Best 60 gallon air compressor

When you need the best 60 gallon air compressor on the market, there is a range of heavy duty air compressors to choose from.  Depending on your individual job requirements, the focus is all about high demand for compressed air.  If you need a reliable air supply with no worries about sudden drop in air pressure, then your high capacity requirements are most likely to be satisfied with the the best 60 gallon air compressor.

Large capacity 60 gallon air tank

An industrial sized air compressor is rated in terms of the size of the air tank, and also by the pressure and flow rate of the air supply.  These are the important features that to take into account when checking out larger sized air compressors, and it is not just about the capacity measured in gallons.

The size of the air compressor tank is a useful guide for the power requirement of an air compressor, and basically defines how much capacity or how many tools the machine can drive at once.  The larger the tank capacity, the more flow rate that the air compressor can deliver before the air pressure begins to drop below the desirable range.  Of course, the air pump is also an important factor, as this determines how fast the air compressor can recharge the tank up to full capacity

The best 60 gallon air compressor is a serious piece of industrial equipment, and most of these models provide an excellent supply of high pressure air, around the 150 PSI mark.  At this pressure range, you will be able to drive most power tools, spray painters, and nail guns.

60 gallon air compressor –

power  but not very portable

Unfortunately, there is a trade off having so much power and capacity with the best 60 gallon air compressor, and these models are in the range of industrial machines, which are built to stand in the corner of the workshop, and not to be moved around very often, or very great distances!

These large air compressors are built to be reasonably heavy.  But these air compressor frames are well designed with sturdy legs and support stands.  You should find that the best 60 gallon air compressor is very solid and stable, which is good for safety if you have a crowded work shop.

The best air compressor will be a true asset in any workshop.  You can use a range of air powered tools, inflate tires, nail or staple guns and spray painters.  In fact a single air compressor should be capable of running more than one tool at a time.  When you select the best 60 gallon air compressor, you will never run out of high pressure air.


Here are some of the best 60 gallon air compressor reviews:


Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 – Best

60 Gallon Oiled Vertical Compressor

best 60 gallon air compressorSometimes there is no alternative other than to go for the tried and trusted!  Sometimes there is no substitute for good old fashioned ingenuity.  When you need grunt and horsepower, bigger is better, and when you have an important job to do, sometimes it is necessary to go for the best 60 gallon air compressor.  Especially when you need to get the job done quickly.  You will not waste any time waiting for the air tank to recharge.  When you need a high flow rate, or lots of tools running at the same time, the Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 60 gallon air compressor is the way to go.

The Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 is driven by a 15 Amp electric motor putting out more than 3 horsepower.  This powerful motor pumps a heavy duty cast iron vertical air compressor with a 60 Gallon air tank.  The Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 has the capacity to run multiple power tools all at the same time.

Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 – Sturdy and solid

The Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 is not meant to be portable, and is designed to sit unobtrusively in a corner of the workshop.  However, it is solid and dependable such that is always ready for duty.  It can even power up multiple users, it will maintain a steady flow of high pressure air.

If you need a large and dependable 60 gallon air compressor for all of your light industrial needs, then this is well worth another look.

Check out the Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 60 gallon air compressor at Amazon.


PowerMate Vx PLA3706056 –

Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Best 60 gallon air compressorAnother work horse 60 gallon air compressor is the made by PowerMate.  The heavy duty cast iron vertical air tank is charged with a dual cylinder air pump, and runs a maximum of up to 3.7 horsepower.  That means you get a very healthy pressure output of 150 PSI.  You can also expect uninterrupted air flow courtesy of the large 60 gallon air tank.

A very nice feature of this electric induction motor, is that it can run of either 208 or 240 volt power supply with no fuss or rewiring required.

The Power Mate 60 gallon air compressor requires oil lubrication of the pump.  The machine is easy to drain and refill according to the regular maintenance servicing.  With proper maintenance and attention, the PowerMarte PLA 3706056 is built to last and will provide many years of reliable service.

Check the PowerMarte PLA 3706056 60 gallon air compressor at Amazon.



Ingersoll Rand SS3L3 –

Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Best 60 gallon air compressorWe just couldn’t go past the Ingersoll-Rand SS3L3 60 gallon cir compressor as a market leader in heavy duty industrial style air compressors.  With a stunning 230 volt, 3 horsepower electric motor, this is a serious piece of industrial equipment.  If you want to use this in your garage, then I don’t see why not!

In fact, the reason the Ingersoll-Rand SS3L3 rates as one of the best 60 gallon air compressors is that it is capable of recharging the air tank as you work.  So you will never run out of compressed air.  With a single stage air pump filling the cast iron vertical air tank, this is an ideal solution to provide low maintenance and dependable air supply.

The Ingersoll-Rand SS3L3

The Ingersoll-Rand SS3L3 is designed to supply more than 11 CFM at around 90 PSI, and more than 10 CFM at the operating pressure of 135 PSI.  The air pump is very quiet, and the electric motor adds very little additional noise.  This machine is easy to maintain, with the oil filter requiring a clean or replacement every 150 hours.  It will also need regular draining of condensed water from the air tank.  All it needs is a little regular maintenance and a little attention.  The Ingersoll-Rand SS3L3 is a great choice for best 60 gallon air compressor.

Check the Ingersoll-Rand SS3L3 60 gallon air compressor at Amazon.



Industrial Air ILA3606056 –

Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Best 60 gallon air compressorIn terms of reliability and dependability, the Industrial Air ILA3606056 is also a contender for best 60 gallon air compressor.  This machine provides all the technology to make sure you get the power you need.  You also get the reliability that we come to expect from Industrial Air products.

The Industrial Air ILA3606056 is powerful, yet still affordable machine.  Suitable for either the garage of an enthusiast, or for a light industrial workshop.  The air pump is powered by a 3.7 electric motor that can run off variable voltage supply.  It pumps out a very useful 155 PSI of compressed air.

The Industrial Air ILA3606056 is backed by a two year warranty.  But really, you could expect this rugged and sturdy machine to provide reliable service for many years.

Avoid downtime with an Industrial Air ILA3606056 – always a safe pick for the best 60 gallon air compressor.



Quincy QT-54 – Best 60

Gallon Air Compressor

Best 60 gallon air compressor
Quincy air Compressors offer their latest product to the 60 gallon air compressor range.  The Quincy QT-54 splash lubricated reciprocating air compressor.

With a very powerful 5 horsepower motor, there is no shortage of air supply.  This Quincy 60 gallon air compressor produces a very healthy operating pressure of 175 PSI.  To back up the high pressure it can deliver a flow rate of more than 15 CFM also.

But can you manage all of this power?

Well, the Quincy QT-54 has been designed to be user friendly.  It comes with a capacitor for easy startup.  So that means it doesn’t shut down the whole workshop, or blow a fuse every time.  It also comes with thermal overload protection.  This protects the machine if it begins to run too hot, due to hot weather or overuse.  You can be assured that the machine will shut down to avoid any serious damage.

Even though this machine provides high capacity output, it runs at relatively lower speed.  Lower speed means it is therefore quieter than some of the competition.  With a long operating life, you can expect many years of loyal service from the Quincy QT-54 60 gallon air compressor.

Do you really need a 60 gallon air compressor?

There are many reasons to choose the best 60 gallon air compressor. If you need the power, the capacity, and the compressed air delivery rate to get the job done, then one of these compressors is right for you!  Sure it is going to cost a little more up front.  But over the longer term, there will be value for money.  You can use more than one power tool at the same time.  So this means you will get the job done more quickly!  Every garage and workshop needs the best 60 gallon air compressor to drive all the air powered tools, spray painter, or whatever you need to do.


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