Top 7 Best Drill Press Reviews in 2018

If you are looking to bore perfect holes in a variety of materials, you cannot always do it by hand. This is because drilling holes manually can lead to many mistakes. If you want a professional looking job, you are going to have to use the best drill press. You can create numerous, repeating holes that are of equal depth and size, and all will be straight and neat.

Best Drill Press Reviews

This makes this task a lot more accurate as well as a lot faster. Of course not all drill presses are the same. There are different types of drill presses and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at what each of these machines are capable of:

Types of Drill Presses – Floor/Laser, Benchtop and Magnetic

The best Drill presses can be distinguished by their portability as well as the methodology used for boring holes in a variety of materials. This means that drill presses can be divided in to floor drill presses, benchtop drill presses, magnetic drill presses, and laser drill presses. Here is how they work:

Floor/Laser Drill Press

The larger and best Floor drill presses are also referred to as stationary drill presses. These best drill presses remain fixed to one place and cannot be moved easily. They are typically used for professional tasks as they tend to be more powerful than other types of drill presses. This means that they are capable of drilling through may different types of materials, no matter how hard the material, or how difficult the job is.

A laser drill press is a type of floor drill press. In this instance, however, the drill is guided by a laser. This allows for a more precise drilling experience, resulting in more accurately placed holes.


  • Powerful motor
  • Can handle more materials
  • Can be used for industrial purposes
  • Has multiple attachments such as lasers for guided drilling


  • Not portable
  • More expensive

Benchtop Drill Press

Much like the name suggests, these the best benchtop drill press can be fixed to the top of a work bench or other form of counter. They can also be mounted on their own stand. These machines are quite easy to store and much more affordable than a floor drill press. Nonetheless, they are typically more suited to household tasks and smaller drilling jobs.  Read on further and we have prepared a thorough list of the top 7 best drill press reviews.


  • Cheaper
  • Can be easily stored
  • Moderately powered


  • Can bore through limited materials
  • Not as powerful as floor drill press

Magnetic Drill Press

A magnetic drill press utilizes an electromagnetic base that causes metal materials to adhere to it. This drill press is quite portable and can be moved from one work site to another with ease. These machines are also quite powerful as they can bore through thick slabs of steel.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Effective with thick metals
  • Can drill in multiple positions


  • More expensive than benchtop drills

Top 7 Best Drill Press Reviews

1. WEN 4208
1. WEN 4208
Key Features: Powerful Motor - Wide Range - Quiet

The WEN 4208 makes up for its small size with its powerful motor. This drill press has an eight inch swing and has up to five speeds to choose from. It is capable of drilling through plastic, wood, and even metal. It has a durable construction with a maximum drill capacity of ½ inch with one inch thick cast iron.

Powerful Motor

This mighty induction motor is capable of an output of 1/3 horsepower. In addition to being a durable component, it is also capable of producing more than enough of power and torque to get the job done.

Wide Range

The motor provides the option of five different pace levels. This ranges from 620 to 3100 RPM. This means the best drill press can be adjusted to be utilized for a variety of tasks.


Despite the power of the motor, the WEN 4208 is a quiet drill press. You will be able to keep it in your workshop as it barely makes a hum while working.


  • Powerful motor
  • Variety of pace levels
  • Works with different material types
  • Quiet


  • Cannot be used for more demanding tasks

2. JET JDP-17
2. JET JDP-17
Key Features: High Spindle Travel - Exceptional Motor - Variable Speeds

For a floor drill press, the JET JDP-17 has quite the compact design. One of its best features, however, remains the higher than average 5 inch spindle travel. This drill press also comes equipped with a powerful motor. In addition, there is a large precision ground table, which adds to the overall versatility of this machine.  No wonder it is on the list of the top 7 best drill press reviews.

High Spindle Travel

The 5 inch spindle travel is not only better than most other types of drill presses, it also allows for many advantages. For instance, it allows for complete and precise penetration without the need for templates. This will help to save time on tasks.

Exceptional Motor

The icing on the top, the JET JDP-17 boasts a motor with ¾ horsepower. This makes it easier to drill through different materials, making the press more efficient.

Variable Speeds

The motor permits the presence of sixteen spindle speeds, which places this machine high on the list of variable speed drill presses. They range from 210 to 3500 RPM. It is very easy to switch from one speed to another due to one-handed belt tensioning.


  • 5 inch spindle travel
  • Powerful motor
  • 16 variable speeds


  • Advanced vibration

3. JET 354170
3. JET 354170
Key Features: The Motor - Spindle Speeds - Drilling Capacity

The great thing about the JET 354170 drill press is that it can be used by experts as well as for household purposes. The variety of features including the motor, spindle speeds, and drilling capacity makes this one of the best drill presses to suit your needs.

The Motor

This motor is considerably more impressive than most other drill presses at 1.5 horsepower. This means that more demanding tasks can easily be tackled.

Spindle Speeds

The JET 354170 is also quite generous with the many speed options. As a user you can choose between 12 speeds between 150 to 4200 RPM. This means that the considerable motor can be wrangled to handle a wide range of tasks.

Drilling Capacity

Yet another notable feature is the drill capacity of the JET 354170. It is one inch with cast iron and third-fourth of an inch with mild steel.


  • Potent motor
  • Variable spindle speeds
  • Considerable drilling capacity
  • Large dimensions


  • Assembly can be complicated

4. Shop Fox W1668
4. Shop Fox W1668
Key Features: More Accommodating - Tilting Table - Tilting Table - Sanding Capability

The advantage of the Shop Fox W1668 is that is truly a versatile drill press with many different functions. It has a good motor and variable spindle speeds of up to 3050 RPM. It can be easily fitted onto a variety of counters.

More Accommodating

Due to the power and variety of speeds, this drill press can be used for a variety of tasks. It is capable of being used for mild as well as more considerable drilling activities. This gives it a wide range of capabilities.

Tilting Table

The table can tilt 90 degrees either to the left or the right. The height and angle can be adjusted according to the task at hand, allowing for more creative options.

Sanding Capability

Unlike most drill presses, the Shop Fox W1668 has a sanding ability. The oscillating features on this drill press allows it precisely sand in addition to drill. This function can be activated without the need for any tools.


  • Can be used for multiple tasks
  • Flexible tilting table
  • Additional sanding capability


  • Requires assembly which may be a little complicated for beginners

5. SKIL 3320-01
5. SKIL 3320-01
Key Features: Laser X2 - Multiple Speed System - Accepts Larger Materials

The SKIL 3320-01 laser boring machine is the perfect tool for those in-between jobs that require a little more power than even the best drill presses. Its multiple speeds and additional laser beam features allows the SKIL drill press to be precise in multiple situations.  High speed and accuracy is definitely in the top 7 best drill press reviews.

Laser X2

This makes the drilling procedure a lot more precise, allowing you to drill holes exactly where you want them. This feature is aided by the depth adjustment system which allows holes of the same depth to be reached every time.

Multiple Speed System

This drill press offers five different speeds. This allows it to drill through metal, wood, and a variety of other materials.

Accepts Larger Materials

Due to the different speeds offered as well as the half-inch keyed chuck, larger pieces of material can be cut through. These features permit higher diameters to fit in the drill press.


  • Laser boring machine for precision
  • Can drill through many different materials
  • Larger objects can be drilled


  • The range of the tilting table is a little limited

Key Features: Heavy Duty - Safety - Ease of Use

The DEWALT DWE1622K drilling machine is definitely a tool that you would want on a work site if you were looking for a reliable and precise drill press. The sheer power of this drill press allows it to easily drill through most materials. To balance out this incredible capacity, there are also plenty of safety features installed.

Heavy Duty

The DEWALT DWE1622K drilling machine produces 10 amps of power, with two settings to control it. The settings are at 350 RPM and 450 RPM. This means that it is capable of cutting through most materials found on a work site. Best of all, it does not compromise the accuracy of the drilling.


There is an overload component that is in place to offset the power. When the motor begins to overheat, the drill press will automatically shut down. In addition to providing safety, it is also prolongs the DEWALT DWE1622K lifespan.

Ease of Use

The coolant can be easily attached to multiple surfaces. This increases the amount of control that you can exert over the DEWALT DWE1622K orientation. The quick-change chuck system ensures that you do not need any tools to change from the 3/4-inch Wheldon Shank to the 1/2-inch keyed chuck.


  • Powerful enough for heavy duty tasks
  • Easy to use for drilling
  • Easy to use for boring
  • Comprehensive safety features


  • At over 47 pounds, it can be a little heavy to handle for most

7. Delta 18-900L
7. Delta 18-900L
Key Features: Adjustable Speeds - Efficiency - Precision

If you are looking for precision, then look no further than the Delta 18-900L drill press. The presence of the TWINLASER means that you will get the most accurate drill position possible. The myriad of features on this drill press ensures that it is ideal for industrial jobs that need to be done quickly.

Adjustable Speeds

There are sixteen different speeds, meaning that the Delta 18-900L drill press can be used with many different type of materials. You have options ranging from 170 RPM to 3000 RPM.


The presence of an auto tensioning belt drive system in the Delta 18-900L best drill press makes it a unique tool. Transmission efficiency and consistent belt tension means that the work is done much faster than with other tools.


This best drill press is also one of the more precise tools on the market. The TWINLASER, micro adjustable depth stop, and independent depth scale means that repetitive drilling can take place quickly and easily.


  • 16 variable speeds
  • Auto tensioning belt drive system for efficiency
  • Precise controls


  • Can be a little complicated to assemble.


If you want to buy the best drill press on the market, you should carefully go through this list. Look at all of the benefits as well as advantages that are afforded by each option from our list of the top 7 best drill press reviews.  Carefully consider your needs and see which tool matches it perfectly. This way, you will be able to find the best drill press that is worth your time and investment.

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