A Guide to Help You Find The Best Industrial Air Compressor

The industrial grade air compressors, which are also known as the commercial grade compressors, are devices created mainly to run and work continuously for demanding businesses and professional jobs. They are considered the biggest and most expensive air compressors that are built with top-quality equipment and the latest technology today. tips 4

Almost all of the industrial compressors are considered stationary, yet a few portable units are usually hauled to a specific location to accomplish specific tasks. These industrial air compressors range from 3HP to 50HP or more, and their tank sizes can reach up to hundreds of gallons, including the levels of CFM that may reach up to hundreds too.

Here, you will find the kinds of commercial air compressors that may help you in efficiently accomplishing your tasks.

Two-Stage Air Compressors

tips 4.1The two-stage air compressors are powered by either gasoline or electricity, and are built with two pistons that compress the air twice. Because of this structure, more air will be available at a higher compression that can power the most demanding air tools available such as grinders, impact wrenches, and even air hammers. These types of compressors are also equipped with an inter-cooler tube that is attached to the pump; it is used to cool the air before being compressed the second time around. The two-stage air compressors are commonly used by contractors, but their commercial versions, which are bigger and have more CFM to deliver, are mostly found in manufacturing sites and auto repair shops due to their heavy duty features and massive capacity.

Air compressors comprise different advantages, and some of these advantages include the following:tips 4.2

  1. Power can be saved because work done in compressing air is reduced.
  2. When the temperature of the air is controlled, mechanical problems are prevented.
  3. Compression reaches close to isothermal.
  4. Lesser cost and better maintenance due to the light moving parts that are usually made of aluminum.
  5. The effects from moisture can be handled better.

Choosing The Perfect Two-Stage Air Compressor

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

tips 4.3The rotary screw air compressors are types of gas compressors that use a positive displacement mechanism, and are commonly used to replace piston compressors. These compressors are considered as the biggest ones present and were created to work 24 hours straight, all year round. They work when two rotors turn against each other in the opposite direction, and then compress the air that is trapped in a chamber between screws.

tips 4.4With thisprocess, the rotary air compressors are then used to supply aircontinuously to factories, as well as for the rides in amusement parks; a feature enabling us to see just how efficient, powerful, and quiet these things are.

These devices generate a large amount of airflow; however, they still consume a low amount of energy and are “Energy Star” (international standard for energy-efficient consumer products) rated.

Once you get a deeper understanding about the different styles of compressors, it will become a much easier task for you to find out which compressor is the right one for the job.

Picking The Perfect Rotary Screw Compressor

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