A Great Guide for Finding The Perfect Contractor Air Compressor

tips 3Having a contractor grade air compressor makes tasks such as putting up a fence in your backyard much easier. Traditionalists may think otherwise, yet construction is dependent on compressed air so having one of these will greatly help in getting work done efficiently and productively. The specific type of compressor you would need depends on the kind and extent of work you will be doing, so here below is a list of the common types of contractor grade air compressors that you can choose from.

Portable Single-Stage Air Compressors

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  • Because of its portability and the size of its tank, the portable single-stage air compressor has become a hit among builders and professionals.
  • Most of these types of compressors include wheels for easier portability.
  • The on or off cycle is not necessary for this type of compressor because it is equipped with a large tank.
  • The CFM (cubic feet per minute) of these compressors is higher compared to the consumer grade compressors, allowing a wider range of air tools to be used at the same time.

Our Contractor Portable Compressor Buyer’s Guide

Wheelbarrow Air Compressors

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  • These have a similarity to the pontoon compressors yet differ in their tank position; the tanks of the wheelbarrow compressors are located along the length of the compressor while the tanks of the pontoon are located horizontally along the compressor’s width.
  • Has the same benefits and uses as the twin-stack compressors.
  • Equipped with powerful motors and are often used for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Wheelbarrow air compressors are equipped with a tire or two, which is located in front of the compressor and with handles at the back.
  • These are equipped with powerful engines along with large air tanks, and are built for heavy and challenging tasks.
  • Still considered portable amidst their weight that reach up to 300 hundred pounds.

Picking The Perfect Wheelbarrow Air Compressor

Twin-Stack Air Compressors

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  • Equivalent to the consumer air compressor yet is built with more power and materials with higher quality.
  • These types of air compressors can weigh as much as 80 pounds, which can be a problem when moving these devices from one place to another.
  • Even if these are slightly heavy, the twin air compressors are still considered portable.

Choosing The Best Contractor Twin Stack Air Compressor

Truck Mounted Air Compressors

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  • Though stationary, these air compressors are still portable due to them being fixed to the back of a truck.
  • Considered as the most powerful kind of portable compressor that can run continuously, these truck mounted compressors often have very huge tanks and high CFM efficiency.

Choosing The Perfect Gas Truck-Mount Air Compressor

Air compressors come in a vast array of types, sizes, and performance, so having someone who could easily suggest and pin-point the best air compressor would be great. However, only you will be able to know which device is best to complete your tasks, and by familiarizing yourself with the different kinds, their features, and if they are able to meet the requirements of the job, then that is how you will find the air compressor to complete the job.

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