A Guide for Picking The Best Consumer Grade Air Compressor

tips 2Consumer grade air compressors are devices best used for household jobs such as inflating tires and toys, also for powering nail and staple guns. Under this grade falls five different styles of compressors namely: the inflators, hot dog, twin stack, plus the portable and stationary single-stage compressors. So when finding the best consumer grade compressor, be sure to familiarize yourself with the different styles that fall under this category to be able to get the best unit for your specific needs.


  • Inflators
    tips 2.1 For safety purposes, it is necessary to keep car tires inflated at all times; yet to go all the way to the gas station and pay to use their compressor is not something anybody would want. So having an inflator in the comfort of your home will prove useful especially during times when inflating toys and bike tires are needed. These tools also come in handy not only for tire inflation, but also for any task that requires a high volume of hair.

 Tips For Picking The Best Inflator

  • Hot Dog Air Compressors

tips 2.3Named after their ‘hot dog’-like tank, these compressors are popular among craftsmen and hobbyists because it can power small power tools like air brushes and more. However, unlike the pancake compressors, these types are slightly heavier and their tanks are bigger which may consume more space; and if noise is a problem, then remember that this compressor is not one of those ‘whisper quiet’ types when operating.

How To Pick The Perfect Hot Dog Air Compressor?

  • Twin Stack Air Compressors

tips 2.4These are the standard hot dog compressors but with two tanks attached on top of each other. This configuration allows more capacity, making the compressor a good choice for do-it-yourself types of people who use air tools to finish small household projects. Portable, yet their weight sometimes reach as much as 70 pounds; rest assured because manufacturers often have additional accessories to make transporting the device easier.

Picking The Perfect Twin-Stack Air Compressor

  • Portable Single-Stage Air Compressors

tips 2.5This compressor is one of the most popular types, and is recommended for homeowners and carpenters who consistently use tools such as nail guns.  They come in a wide array of eye-catching styles though you must keep in mind that the compressor should be based on the requirements and needs of your job, not the looks.

How To Pick The Perfect Portable Single Stage Compressor?

  • Stationary Single-Stage Air Compressors

tips 2.6These compressors are designed to stay in one place due to their size and weight. However, these devices have large capacity tanks and have enough power for different types of air tools. Stationary compressors may be more expensive compared to other styles, yet these will surely last you a lot longer.

Picking The Perfect Single Stage Air Compressor

Aside from familiarizing yourself with the different styles of air compressors, it is also important to take into account the cost, performance figures, weight, and even dimensions of the device before you are able to pick out the best air compressor. In addition to these, it is also necessary to look at the max pressure the device is able to deliver, its portability, type of pump, noise, and other features that will conveniently get your job done.


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