Best Battery Chainsaw Reviews – Ultimate Buyers Guide

GreenWorks 80V battery chainsaw

There is another contender in the race to become the best chainsaw on the market, and with the massive improvement in the Lithium-ion battery, we think it is well worth considering the best battery chainsaw as a worthy contender.  We were very impressed with the range of high quality battery chainsaws on the market, so we made up a list of our best battery chainsaw reviews.

The gasoline powered chainsaw is king in terms of power

Yes, I know that in terms of sheer horsepower and grunt, nothing beats a gas powered chainsaw, but there are a few advantages in going with the best electric chainsaw also.  Historically speaking, the gas powered chainsaw also has a much older pedigree.  Gas chainsaws have been around for a long time, and have been an essential part of farming and land clearing for a long time also.

Electric Chainsaws are catching up fast!

For the average home and garden maintenance, the best electric chainsaw can be a very handy tool, and in terms of power and utility, electric chainsaws are catching up fast!

Cordless battery chainsaw or corded electric chainsaw?

The next important decision with an electric chainsaw is to choose whether you prefer a cordless chainsaw or a corded electric chainsaw.  Both these options are similar in terms of the benefits of an electric chainsaw, but there are some important differences.

The latest technology in battery driven chainsaws is worth considering.  In case you haven’t seen one yet, there are battery powered chainsaws that can rival a decent gas chainsaw in terms of power and performance.  Although a battery chainsaw weighs a little more due to the battery pack, they are still lighter than gas chainsaws.  Likewise, the best battery chainsaw costs a little more than an electric chainsaw, but gas powered chainsaws can be very expensive also.

So it can be quite a complicated exercise to weigh up all these options, so we have prepared a summary of the pros and cons of the different types of electric chainsaws.

Comparison of the Best Battery Chainsaw

Advantages of the best battery chainsaw

  • Easy to start, easy to use
  • All you have to do is Snap on the battery and pull the trigger
  • Quiet to use
  • No extension cord
  • Very low maintenance
  • No messy oil and gas
  • No exhaust emissions

Disadvantages of cordless battery chainsaws

  • Battery chainsaws are generally less powerful than corded chainsaw
  • Heavier due to addition of the battery
  • Battery time is typically limited to 60 minutes or less under high load
  • Recharge time can be slow
  • You might need to carry a spare battery
  • Can be more expensive

Comparison of Electric Corded Chainsaws

Advantages of corded chainsaws

  • Very lightweight – does six pounds sound attractive?
  • Inexpensive
  • Very quiet
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to start, easy to use
  • Plug in the extension cord and pull the trigger
  • No messy oil and gas
  • No exhaust emissions

Disadvantages of corded chainsaws

  • Tangles in the extension cord
  • 100 ft limit in the extension cord (due to power drop)
  • 15 amp limit in the power source
  • Some models are cheap and nasty

Overall Comparison:

Best Battery Chainsaw vs Electric Chainsaw vs Gas Chainsaw

As we have discussed, there are advantages and disadvantages between each of the different types of chainsaws.  Each of these tools has limitations in terms of power, weight, cost and convenience, so let’s look at the positives!

Best Battery Chainsaw – the best battery chainsaw is light and easy to use.  They are quiet to use and require very little maintenance.  They are restricted only by battery life, and battery power.  The best cordless battery chainsaw can now rival a small gas powered chainsaw!

Corded Electric Chainsaw – the typical electric chainsaw is the lightest chainsaw on the market.  They are quiet and easy to use, just watch out for that extension cord!

Gas chainsaws – even a small gas chainsaw has amazing power and cutting ability, especially if you keep the chain blade sharp.  But they are noisy, heavy and smelly, which doesn’t matter when you have to get the job done fast!

The latest battery technology is catching up fast!

Yes – the latest battery technology is nothing short of amazing, and there is a bit of video that I need to show you, which is what everyone is talking about!   The GreenWorks battery chainsaw is a battery chainsaw and is a serious rival for the average gas chainsaw.


Are you ready to buy the Best Battery Chainsaw?

If latest release battery chainsaw from GreenWorks has whet your appetite for one of these fantastic machines, then you are at the right place!  GreenWorks also has 40 Volt model, which performs up to extremely high standards, and there are a host of other battery chainsaws on the market.

The winning strategy has been to increase the power of the battery pack.  No longer are batteries limited to 12 volt.  No longer do we have to be concerned about the “charge memory” happening and robbing us of battery power.  The latest technology Lithium-ion battery technology has literally supercharged the market for cordless chainsaws.  With the addition of batteries with 36 Volt capacity and up to 80 volt, the sky is the limit for the latest battery chainsaw!  Corded chainsaws are constrained by the domestic electricity supply, but not so for the best cordless battery chainsaw.

What is the best battery chainsaw?

We have decided to bring you a review based on the major brands of battered powered chainsaws, and it looks a bit like this:

  • GreenWorks: GreenWorks make the best battery Chainsaws.  No surprise here, as it was the magnificent GreenWorks 80 Volt GCS80450 that prompted this review of the best battered chainsaw.  But GreenWorks also produces the 40 Volt 20312 DigiPro, which is a great all round cordless chainsaw, for those who are looking for a more affordable option.
  • Oregon:  Oregon also make high quality battery powered chainsaws, with battery power up to 40 Volts.  Oregon have some fantastic innovative features, such as automatic blade sharpening, but are the most expensive.
  • Black and Decker:  Black and Decker are renowned for quality power tools, and they have two battery powered chainsaws that make our list of the best battery chainsaw reviews.
  • DeWalt:  Dewalt is yet another power tool specialist, and they have a battery powered chainsaw on our list of the best battery chainsaw reviews.
  • Scotts:  A lesser known manufacturer of all things backyard and gardening related.  There is a beaut little battery chainsaw on our list which is bound to grab your attention!
  • Makita: And finally the mighty Makita brand is represented by two of the best battery chainsaws on our list.


Here is the Top Ten Best Battery Chainsaw Reviews:

1. GreenWorks GCS80420 80V Battery Chainsaw

1. GreenWorks GCS80420 80V Battery Chainsaw
1. GreenWorks GCS80420 80V Battery Chainsaw
Key Features: Most Powerful Battery Chainsaw - 80Volt Lithium-ion battery - Comparable to Gas Chainsaws

Let’s cut straight to the point.  The GreenWorks GCS80420 80V Battery Chainsaw is the ultimate in battery powered technology.  For the first time, a cordless battery powered chainsaw is competitive with its rivals amongst gas powered chainsaws.  Reputed to have the same horsepower as a 45cc gas powered chainsaw, the GreenWorks 80 V chainsaw is very impressive.  If you don’t believe me, and if you haven’t already, watch the video in this article for proof!

It is expensive, and the battery pack is heavy, so the GreenWorks 80V is a serious unit, and it is not for the faint hearted!  If you are looking for a viable alternative to the good old fashioned gas chainsaw, then this is it.  No more nasty, oily exhaust fumes, no more horrible noise, no more fiddling with 2 stroke gas oil mixtures, tricky carburetors, and cold weather starts.

The GreenWorks 80V Battery Chainsaw is so easy to use

GreenWorks 80Volt best battery chainsaw reviewsWith the GreenWorks GCS80420 80V Battery Chainsaw, all you have to do is snap on the battery pack, and pull the trigger.  Of course you have to remember that the battery will probably only provide about an hour of run time, or less if working under full load.  But my gas chainsaw only runs for an hour before needing a refill anyway.  And when it gets too hot, it is impossible to refill with gas until it cools down a bit, so there is always some downtime when chain sawing.

The best thing about a battery chainsaw is that you can put it down while you adjust something, and it doesn’t waste power or gas while you get ready.  And it doesn’t stall or stop unnecessarily, or if it does, you simply back off the load a little and just keep on sawing – brilliant!  And instead of refilling a hot gas tank, if you have two batteries, you can simple swap them over, and put the spent one back on to recharge while you keep on working with a full charge.  That is why we love this battery chainsaw!  I want to get a GreenWorks battery chainsaw for myself!

Greenworks GCS80420 80V – Product Features:

  • 18 inch bar and chain
  • Tool free chain tensioner
  • Brushless Motor technology for extra power
  • 80V Lithium-Ion battery
  • No memory charge problems
  • Comfortable grips and ergonomic handle
  • 4 year warranty.

Just watch what this GreenWorks 80V battery chainsaw in action, or click here to check it out at Amazon.

2.  GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX 40 Volt Battery Powered Chainsaw

2. GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX 40 Volt Battery Powered Chainsaw
2. GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX 40 Volt Battery Powered Chainsaw
Key Features: Excellent power - 40V battery chainsaw - Very affordable

If you’re looking for the best battery chainsaw but you can’t afford the 80 volt model, then you can’t go wrong with the more affordable 40 Volt model.  Although it comes with half the voltage of the big brother, the GreenWorks 40 Volt 20312 DigiPro G-MAX is no slacker.  For many homeowners, the GreenWorks 40 Volt 20312 is the preferred alternative over a gas powered chainsaw without all the noise, exhaust and maintenance.  It is more than capable of felling small trees, chopping large branches and cutting firewood.

I think I want one of these battery chainsaws!

In fact, although I don’t have one of these little beauties, I can already think of many ways in which this would be better than the way I currently run my gas chainsaw.  I don’t know about you, but to avoid upsetting my neighbors too much, I tend to let the jobs accumulate.  It all just piles up until there is a large pile of firewood to cut, and trees to prune.  Then in one big push, I tune up the chainsaw, warn the neighbors to shut the windows tight, and make huge amount of noise and smoke until the gas tank runs dry!

GreenWorks 40V best battery chainsawAs I have written these best battery chainsaw reviews, I am thinking how much better it would be to simply pull out a rechargeable battery chainsaw every once in a while rather than waiting to do it all in one go.  With little or no maintenance, it would be much easier to snap on a full battery pack and do some light trimming and cutting as the need arises.  With my gas chainsaw, I have to mix up the 2 stroke gas, fill up the bar and chain oil, adjust the chain, clear the oil and grease from the sprocket, check the spark plug, clean the filter, etc etc.

I want to get a GreenWorks 40 Volt battery chainsaw for myself!

What else do you get from GreenWorks cordless battery chainsaws?

4 year warranty – 2 year battery warranty

Don’t forget, this model comes with a very generous 4 year warranty and 2 year battery warranty, which is good value for battery chainsaws, and speaks volumes for the confidence GreenWorks has for their products.

Extra battery

As with any battery, it will not last forever, especially when you work under heavy load.  The easy way to extend your working time is to purchase an extra GreenWorks battery pack, the GreenWorks 29472 G-MAX.  If you are fortunate enough to have the additional battery, all you need to do is keep the spare on charge while you work and swap them over so you can keep working.

You can buy a spare GreenWorks 29472 G-MAX battery here at Amazon.

3.  OREGON CS250 Battery Powered Chainsaw

3. OREGON CS250 Battery Powered Chainsaw
3. OREGON CS250 Battery Powered Chainsaw
Key Features: Powerful 40Volt battery - 14 inch Cutting Bar - Lightweight 11 pounds - Self Sharpening

The Oregon CS250 is an exceptional battery chainsaw with an excellent 40 volt power source – Oregon MAX lithium-ion battery system.  The Oregon MAX battery system is compatible with other Oregon tools, but can be expensive if you need to run multiple battery sets, such as the 4Ah PowerNow B600E 40v Battery set.

The CS250 battery chainsaw is not the cheapest chainsaw on the market, coming in at $400 or more with a spare battery.  But before we go anywhere else with this best battery chainsaw review.  We need to consider that the Oregon CS250 comes with an integrated chain sharpening system.  Instantly this makes this tool much more attractive!  Check out the photo with a demonstration of how simple it is to use the Oregon self sharpening chain system.  Simply pull and hold the red lever for a few seconds, and the chain is as sharp as a new one!

Chainsaw Self Sharpening SystemOregon CS250 self sharpening chainsaw - best battery chainsaw reviews

The biggest problem for any tool user would have to be trying to work with a blunt cutting tool.  We all know what it is like to start off a job with wonderful sharp tools!  Only to find that work must stop whilst the tool is re-sharpened.  Or are you like me, try to push on pointlessly with a blunt tool.  This just results in more and more frustration at the lack of progress?

Oregon CS250 comes with an integrated chain sharpening system

Well, if you are like me, and hate to stop work to resharpen the tool, then the Oregon CS250 was made for us!  It comes with a chainsaw self sharpening feature that will save that frustration of cutting with a blunt chainsaw.  Forever!  Simply pull the sharpening level for just a few short seconds.  The cutting chain is back to being like new!  And we all know how good it is to chainsaw with a new chain – simply awesome.

So that is why we love the Oregon CS250!  We have no hesitation in recommending this battery chainsaw for any one who needs a moderately sized chainsaw.  Also handy for those who don’t like to fiddle around with lots of maintenance and annoying blade sharpening time.

Why is a self sharpening chain so important?

If you have ever tried to sharpen a chainsaw blade, or watched someone doing it, you will understand that that this is no simple task.  It is fiddly, takes a reasonable amount of manual labor.  Unfortunately, unless you are expert at blade sharpening, it never quite works out as good as new.

The best part of the self sharpening system is that when you cut with a sharp new chain, the cutting efficiency is amazing.  When using a battery chainsaw, you really need to conserve battery power at all cost.  A sharp chain is the best way to do it.  So with the Oregon CS250, there is no excuse for always having a self sharpened chain.  Using this tool is like having a new chain all the time – simply brilliant!

This chainsaw has stood the test of time. It comes highly recommended on Amazon, and hundreds of people have submitted positive reports about the Oregon CS250 battery chainsaw.

4. Oregon PowerNow CS300-A6 40V Battery Chainsaw

4. Oregon PowerNow CS300-A6 40V Battery Chainsaw
4. Oregon PowerNow CS300-A6 40V Battery Chainsaw
Key Features: Powerful 40Volt battery - 16 inch Cutting Bar - Lightweight 12 pounds - Self Sharpening

Yet another innovative product from Oregon, the PowerNow CS300-A6 battery chainsaw also comes with a self sharpening chain.  This places the manufacturer high on our list of the best battery chainsaw reviews.

Perfect for gardeners, homeowners, or anyone who needs to have a chainsaw in the shed or garage.  The Oregon CS300 provides the perfect combination of power and convenience.  It doesn’t the top end power of a gas chainsaw, or the bigger battery chainsaws on the market.  But the Oregon CS300 takes the challenge right up there with the awesome PowerSharp self sharpening chain system.

You gotta love that self sharpening chain!

Both the Oregon models have rated very highly in our battery chainsaw reviews.  A smaller power chainsaw can outperform a gas chainsaw so long as the cutting chain is kept razor sharp.  With the PowerSharp system, all you need to do is pull the sharpening lever for a few seconds.  The chain is sharpened and then you simply continue cutting wood.  And that is what you get with Oregon chainsaw.  Maybe not as powerful as some of the larger tools, but certainly the added advantage of always having a sharp chain to cut with.


The Oregon CS300 is not the cheapest chainsaw on the market.  This is compounded by the fact that the fast recharger is actually not included with the kit.  If you like to work for long periods of time, then you need at least two batteries.  Or you need to buy the rapid charger, then you have to spend more money to win the extra time.  The rapid charger can cut the recharge time in half, so it is certainly a nice to have.  So long as you can afford the extra cost.

Product Features:

  • 40V Brushless motor
  • quiet and smooth to operate
  • useful for professional landscapers and gardeners
  • Lithium-ion 40 volt battery
  • Holds charge for several months without discharging.
  • No power fade
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Self sharpening chain
  • Tool free chain tensioner.

Click here to see the full details of the Oregon CS300-A6 40V Battery Chainsaw.


5. Black & Decker LCS1240 40V Battery Chainsaw

5. Black & Decker LCS1240 40V Battery Powered Chainsaw
5. Black & Decker LCS1240 40V Battery Powered Chainsaw
Key Features: High Quality 40Volt battery chainsaw - 12 inch Cutting Bar - Good Reputation

Black and Decker make high quality and affordable electric power chainsaws,   and have a good reputation for making the highest quality tools on the market.  So how does the Black & Decker range of battery chainsaws stack up against our list of best battery chainsaw reviews?

The first contender is the Black and Decker LCS1240 40V Battery Chainsaw, which is a very capable cordless chainsaw.  It comes with a moderate sized cutting bar and chain.  It is handy for garden maintenance.  Renowned for its ability around the backyard and garden, the Black & Decker LCS1240 40 volt is well suited for all sorts of odd jobs.  So it is excellent for chopping limbs, pruning shrubs and bushes, but is limited for cutting large firewood.Black & Decker 40V best battery chainsaw

Excellent small battery chainsaw

Neither is it really intended for chopping trees down.  If you try to load up this battery chainsaw too much, it will drain the battery even faster.  It can become frustrating when you try to tackle a job that is too large for one of these electric chainsaws.  You will quickly find that you just don’t have the power reserves to finish the job.

Stick to general gardening jobs, and you will find that the Makita LCS1240 is more than happy.  Cut and chop through small limbs, branches and firewood with no trouble at all.  Isn’t that the same message for nearly everything in life?  Stick to the capabilities of yourself and the tool you are using and you will have much less trouble!

Read more about the Black & Decker LCS1240 40V Max battery chainsaw at Amazon.


6. Black & Decker LCS1020 20V | Battery Chainsaw

6. Black & Decker LCS1020 20V Battery Powered Chainsaw
6. Black & Decker LCS1020 20V Battery Powered Chainsaw
Key Features: High Quality 20Volt battery chainsaw - 10 inch Cutting Bar - Limited power

The Black & Decker LCS1020 20Volt Battery Chainsaw is the smaller and more affordable version of the Black & Decker 40 volt model.  Yet another excellent quality product from the reputable Black & Decker company, the LCS 1020 is also aimed at the general garden maintenance.

Perfect for people who don’t want to fuss with the noise and smell of a gas chainsaw, the Black & Decker LCS1020 is so easy to use, all you need to do is snap on the battery pack and pull the trigger.  This brilliant little cordless chainsaw can save you a lot of effort in pruning and trimming tress, especially those overhead branches, or difficult to reach places that would be too hard to cut bay hand!

Don’t overload this small battery chainsaw!

Rather than trying to chop firewood, this model is better suited at chopping, pruning and trimming around the backyard.  If you want to cut hardwood trees and firewood, best to get a gas chainsaw.

Because it is so light and easy to hold, we recommend the Black & Decker LCS1020 for people who don’t need to use a chainsaw for an extended period of time, and therefore it won’t leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the project.  After all, isn’t that the purpose of owning and using power tools?  Let the chainsaw do the work, while you enjoy your garden!

Read more about the Black & Decker LCS1020 20V Max battery chainsaw at Amazon.



7.  DEWALT DCCS690M1 40Volt Battery Chainsaw

7. DEWALT DCCS690M1 40Volt Battery Chainsaw
7. DEWALT DCCS690M1 40Volt Battery Chainsaw
Key Features: High Quality from DeWalt - 40Volt battery chainsaw - 16 inch Cutting Bar - lightweight 12.3 pounds

This is one of the first models of battery chainsaw by DeWalt.  Even though DeWalt is renowned as a manufacturer of all types of power tools, the DeWalt DCCS690M1 represents the entry of the brand into the battery chainsaw market.  With a high capacity 40 volt lithium-ion battery, and a versatile 16 inch chain and bar, the DeWalt cordless chainsaw is perfect for the homeowner as well as the professional.

Good reputation, Classic DeWALT style

The DeWalt DCCS690M1 is best for light to medium tasks such as trimming trees, pruning branches, and cutting firewood.  It is probably not suited to cutting masses of hardwood, but it is worth its weight in gold for cleaning up broken foliage after a storm.

A great safety feature of the DeWalt DCCS690M1 is the engine shut off in case of jamming or overload.  This is a fantastic feature to have because it prevents overloading and burning out the engine.  It also comes with a safety trigger that will prevent the chain from spooling when you release the trigger.  This is especially important in case the chainsaw kicks back or slips, so it prevents the operator or other bystanders from injury.

High quality, precision DeWalt productDeWalt 40V best battery chainsaw

The quality and workmanship with this DeWalt cordless chainsaw is second to none.  You have to remember that the power is always somewhat limited by the 40 volt battery supply, and if you try to overdo the cutting beyond the capability of the machine, then you will find the chainsaw will jam and shut off.  This simply means it is time to back off the force, and let the cutting chain do the work.

DeWalt Product Features:

  • 16 inch bar and chain for good all round performance
  • Low kickback design
  • Automatic chain oiling for continuous lubrication
  • Safety chain brake protection
  • Easy chain tensioner
  • Variable speed pull trigger operation
  • Easy to use, low vibration
  • Lightweight – around 12 pounds
  • No gasoline and no extension cord to worry about

Check out the price of the DeWalt DCCS690M1 battery chainsaw here at Amazon.

8. Scotts S20510 SYNC 20V Battery Powered Chainsaw

8. Scotts S20510 SYNC 20V Battery Powered Chainsaw
8. Scotts S20510 SYNC 20V Battery Powered Chainsaw
Key Features: Super light and portable - Hang it on the wall - 20Volt battery chainsaw - Very Affordable

Right, since we started off with the top guns, top of the range, all might battery chainsaws, it is only fair to include a super light and portable machines to our list of best battery chainsaw reviews.

And the most versatile and lightweight battery chainsaw has to go to the Scotts S20510 SYNC 20V battery chainsaw.  With a 20 volt battery, and a chain length of only 10 inches, this little chainsaw is not intended for cutting trees and firewood!  But once we understand the capabilities of this awesome little battery chainsaw, then we can truly appreciate its value.

It is probably the lightest battery chainsaw on the market, weighing in at less than 5 pounds!  And that is with the battery pack attached!  At such a miserly weight, it can probably outdo most of the electric chainsaws on the market and has it all over gasoline powered chainsaws which are positively archaic in comparison with this super light chainsaw.

Hang it on the wall of the shed or garage!Scotts 20 Volt battery chainsaw

One of the greatest design features of the Scotts S20510 SYNC 20Volt battery chainsaw the recharger is mounted on the wall, and when you want to recharge the battery of the chainsaw, you simply hang it on the wall mounted recharger – simple idea, but fantastic convenience!

The Scotts S20510 SYNC 20Volt battery chainsaw is built for convenience, and it is ideal for grabbing at a moments notice, and pruning, trimming or cutting branches with no noise, no effort, and no smelly exhaust fumes.

With only a 45 minute run time, it won’t work all day long.  But hey, if it is so easy to grab off the charger, and do a few quick cutting and trimming jobs, then you can slip it back on the recharger for next time!


Scotts S20510 SYNC 20Volt battery chainsaw features:

  • 20 Volt Lithium-ion battery.
  • 10 inch cutting chain
  • Innovative design features
  • Recharge station hangs on the wall for easy get and go
  • Remaining battery power gauge for easy convenience
  • Fade free power
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Battery Run Time: 45 Minutes


We love the look of this one – check out the Scotts S20510 SYNC 20Volt battery chainsaw at Amazon.

9. Makita HCU02C1 36 Volt Battery Powered Chainsaw

9. Makita HCU02C1 36 Volt Battery Powered Chainsaw
9. Makita HCU02C1 36 Volt Battery Powered Chainsaw
Key Features: 36 Volt Makita battery chainsaw - 12 inch Cutting Chain - Very Lightweight

The Makita HCU02C1 battery chainsaw is a top quality product from a renowned manufacturer of power tools.  And the Makita HCU02C1 cordless chainsaw is no exception.  This is a powerful battery chainsaw that can cut through wood a little bigger than its 12 inch cutting bar would suggest.  It is built to handle a decent cutting diameter without stalling, as long as you keep a balance between the size of timber, the type of wood, and the load on the cut.  Makita have made a quality tool with just the right amount of power, torque and cutting speed, which all comes together in a very neat package.

Weighing in at just 10 pounds operating weight, this is an excellent tool for those quick jobs around the house and garden, and this battery chainsaw is especially useful for operating at heights where you can cut branches above head height with no trouble at all.

Makita has all the added features, but it is expensive

The Makita HCU02C1 battery chainsaw comes with a safety brake feature in case of kickback, and it offers a self lubricating cutting chain.  The chain tensioner can be adjusted without the need for tools, so it is easy to keep the chainsaw operating to maximum efficiency without those annoying stoppages.

Be sure to look at the various battery options, which have been thoughtfully provided by Makita.  Depending on whether you like a high capacity battery, or a rapid recharge, the choice is yours, depending on how much you are willing to pay.

Product Features (Makita HCU02C1 36 Volt battery chainsaw):

  • Makita quality components
  • 1,650 ft p minute chain speed
  • Quiet to operate
  • 12 inch cutting bar
  • Tool free chain tensioner
  • Safety chain brake
  • Weight: 10 pounds with battery pack on
  • Comfortable grips and handles
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • On board LED battery indicator
  • Auto shut off to avoid overload
  • Comes with Makita 3 year warranty.


Click here to buy the Makita HCU02C1 battery chainsaw from Amazon.

10. Makita XCU02PT 18Volt X2 LXT Battery Powered Chainsaw

10. Makita XCU02PT 18Volt X2 LXT Battery Powered Chainsaw
10. Makita XCU02PT 18Volt X2 LXT Battery Powered Chainsaw
Key Features: 2 x 18 Volt Makita battery chainsaw - 12 inch Cutting Chain - Compatible with other Makita 18 Volt power Tools

Lastly, but not the least, we also added the Makita XCU02PT 18Volt X2 LXT Cordless Chainsaw to our list battery chainsaw reviews.  Built with the typical high quality that comes with any Makita tool, this neat and compact little chainsaw is not exception.  Because it is powered by an 18 volt battery pack, it does have the power of the top of the range models, but it does have some advantages, worthy of your attention.

Very versatile battery chainsaw

The Makita XCU02PT 18Volt X2 LXT is perfect for the home handyman, who needs to do a lot of tree pruning, or cutting off limbs, and general garden maintenance.  It comes with a top handle design, which is perfect for working at heights, as this ergonomic design makes it easier to work above head height, which is where we find most of the tree branches!

At first we listed the 18 Volt power source as a negative, and you certainly need to be aware that when you purchase this Makita cordless chainsaw, it uses two 18 Volt batteries.  But the more we think about this, then maybe there are some positives in it for you.

Compatible with other Makita 18 Volt Power Tools

Firstly, Makita supplies a whole range of suitable batteries, and if you can afford it, and want to go for extra power, then go ahead and buy the biggest and best battery available.  There are more affordable options available.  If you want to buy a higher capacity battery, then go ahead the choice is yours!

Secondly, if you already have a Makita battery pack, you may want to check out the compatibility with the chainsaw, as you might be able to save some money if you can use the same battery packs with other power tools.

Thirdly, if you prefer to buy the rapid recharger, then Makita have one of those available also, so depending on your individual requirements – you are free to choose whatever is best.

So instead of a negative, we will choose to see that Makita if actually offering the user more flexibility when they purchase the Makita Makita XCU02PT 18Volt X2 LXT battery chainsaw– click here to see how much.




So, what is the best battery chainsaw?

We had to restrain ourselves at this point, because the more we researched into the possibilities for the best battery chainsaw reviews, the more enthusiastic we became!  We could rave about these excellent power tools all day, but that is not necessary.

Whatever your individual needs for a cordless battery chainsaw, we trust that you will be able to find the best unit for your needs.  Even though we came into this exercise expecting to find nothing but limitations on the power and application of these battery chainsaws, the opposite is true.  Sure, if you need to raw power and grunt of a gasoline powered chainsaw, then that is the only alternative.  However, if you want to avoid the noise, exhaust, and grease that is associated with a gas chainsaw, then we sure can present you with some excellent new alternatives.

If you need to work for longer lengths of time, then a battery chainsaw needn’t be limited only by the life of the battery pack.  Simply buy a second battery pack and swap the flat battery onto the recharger and kept going!

Battery Powered Chainsaws are cleaner and less noisy!

If you need to work all around the garden or take a chainsaw to a remote work site, then the best battery chainsaw is not restricted in any way, and you have the freedom to go as far as you like with no hassles with extension cords, or running out of gasoline.

If you have neighbors who you would rather stay on friendly terms with, then you can’t beat a battery chainsaw or an electric chainsaw for quiet chain sawing.  Unheard of not so long ago, the ability to be able to chainsaw without the sheer racket of a gas powered engine is a big advantage!

If you are not very confident using a heavy, noisy and dangerous gas powered chainsaw, then we have the ideal solution.  A clean, green and easy to use battery chainsaw is definitely on our shopping list from now on!

Do we need to convince you of more of the benefits of the best battery chainsaw?

Battery Powered Chainsaw versus Electric Chainsaw

Chainsaws are often discussed under two categories, being gasoline powered chainsaws and electric powered chainsaws.  We are all familiar with the good old fashioned gas chainsaw, with all of its familiar noise, and smoke, and risk of danger to anyone standing close!

A safer alternative is the much quieter and smaller electric chainsaw, but that is not the full story, because there are two choices when it comes to electric powered chainsaws.  The first type is the corded electric chainsaw, which we have reviewed in detail in the best electric chainsaw.

These power tolls are forever tethered to a power outlet by an extension cord, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot not operate one of these without its umbilical – it will not work.

So if you want to go for an electric chainsaw, and be free of the power outlet, then we think we have discovered some excellent options in the best battery chainsaw reviews.

Advantages of the best battery chainsaw

Best battery Chainsaw

With a cordless battery chainsaw, you are free to move around as you please, anywhere in the backyard or beyond.  They are light and easy to use, start up instantly, require very little maintenance, and there is no gasoline or extension cords to bother about.

Disadvantages of the battery chainsaw

No matter how hard you try, a battery must inevitably run out of power.  A battery chainsaw is limited both in output power and run time by the limitations on battery capacity.  The bigger the battery that is attached to the cordless chainsaw, then the heavier it becomes, and the more expensive it is to buy.

But make no mistake, some of the best battery chainsaws on the market are very impressive!

The GreenWorks is the best  battery chainsaw,

and top of the list of best battery chainsaw reviews.

So how does the best battery chainsaw compete with gas chainsaws?

Battery technology has improved remarkably in recent times, both in terms of voltage levels and current output.  In the old days, battery packs were limited to 12 volt systems, which were constrained by increased internal resistance.  This meant that battery packs suffered from heating and overload problems, not to mention the good old memory charge problem which stopped the battery from fully recharging when they became old and tired.

New battery technology means these internal problems are all but eradicated, an on top of that, the 12 volt barrier has been smashed, and it is not uncommon to find batteries more than 6 times higher in terms of voltage capacity!


Battery Power for the best Cordless Chainsaw

There are two main types of rechargeable batteries (Lithium-ion, and Nickel-Cadmium) used for the best cordless chainsaw and here is a quick description of what the letters all mean.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion):

This is the latest and best battery technology on the market and is now in common use across a wide range of modern implements, from power tools, to mobile phones, and even within cars and aircraft all over the world.  Lithium-ion batteries are not light, but they do hold more charge than any other type of battery, so that is why they are the go to solution for all sorts of battery powered gadgets.

One of the best features of Lithium-ion batteries is that they have little internal resistance, so they retain the charge for longer, they can discharge current more efficiently, and they don’t develop a charge memory or suffer from misuse like other batteries.


Nickel-cadmium (NiCad):

The other type of rechargeable battery is the good old NiCad battery.  Although they have been in popular use for a long time, the NiCad battery suffered from overuse, internal leakage, and the dreaded recharge memory, when a used NiCad battery would not charge up to the proper voltage. This meant that whatever tool or device relied upon the NiCad for power, would inevitably run out of power in very frustrating circumstances.


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Well, thankfully, that is no longer the situation, because with any modern battery chainsaw, we have only considered the best battery chainsaw reviews, to make sure you never suffer from a power out situation, or at least not when you least expect it!

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