Guide to the Best Dehumidifier Reviews

A Guide to the Top 5 Best Dehumidifier Reviews

If you have a damp basement, or have ever been inside a damp basement, then you will be familiar with the problems caused by excessive humidity.  You need to check out these Best Dehumidifier Reviews.  The cold, damp feeling, the smell of mildew, and the appearance of mold around the walls are all indicators of excessive humidity or moisture in the basement.  These issues can become very unpleasant and cause problems within the house, and even result in health risks for those living or working in the property.

Best Dehumidifier Reviews

The solution to the problem is often as simple as running a dehumidifier within the building.  The best dehumidifier will reduce the dampness and moisture in the basement, enclosed room, and even that narrow crawl space.  Not only can a dehumidifier reduce the humidity in the basement, but it will benefit the whole house.  The benefit of a dehumidifier is to remove moisture from the air, which can greatly improve the dankness of the basement, as well as reduce the appearance of mold and mildew.

Do you need a basement Dehumidifier?

Whenever your basement suffers from that damp musty smell of mold and mildew, you can expect that all of your stored possessions in the basement will become musty also.  A damp and musty environment will encourage the growth of mold, as well as crawling insects which thrive in damp or moist spaces.  The proliferation of dust mites, and other vermin can cause inhabitants to suffer from asthma and allergic reactions, which are very unpleasant.  Furthermore, all of the storage items can be severely damaged and rendered worthless by an insect infestation, so it is extremely important to reduce the moisture and humidity in any basement or storage area within your house or building.

How to Choose the best Dehumidifier

It goes without saying, that if you have a large basement suffering from a large amount of dampness or high humidity content in the air, then you will need a higher capacity dehumidifier to cope with the problem.  So what size dehumidifier do I need for my basement, home, office building, or cellar, or storage facility?

What size dehumidifier do I need?

This calculation on the size of dehumidifier is dependent on several factors, depending on the size or the basement or storage location, the ambient temperature conditions, and of course the ambient humidity range that can be experienced during the seasonal variations in your location.  As a general rule, the role of a dehumidifier is to reduce the ambient humidity of the air by around 50% in order to make a significant difference to the appearance of mold and mildew.

How does a Dehumidifier work?

Basically, a dehumidifier changes the conditions of the ambient air within your basement or storage area, and in doing so, removes a certain percentage of the moisture from the air, and converts it back into liquid water.

How is a dehumidifier sized?

The measure of a dehumidifier is quoted as the quantity of water (measured in pints) that can be removed from the ambient air for every 24 hour time period.  This may seem a little strange to some, who are accustomed to looking for guidelines as to motor horsepower, or pump capacity, or some other rating guide.  In the case of the best dehumidifier on the market, the rating is based on the efficiency of conversion of humid air into liquid water.

Like most powered machinery, a larger the machine is required to perform the higher dehumidifier capacity.  As a general rule, the larger the basement or storage area, then a larger dehumidifier will be required to tackle the job.

How big is the basement?

This is the tricky question!  Unless your basement is a simple square box, it can be a rather daunting task to accurately determine the size of your basement, especially if you have more than one room, or an irregular space.  Simple advice – don’t panic.  It does not need to be a difficult job!  A rough estimate of floor area is all that is required, and as long as you stay on the conservative side (ie make it larger rather than smaller) then you should not have a problem with choosing a dehumidifier.

How much moisture is present?

There is yet another determinant that is necessary when choosing a dehumidifier, and that is the amount of moisture and humidity present in the basement or storage location.  Again, there is no need to panic if you do not know what the precise level of humidity.  In fact, there is a rough guide that can be used to evaluate the size of the dehumidifier required for your property, and it is based on subjective observations of the room that requires a dehumidifier.

Depending on whether you have a large or small basement, and how much moisture is present, the following table can be used as a guide to the amount of moisture that needs to be removed from the air.


Best Small Dehumidifier (10 – 20 pint dehumidifier)Best Small Dehumidifier

For small basements, and for low moisture conditions, a small dehumidifier may be satisfactory to maintain a nice dry atmosphere for your storage items.  Even if you need to dehumidify a moderate sized basement area that does not have high moisture levels, then a small dehumidifier will be able to handle the job.

If you have a small basement with severe moisture issues, then you need to be aware that a small dehumidifier unit may not always be able to remove the necessary moisture from the atmosphere, leaving you exposed to higher levels of humidity on occasions.  If this is not acceptable for your circumstances, then it is advisable to simply choose a higher capacity dehumidifier to make sure you are covered for all eventualities.


Best Mid-size Dehumidifier (30 – 50 pint dehumidifier)

For medium sized basements, and for low moisture conditions, it is advisable to choose a mid-size dehumidifier from the options available on the market.  As you can judge from the table above, whenever there is a large amount of moisture present, it is advisable to select the best dehumidifier with additional capacity to remove excess moisture from the air.  It may also be a consideration with the higher priced models to choose an option with a plumbed in drain, which can be the best solution in terms of low maintenance and continuous operations.


Best Large Dehumidifier (50 pint dehumidifier and above)Best Dehumidifier Reviews

The larger dehumidifiers are designed for continuous dehumidification of large houses or commercial properties, or where there are severe moisture issues, and removal of a significant volume of moisture is a necessity.

Not only will a large dehumidifier consist of a much larger and more expensive unit, but generally speaking, you will need to make allowance for a plumbed in drain, to allow for continuous operation of the dehumidifier.  You also need to be aware of whether the drain needs to include a pump system to remove liquid from the basement, or whether the water can be allowed to simply drain away.


Top 5 Best Dehumidifier Reviews

In case there is still some confusion about choosing the best dehumidifier for your needs, we have selected a list of the top 5 Best Dehumidifier Reviews.  Lets look a range of the best dehumidifier reviews on the market right now.


1.  Eva-dry Electric Dehumidifier Review

Best small dehumidifier reviews The Eva Dry is a small dehumidifier which has been designed specifically for small enclosed spaces such as small rooms, wardrobes and crawl spaces.  The benefit of this quiet dehumidifier is that you can easily carry it around and place it into those inaccessible areas that suffer from stuffiness and damp, where there is not enough ventilation.  Not only will the Eva Dry electric dehumidifier reduce the excessive moisture, but it will also increase the circulation in that enclosed space.

The Eva-Dry is a small quiet dehumidifier

Because the Eva Dry is a very small dehumidifier, it can easily be squeezed into a tight space, but you will have to remember to empty the water tank every now and again.  This small dehumidifier is ideal to reduce the moisture in a small room like a bathroom.  You could even take the Eva-Dry electric dehumidifier travelling in the caravan or camper as it is a compact and quiet dehumidifier, and you will barely even notice when it is running.

The Eva-Dry is the best Small Peltier dehumidifier

The Eva Dry dehumidifier runs on the Peltier cycle which is basically a thermo-electric element, which is much quieter and more energy efficient than running a refrigeration process.  The Peltier element requires no moving parts, and the Eva-Dry is a basic small dehumidifier simply relies on a fan to circulate the air.

The Eva Dry is the best small dehumidifier and is easy to use

In fact, Eva Dry keeps everything simple, as this basic small dehumidifier has no fancy humidistat, or air filter, or shut off switch, or any other failure points.  It is safe and dependable, with virtually no noise.  It will help to reduce the humidity without making any intrusion on your life.  This small dehumidifier is a must for any small enclosed space in your house.  Priced below $50 will not break the bank.

Check out the Eva-dry Electric Dehumidifier at Amazon.


2.  Ivation Best Mini Dehumidifier with Peltier System

Best mini Dehumidifier

The Ivation Mini dehumidifier is a compact unit and one of the best small dehumidifier reviews.  It is very similar to the Eva Dry in both performance and operations.  It is a small dehumidifier which is quiet, and very energy efficient, using less than 30 watts of electricity.

The Ivation best mini dehumidifier for small applications

Although there are claims that this small dehumidifier can run effectively in rooms over 1000 sq ft in size.  It works far more effectively in small spaces such as a bathroom, or closet.  In small spaces, it can reduce the moisture and eliminate mold and mildew.  Designed to run quietly and unobtrusively, the Ivation mini dehumidifier is perfect for set and forget.  However you will have to remember to empty the water tank from time to time.

Ivation make effective and good looking dehumidifiers

Although the Ivation mini dehumidifier is not the cheapest of the small dehumidifiers, at around $60.  We think it is great value for money, and will suit the décor of your bathroom or kitchen.  Or wherever you need to use the best small dehumidifier.  So there is no need to lock this dehumidifier away in a closet or enclosed space.  The Ivation Mini Dehumidifier will work well and look good anywhere in your house.

Check out the Ivation Best Mini Dehumidifier at Amazon.


3.  Ivation IVADM45 – Best Dehumidifier Reviews

Best Dehumidifier Reviews Ivation make some of the most energy efficient and innovation dehumidifiers on the market.  If you have a medium sized basement, then the Ivation IVADM45 is a mid-size dehumidifier that can handle the job.  The Ivation IVADM45 runs off a Peltier system design.  It is a medium sized dehumidifier that features thermo-electric performance and intelligent controls.

Ivation IVADM45 is an intelligent solution

Do you have a medium sized basement that is subject to seasonal variations in humidity levels.  The Ivation IVADM45 just may be the perfect solution.  This mid-size dehumidifier has pre-set controls, so that you allow it to set and forget.  It will turn itself off whenever the required humidity level is achieved.  The Ivation IVADM45 filters the air before returning it into the room, which is great for reducing dust and mold.  It also has an LED indicator which lets you know when the water tank is due to be emptied.  In the event that the tank reaches its two liter capacity, the machine will automatically shut down to avoid overflow.

Ivation IVADM45 best mid-size dehumidifier

Although this is a very capable dehumidifier, we recommend that you don’t try to over stretch its capabilities.  It is most suitable for a medium sized based basement. The Ivation IVADM45 will do an excellent job at keeping the humidity levels under control.  However, if there is a large amount of moisture in the basement, it is likely that a larger dehumidifier may be required.  Don’t forget, a dehumidifier in the basement will actually be drawing moisture from the whole house.  It is always worth considering a larger dehumidifier for large spaces.

The Ivation IVADM45 is effective and affordable

Because this machine is compact and quiet to run, it is still and attractive option for many home owners.  At around the $100 range, it is affordable to buy, and it is also cheap to run.  It is fair to say that the Ivation Peltier dehumidifier does not have the same potential to remove large volumes of moisture from the air.  The design of a Peltier machine is simply not as powerful as that for a refrigeration system.  It cannot reduce the humidity at the same rate as a compressor driven system.  However, they are cheaper to run and very reliable, with fewer moving parts.

Check out the Ivation IVADM45 dehumidifier at Amazon.


4. Keystone Energy Star – Best Dehumidifier Reviews

Best Large Dehumidifier Do you have a larger basement space or some other need to run a larger dehumidifier?  The Keystone Energy Star Dehumidifier is an ideal solution for an energy efficient machine.  For example, if the basement has moisture around the floor or walls, or if there is a seepage problem.  Then the best large dehumidifier can be the perfect solution.

Keystone Energy Star whole house dehumidifier

The Keystone Energy Star Dehumidifier has a large 70 pint storage tank, and a powerful compressor driven system.  The Keystone dehumidifier can remove large amounts of moisture from the atmosphere.   So if you have a large basement or house, you will achieve a noticeable reduction in humidity.  In this way, the high performance Keystone machine is useful as a whole house dehumidifier.

Do you have a large basement or a damp basement with high moisture levels? Then the Keystone Energy Star dehumidifier is just right for the job.  The large water storage tank takes 70 pints of water from the surrounding air.   This best large dehumidifier will shut itself off when the tank is full, in order to prevent over flow.  A better option is to plumb the Keystone dehumidifier into a permanent drain.  This means this large dehumidifier can run continuously and keep on top of the humidity problem.

Best large dehumidifier on the market

The Keystone dehumidifier has a range of humidity levels that can be preset.  The humidi-stat senses that the humidity level has dropped below the preset level.  The machine will automatically shut off to conserve energy.  Whether you run the Keystone Energy Star dehumidifier continuously or not, you will notice an appreciable reduction in humidity.  This is the best large dehumidifier, which is good for you and your house.

Check out the Keystone Energy Star dehumidifier at Amazon.


5. Frigidaire Energy Star – Best Dehumidifier Reviews

 Best Dehumidifier ReviewsThe Frigidaire Energy Star Dehumidifier is a large dehumidifier, with the capacity to remove a large amount of moisture from the atmosphere.  This larger sized dehumidifier does come at a cost.  Both to purchase as well as in terms of the energy required to run the machine.  The Frigidaire Energy Star Dehumidifier runs with a refrigeration and compressor system. It is noisier than a Peltier dehumidifier, and also uses more electricity to reduce the humidity level.

Even though the Frigidaire Dehumidifier is a little noisy, most people are not put off by this drawback. In fact, this large dehumidifier is very popular among current users.  According to the many dehumidifier reviews of this product on Amazon, most people like the large capacity.  They also like the energy efficiency, and the fact that this machine just hums away day and night.  The Frigidaire Energy Star Dehumidifier has excellent reliability, and will not let down.

Best large dehumidifier Reviews

This is a 50 pint dehumidifier, which means the Frigidaire dehumidifier is still the recommended way to go.  Especially if you need to remove a large amount of moisture.  In terms of the potential damage that can be caused by moisture in the basement, a large dehumidifier is best.  This is the best dehumidifier, especially if you have a large basement with a damp problem.

Check out the Frigidaire Energy Star dehumidifier at Amazon.



Conclusion – what is the best dehumidifier?

Many of these considerations are simply a part of managing and maintaining a property.  The expense of operating a dehumidifier is often a necessity.  Rather than considering the cost of purchasing and operating a dehumidifier as an expense.  The best dehumidifier should actually be considered as a major cost saving.  For a relatively modest fee and operating costs, the best dehumidifier will protect your property from damage.  You can effectively protect your property from rising damp and excessive moisture.  The damage and decay caused by moisture can be all pervading.  It can be harmful to the residents in the building as well as destructive to any stored items.

Do you value your property and household, and you want to avoid the damage from high moisture levels?  The easy and affordable solution is to select from our range of the best dehumidifier reviews to suit your property.


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