What are the Advantages of Using Compressed Air vs Other Power Sources

Compressed air has many different, useful functions. It is used for smaller, simple tasks in homes as well as larger, more considerable jobs for industrial purposes. Of course, there are many different power sources being used each day. Some of these are in direct competition of compressed air. Though it may not be as widely used as certain other sources such as electricity, compressed air is superior in many different ways. Here are just some of the ways that compressed air is better than hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical sources:

Allows for Easy-to-Use Tools

Compressed air allows for a wide variety of tools to be affixed to air compressors. In part, one of the superior features of these tools compared to other sources, is that there is no motor required. Internal motors are quite heavy and as a result cause the tools to be heavy as well. This means that they are more difficult to handle. Compressed air, however, ensures that this is not a problem.

Advantages of Using Compressed Air

Safer than Electricity

Most electric tools come with a warning. Any disruption or malfunctioning in an electrical system can cause the user to be electrocuted. In addition, anything that is electrical in nature, also has the propensity to cause an electrical fire. This, too, is eliminated with the use of compressed air.

Used in Multiple Environments

The surrounding environment is rarely ideal. Instead, it can be moist, damp, or there may even be combustive gases in the air. Sometimes, there are also pools of water present. There are many types of power sources that are simply incapable of being used in such dangerous circumstances. This, however, is not a problem with compressed air as it does not react with the substances mentioned above. This means that it can be used in a wider variety of situations.

More Economical

It is everyone’s goal to save money as they work. Compressed air is the power source that enables this to happen. When you consider the tools being powered by compressed air with tools that are powered by other sources, compressed air is the clear winner. This is because the tools being run by compressed air use a lot less electricity than the other power sources. This means that you are able to save precious dollars on electricity.

Effortlessly Transferable

One of the greatest advantages of compressed air, of course, is how easily it is transported from one destination to another. This, in part, is due to its availability essentially everywhere. Exiting air is released into the open, meaning there is no requirement for a return line. This is unlike other power sources such as electrical and hydraulic. With the help of pipelines and the presence of central generation stations, compressed air can easily be moved and distributed over a great distance. The central generation stations contribute consumption points due to ring mains with a constant working pressure.


Thus, if you were on the bench about using compressed air, you should not be anymore. It is a lot better than most other traditional power sources.

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