number one priority and that is why the Shark is on the list of Top 10 best upright vacuum reviews.
Shark NV356 has an excellent swivel steering making it easier for control and maneuverability, it also contains a dust-away attachment with two microfiber cushions, combines powerful suction with a delicate cushion to vacuum extensive particles and dust exposed floors in one simple stride.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Traps dust and allergens providing all round protection to homeowners
  • High motor power as compared to regular vacuum cleaners
  • It’s relatively lighter than other regular upright regular vacuum cleaners
  • Easier storage as its narrow enough
  • Tolerable noise level in the house


  • It has a narrow cleaning path using more time in cleaning
  • Its hose is too short making it difficult to clean under furniture
  • Cleaning dark places is harder as it does not have a light
  • The cleaner has no separate attachment for cleaning carpeted surface
  • It’s heavy and tends to fall easily when combined with hose attachment


THE Bissell is an unbelievable device that is equipped with an innovative brush design with the capabilities of rotating. This cleaner has a dimension and weight of (31.5 x 14.6 x 10.8) inches and an approximate weight of 15 pounds. Has a powerful suction with a cyclonic system, it has a multi-level filtration system and a tank filter which is easily washable and lastly it’s manufactured with a removable turbo brush design.  Powerful suction is what it is all about, and that is why the Bissell is also on the list of Top 10 best upright vacuum reviews.


  • This device is relatively easier to assemble
  • It’s cheaper as compared to other vacuums
  • Light in weight making it easier for navigation
  • Has a lower noise level
  • Superb for cleaning carpet
  • Contains a longer code of 25 feet which is suitable for cleaning all surfaces


  • It has a lower cleaning performance on harder surfaces
  • The device height adjustments for bare surface its brush continues to roll which results in the kicking out of dust
  • The device tips over when the hose extension is too far from the vacuum
  • The beater bar in the vacuum cannot be turned off which is frustrating to the user

3.Shark NV352

This home appliance is a lift away type of vacuum its bagless dust cup that never loses suction, and it’s relatively larger in capacity; it contains Anti-allergen complete seal +HEPA. It has a product dimension of (15×11.4×45.5) inches and a weight of 14.5 pounds; it’s also equipped with a swivel steering, and this particular vacuum cleaner has a greater bare floor and carpet cleaning.  Just couldn’t overlook the Shark NV352 for the list of Top 10 best upright vacuum reviews.


  • It’s light making it easier to pull lift and push
  • It’s quiet as compared to other regular vacuums
  • Can be into a light canister-hand held
  • Has washable and reusable filters
  • The cord hooks hold the cord tightly making it safer
  • Adjustable suction power


  • Easily topples over when the hose is used
  • There is no height adjustment for the roller
  • The duster bristles are too short
  • The canister is tall making it hard to clean under furniture
  • The cord is not retractable


This device has two vacuums in one; its rotator is fitted with Anti-Allergen complete seal technology. Its weight and dimensions are (12.2×12.2×45.7) inches and 15.5 pounds. It has a portable lift away which makes vacuuming very easy on bare floors and also carpets with swivel steering for easier movement. The Shark NV501 is fitted with a power nozzle which has LED headlights for cleaning dark surfaces – now that is convenient, another Shark upright vacuum is on the list of Top 10 best upright vacuum reviews.


  • Light in weight making it easier to use
  • It has a powerful suction for thorough cleaning
  • Dual function either as a canister or an upright vacuum
  • It’s quiet when in operation
  • It’s easy to maneuver
  • Solid construction


  • It can easily topple over when the hose is extended
  • Filters discolor with time
  • Smaller vacuum head making cleaning be tiresome and time-consuming

5.Hoover UH70120

With the weight of about 16 pounds, this upright vacuum cleaner possesses a one of a kind wind tunnel technology that removes dust and debris that are found deep within floor and carpet surface. It’s built with an extension wand that connects to an eight-foot hose, and it has a height adjustment of up to five positions on the carpet also lastly easy belt changing the system and brush roll accessibility.


  • Efficient cleaning
  • Easier to use and self-service
  • It’s relatively quiet taking into consideration its power usage


  • It’s a little bit heavier
  • Debris, dust and pet hair can get stuck under the canister
  • Belt slips regularly
  • Short power cord

6.Hoover UH20040

This is the best upright vacuum for home owners who love to clean large areas with a cord length of 23 feet nozzle width of 12.5 and weight of 12.7 pounds.The vacuum is fitted with a multi-cyclonic filtration system containing a primary filter and a high-quality filter made of +HEPA, a modern multi-cyclonic technology which separates dirt particles before it reaches the filter and a stretch hose which reaches up to 7 feet from the floor.


  • Extra wide head increasing area of cleaning
  • Has a strong vacuum suction for efficient cleaning
  • It has a long power cord of about 23 feet
  • It light in nature making it easier to push pull and lift
  • Relatively cheaper when compared to other upright vacuums
  • Has a washable primary filter which is cost saving in the long run
  • This device is versatile


  • It has no cord rewind
  • It’s noisy
  • It’s built with a small dirt capacity which has to be often emptied

7.Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

With the weight of about 8.2 pounds and measures of about (35×13×6) inches this upright vacuum also has a 12 inch wide of cleaning path, it has a new micro sweep that extends from the bare floor to the carpet without the need of it being adjusted.

It’s also fitted with a cord guard to prevent any damage to the cord, has a fingertip controller for on and off switch, it also contains a helix brush, and its top fill design is constructed to preserve power at its maximum even the bags are full. Lastly, it has non-marring bumpers which protect the floors wall and furniture’s


  • Cleaning is very fast easier and efficient
  • This cleaner is long lasting and durable
  • It’s equipped with great and powerful suction that removes small debris and particles
  • It’s cheap and affordable


  • It’s loud and noisy
  • It’s difficult to push on higher surfaces and carpets
  • No swivel steering making movement and maneuverability harder
  • Extra bags are required making it costly due to its bagged system
  • It has no headlights making cleaning of dark surfaces harder
  • Poor belt system which has to be replaced every six months
  • It does not have the ability of the above floor cleaning

8.BISSELL 1330

The Bissel 1330 comes with multi-level filtration that reduces household alleges and a power cord that is 25 feet long and a weight of almost 15 pounds. It uses a cyclonic system making it durable and fitted with a powerful suction with a modern brush design; the vacuum cleaner is light in nature. Its foam filter is washable with a dirt tank that can be emptied. They are also fitted with the premium for efficient cleaning.


  • Easy to empty the dirtbag compartment
  • Excellent cleaning abilities on both carpets and bare floors
  • Powerful suction that picks up all debris and dirt particles on the floor
  • Container can be easily removed from its vacuum base
  • Narrow cleaning head which can clean under furniture’s


  • The on and off switch is not easily accessible
  • The hose is too short making cleaning difficult
  • It’s not equipped with swivel steering making movements difficult
  • Does not have a rolling ball technology

9.Hoover FH40160PC

This particular machine is manufactured using a dual tank technology that keeps clean and dirty water separate and a tank capacity of 1.5 quarts. It has spin scrub brushes which counter-rotates from all angles, a cord that is 20 feet long with a nozzle that is 11.5 inch that facilitates combine squeegee plus suction to dry faster.
It’s fitted with two different brushes for both hard and delicate surfaces, which contain a dry and wet mode which turns off the brushes and use the suction that lessens the period it takes to dry


  • It’s easier to operate and assemble
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Provides for extensive cleaning due its powerful suction power
  • Light weight making it easier to carry
  • Have different brushes for delicate surface
  • Has a clean boost control providing an opportunity to apply extra detergent


  • It’s not versatile as its only suitable for sealed floors
  • Noisy and loud
  • It has a short power cord
  • Contains no swivel steering making movement a little bit harder when cleaning

10.Hoover UH70210

This device contains a folding handle for storage with a height adjustment of five positions on the carpet. It’s also fitted with a hoover wind tunnel technology which mainly traps and directs dirt particles and debris into the dirt cup.

The Hoover UH70210 has an automatic rewind cord; it also possesses system check indicators whose main function is to alert the user when the HEPA and the carbon filters require to be checked and wiped frequently. Its motor is powered with 12 amps, and it’s built with a shut-off pedal on the brush roll making it fairly easier to change from hard floor surfaces to the carpet.  No surprises there is a Hoover on the list of Top 10 best upright vacuum reviews.


  • Its power controls are strategically positioned right at the fingertips
  • Light and easy to use
  • Protects furniture and delicate surfaces because it has no scuff bumper
  • Powerful suction for efficient cleaning
  • It’s affordable
  • Has a retractable power cord
  • Its height can be easily adjusted that cleans all flooring types efficiently
  • Easy to switch from hard floors to carpet surfaces
  • Has a cleanable charcoal filter which absorbs pet odor


  • The extension hose is short
  • Its auto rewind aspect allows the cord to exit on the vacuum that can result in getting under the foot
  • The components and accessories are of average quality
  • Relatively tiresome to operate as it requires both hands during vacuuming


We bring you the best upright vacuum reviews, so you should be able to pick the best upright vacuum that cleans your home but not your bank account. Or better still, why not get one for your friends or family members as a present. Trust us; cleanliness is next to godliness, and that’s exactly what we want people to know you for. Get shopping!



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