Best Electric Chainsaw – Can they cut it?

Best Electric Chainsaw

Researching this article about the best electric chainsaw has been a revelation for me, and maybe you might feel the same way.  I always thought that electric chainsaws just don’t cut it!

The first time I saw an electric chainsaw, to put it bluntly, it just couldn’t cut it!  Certainly in comparison with a gas powered chainsaw, the electric chainsaw was no competition.

I could make a host of excuses like, it had old chain, the sprocket was clogged, or it was too small for the job.  Whatever, the excuse, there was no doubting the problem that electric chainsaws simply could not compete with gas powered chainsaws.  Not in terms of power, portability, bar size or log size, the old fashioned electric chainsaw simply did not have enough power.

But I was wrong, and things have changed when it comes to the best electric chainsaw.

Electric Chainsaws do cut it with the Best!

The good news is that times have changed, and some of the latest electric chainsaws on the market are starting to compete with gas powered chainsaws.  And in some situations, the best electric chainsaw can actually be the preferred tool to use.  I thought it was a good time to cut through some of the old way of thinking, and explore some of the latest options, including both corded electric chainsaws and battery chainsaws.

So lets cut to the chase: Best electric chainsaw

This is the one that did it for me!  The best contender in electric chainsaws was developed and released by GreenWorks.  With an awesome 80 volt battery, this beast of a machine can cut firewood like a professional, and has to be seen to be believed!

The most powerful electric chainsaw:

GreenWorks Pro CGS80420 80V 18 Inch Cordless Chainsaw
GreenWorks Pro CGS80420 80V 18 Inch Cordless Chainsaw
Key Features: Powerful Electric Chainsaw - Quiet Performance - So easy to use


The most popular electric chainsaw on Amazon:

Most Popular Electric Chainsaw: Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw
Most Popular Electric Chainsaw:  Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw
Key Features: Most Popular Electric Chainsaw - Quiet Performance - Very affordable


Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews

So if these fantastic new electric chainsaws have whet your appetite for more information, then we really should discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of electric chainsaws, so that we can have a balanced and unbiased discussion.  Electric chainsaws have their individual strengths and weaknesses, which are important to understand before you go ahead and buy an electric chainsaw.


Advantages of an Electric Chainsaw

The latest generation of electric chainsaws deserve to be elevated in our eyes as very useful tools to have around the house or the shed.  An electric chainsaw is excellent for all types of backyard maintenance as well as pruning, trimming, and tidying up all the trees and shrubs around the garden.  An electric saw can even be used for chopping smaller logs for firewood, which is much easier than chopping firewood by hand!

But generally speaking, the cheapest electric chainsaw is intended to be used for smaller jobs such as pruning and tidying rather than heavy duty jobs like cutting down trees.  You need the most powerful electric chainsaw for the bigger jobs, so you need to make sure you have the right tool for the job!

Best thing about electric chainsaws

The best thing about an electric chainsaw is that they are quiet, lightweight, and don’t require a lot of maintenance.  So if you live in a quiet neighborhood, it can be a real benefit to be able to get out the electric chainsaw and quickly and quietly do some cutting and pruning without upsetting all the neighbors.

Very little fuss or maintenance required

Because an electric chainsaw only has a small electric motor on board, they are much lighter than a gas powered chainsaw, so that is a real benefit for small jobs.  Plus, with an electric chainsaw, all you have to do is pick it up and plug it in, and you can start work quickly and easily.  A gas powered chainsaw needs lots of maintenance, and preparation, before you can actually start cutting wood.  Not so with an electric chainsaw, which is much easier and simple to start up and get the job done quickly.  And there is no exhaust fumes, smoke or horrible noise.

Choose the best electric chainsaw for safety

The more I research into electric chainsaws, and the more I learn about it, I have come to realize that electric chainsaws are more safe, practical and convenient to use.  Electric chainsaws are much safer to use.  Electric chainsaws are very lightweight which makes it easier to handle, which means less chance for an accident. On the other hand, gas engines are much heavier, and much more dangerous. An electric chainsaw is a good choice for people who don’t have a lot of experience with chainsaws, or for those who don’t need to use a chainsaw very often.

Cheap to buy, cheap to operate

The best thing about electric chainsaws is that are cheap to buy and inexpensive to operate, as they only use domestic electrical power.  The best electric chainsaw is inexpensive compared to a gas powered chainsaw, so it is great to have one in the shed whenever you need it.  Pick it up, turn it on, and get to work!


Disadvantages of Electric Chainsaws

Now before we get too carried away and rush out to buy an electric chainsaw, we have to discuss the drawbacks as well, because if you hope to go cutting down the forest with an electric chainsaw, then you will be severely let down.  Let’s not cut down too many forests, if we can help it!

Not enough Power

It is fair to say, that even the best electric chainsaw does not have the top end power provided by a gas powered chainsaw.  Both in terms of power, and length of cutting bar, a gas powered chainsaw reigns supreme.  But the extra power and size and weight comes with its own disadvantages, so lets stay focused on electric chainsaws for now.

Unlike gas powered chainsaws, all electric chainsaws are limited in terms of performance.  This is due to the fact that the domestic power source is fixed at 110 volt and 15 amps, which puts a cap on the upper limit of the power rating.  Because the power rating is determined as a product of the voltage and the current, all electric chainsaws are limited in terms of power output by the limitations of the electrical supply.

The next biggest issue with a corded electric chainsaw is the extension cord.  You always need to stay in range of an electrical power outlet, and there is a limit to the length of extension cords you can use.  Plus there are the inevitable tangles and getting the cord stuck on something in the garden.

Do you want a cordless chainsaw?

The only way to avoid the problem of the extension cord is to choose a battery powered electric chainsaw, and there are some excellent options available.  The best thing about a rechargeable battery chainsaw is that you have no extension cord or gas fuel to bother about, and you have the freedom to walk around wherever and as far as you need to go.  Mind you, the battery charge won’t last forever, and the battery adds a reasonable weight back onto the chainsaw, so there are always advantages and disadvantages which ever way you chose to go!


If the GreenWorks 80Volt is too big, you could always check out the GreenWorks 40 volt battery chainsaw as a slightly cheaper and easier battery powered chainsaw.


In summary – how to choose the best electric chainsaw

The fact remains that a gas powered chainsaw is the most powerful choice of chainsaw for heavy duty jobs.  But if you want to avoid all the noise and the smell, and the grease and the oil, then why not look at buying an electric chainsaw.  There a far fewer thing to worry about, in terms of size and weight, and most electric chainsaws have fairly small, light, and don’t cost a lot of money.  If you don’t want to get tangled up in the extension cord, then you might be interested in a battery powered chainsaw, which are included here in the best battery chainsaw reviews.

Best Electric Chain Saw

As I said before, we are going to cut straight to the chase, with the best electric chainsaw on the market.  Head and shoulders above the rest is the Makita Electric chainsaw, because they offer more power and quality than all the other electric chainsaws available right now.  Mind you, you will have to pay more for the extra quality, as the Makita electric chains saws cost over $200, and the flagship product is the Makita UC4051A, which can cost up to $250.  But is it worth the money?

1. Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw

1. Best Electric Chainsaw: Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw
1. Best Electric Chainsaw:  Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw
Key Features: Powerful 16 inch Electric Chainsaw - Exceptional Quality - Around $250 - Worth every cent!


As we have discussed, electric chainsaws are limited in terms of performance due to the fact that the average domestic power source is limited to 110 volt and 15 amps.  Just as a reminder, the power rating is obtained as a product of the voltage multiplied by the current.  So technically, all electric chainsaws are limited in terms of power output by the limitations of the electrical supply.

But Makita have overcome this limitation with their incredible electric chainsaws, with the 16 inch UC4051A, as well as the 14 inch Makita Makita UC3551A.  These high quality chainsaws generate more cutting power using the best quality components.  Makita proprietary motors and gearboxes run with more efficiency such that all available energy is transformed into sheer cutting power.  These chainsaws develop almost 3000 fpm chain speed, which is the reason they can compete with more powerful machines.  Makita has optimized these electric chainsaws to such a high degree, that these machines are actually on a par with the smaller gas powered chainsaws.

Makita make the best electric chainsaws

The 16 inch blade is about the right size for an electric chainsaw, because it is perfect for general purpose pruning, trimming and cutting. The Makita design includes lots of additional features such as automatic bar lubrication, safety chain break and easy chain adjuster so you can always keep the correct tension.  That means you don’t have to stop and fiddle with tools all the time, the Makita UC4051A is very easy to use.

Better still, Makita has designed this tool to be easy to handle, because it is very lightweight.  At around 16 pounds, this is one of the lightest and most powerful chainsaws on the market.  The handles, grips and safety shut off bar are all designed to be comfortable to use, even with working gloves on.  Makita has been around for a long time, and has rightly earned a high reputation for quality and durability, so you can be assured that they won’t let you down.


The only negative aspect of the Makita UC4051A is the price.  At around $250, it is certainly not the cheapest chainsaw on the market. But the Makita UC4051A is definitely good value for money, because it is powerful, clean, and safe to use, even if you are not an expert with chainsaws.

Runner-up for best electric chainsaw – Best Value

If you would like to buy a cheaper electric chainsaw, then there are hundreds of satisfied customers on Amazon who recommend the Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw.  At less than $100, this is certainly an electric chainsaw worth your attention, and at that price, it certainly represents great value for money.

2. WORX 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw – Worx WG303.1

2. Runner-up Best Electric Chainsaw: Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw
2. Runner-up Best Electric Chainsaw:  Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw
Key Features: Most Popular Electric Chainsaw - Quiet Performance - Very affordable


The list of features on the Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw is almost as impressive as the Makita electric chainsaw.  With a 14.5 amp electric motor, 16 inch cutting bar, safety chain brake and weighing in at just 11 pounds, then there is plenty to like about the Worx electric chainsaw.  Better still, it offers automatic bar and cutter lubrication.  It also offers easy adjustable chain tensioning, which is an incredible advantage over other brands.

Worx Electric Chainsaws are safe to use

The Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw comes with a built in safety brake.  This operates in case of a jam or a kickback, when the chainsaw can jump out of the cutting groove and potentially hurt the operator.  The safety chain brake is operated by a lever adjacent to the hand grip, and when the operator loses control of the chainsaw, the lever is pushed, and the safety brake applied instantly.  This is a safety feature found on all chainsaws, to keep the operator safe from kickbacks.  The Worx WG303.1 also provides a chain tensioner that is manually adjustable to keep the optimal chain tension at all times.

Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw is a great all round garden tool

The Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw is the most popular electric chainsaw at Amazon, and hundreds of happy customers have provided positive feedback.  It is also the highest rated electric chainsaw on Amazon.  This is no surprise considering the excellent value, and the great versatility.  For all but the biggest wood cutting jobs, the Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw is a great all round garden tool.  It is a must have for the garage or shed, even if you don’t use a chainsaw all the time.

Watch the video of the WORX WG303.1:

Features of the Worx WG303.1:

  • Peak Power: 3.5 Hp
  • Safety chain brake to protect the operator from kickback
  • Automatic chain oil lubrication
  • Easy manual chain tensioner
  • ergonomic rubberized handles
  • improved cutting performance
  • comes with starter kit of bar and chain oil
  • Bar Length: 16 inches
  • Weight:  11 pounds


Equal Runner-up Best Electric Chainsaw:

3. WORX 18-Inch Electric Chainsaw – Worx WG304.1

3. Runner-up Best Electric Chainsaw: Worx WG304.1 18-inch Electric Chainsaw
3. Runner-up Best Electric Chainsaw:  Worx WG304.1 18-inch Electric Chainsaw
Key Features: High Quality - Excellent Features - Stylish - Affordable

While we are discussing the best electric chainsaw reviews, it is impossible to go past another fine example of a powerful electric chainsaw – the WORX WG304.1.  It is essentially the same as the WORX WG303.1, except that it has a 18 inch bar and chain.  This longer cutting bar makes it suitable for larger cutting. The WORX WG304.1 also offers great value for money as it is much cheaper than the Makita brands, coming in at around $120.

What I like about the WORX WG304.1:

What I really like about the Worx electric chainsaw is the automatic tensioning system.  Sure you have to use the manual adjustment knob, but everything after that completely hands free.  This device is advertised as  tool free which means this chainsaw is a breeze to use and operate.  The auto tensioner means that you don’t have to stop and fiddle with the chain.  And it also prevents the user from inadvertently over tightening the chain, which is also not a good thing to do!

The WORX WG304.1 is a bigger chian saw, with an 18 inch bar.  This is about as large as an electric chain saw can go, but fortunately, the WORX WG304.1 is powerful enough to handle larger logs and heavy work load.  The bigger chain saw also requires more care when cutting, and in terms of safety, the WORX WG304.1 comes with a safety chain brake to make sure the operator is always in control.

Product Features of the WORX WG304.1:

  • Auto tensioning system requires no tools
  • Prevents over tightening.
  • Safety provided by chain brake
  • Automatic bar and chain lubrication
  • Ergonomic handles


How to Measure the size of an ELECTRIC CHAINSAW

Electric Chainsaws are measured by the length of the bar, which is the extended metal plate that allows the chain to revolve around.  The length of the bar is a determining factor in the size of the log that you can cut with a chainsaw.  Of course there are other factors involved in cutting wood, but the bar size is the fundamental measurement of a chainsaw.

The size of chainsaw you should buy depends on the types of wood cutting you need to undertake. Generally speaking, a chainsaw with a bar size of 12 inches or less is suitable only for trimming tree branches and pruning shrubs around your garden.  It is certainly not suitable for fire wood cutting unless you have very small branches.

If you need a larger chainsaw – go for longer bar size

If you need to cut tree branches more than a few inches in diameter, then you probably need to go for a 14 inch electric chainsaw, which can handle slightly large wood cutting.  Mind you, we are still talking about trimming and cutting, rather than actually chopping down trees, which is a bit more complicated.

If you need an electric chainsaw for more serious wood cutting, then there are 16 inch models on the market suitable for larger jobs.  larger chainsaws will enough power to cut larger limbs and to cut fire wood.  Even though the WORX WG304.1 is an 18 inch electric chainsaw, there are not many electric chainsaws that have enough power for this bar size.  Generally, most 18 inch chainsaws are gas powered chainsaws for heavy duty tasks.


How much to pay for an ELECTRIC CHAINSAW

Here is a very rough price guide for the range of electric chainsaws on the market.  Generally speaking, an electric chainsaw is much cheaper than a gas powered chainsaw.  As they don’t have the same power, it is difficult to make a direct comparison.

  • Under $50:  You can buy a cheap electric chainsaw with a smaller sized bar and chain that can handle small pruning and trimming jobs around the garden.
  • Under $100: You can buy a perfectly good small to medium sized electric chainsaw suitable for all sorts of lightweight jobs around the house, and is safe and easy to use.  Small logs only.
  • Under $200: You can buy a very powerful electric chainsaw suitable for all sorts of jobs in the garden, and will let you cut down some firewood, so long as the logs are not too large.
  • Over $200:  For this price range, you can certainly afford the very best electric chainsaws, such as the Makita corded chainsaws, as well as the best cordless chainsaws as well.  The only consideration at this price range is do you prefer an electric chainsaw, or can you spend the same or more to get a gas powered chainsaw for really serious wood cutting.



4. Makita UC3551A Electric Chain Saw, 14

4. Makita UC3551A 14 Inch Electric Chainsaw
4. Makita UC3551A 14 Inch Electric Chainsaw
Key Features: Powerful 14 inch Electric Chainsaw - Exceptional Quality - Around $200 - Worth it!


As we continue with the list of the best electric chainsaw reviews, we just couldn’t go past Makita, who have a range of contenders for the best electric chainsaw.  This is no surprise as Makita has been making quality power tools for over 100 years.  They have one of the highest reputations for reliable products, made from high quality materials.

Even though the Makita UC3551A is a smaller build with a 14 inch bar and chain, it is not a toy, and should never be used flippantly.  Also priced about the $200 mark, it is not a cheap electric chainsaw, but the quality and power are second to none.

Makita makes the finest quality electric chainsaws

As an example of the dedication to quality, Makita uses nothing but the best components.  Such as all metal housing and the finest high speed gearboxes and rotating bearings.  This dedication to the finest quality is reflected in the power output of these excellent electric chainsaws.  Makita tools have been known to last for many years.

Cleverly designed, the Makita UC3551A comes with several safety features, including chain brake, current overload shutoff, and tool free chain tension adjuster.  This means you can pick up the Makita UC3551A, plug it in and be ready to go in minutes.  No need to worry about fuel and oil, and tools and wasting time.  You also don’t have to worry about breaking anything.  The Makita electric chainsaw comes with built in protection to keep it running at maximum efficiency for years to come.

Makita UC3551A Product Features:

  • 15 Amp Motor for High Power wood cutting
  • Current overload protection to prevent motor burnout
  • Automatic bar lubrication for easier wood cutting
  • Tool free adjustment of chain tension
  • New adjustment lever for easier.
  • Rubberized handles for ergonomic grip
  • Large trigger switch for gloved hands and fingers
  • Oil reservoir with window to check oil level
  • electrical insulated for operator protection



5. Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chain Saw

5. Oregon CS1500 Self Sharpening Electric Chainsaw
5. Oregon CS1500 Self Sharpening Electric Chainsaw
Key Features: Large 18 inch Electric Chainsaw - Self Sharpening Chain - Affordable

Another contender at the top of our list of best electric chainsaw reviews is the OREGON PowerNow CS1500.   With a comparatively large 18 inch bar size, the Oregon CS1500 is at the upper limit of the power output from an electric chainsaw.  This electric chainsaw is probably mostly suited to firewood less than 12 inches in diameter.

With the same limitations in terms of power and current, the OREGON PowerNow CS1500 does a good job at maintaining that all important cutting speed.  If you try to cut through more than it can handle, it will likely stall.  The most likely outcome is a least slow down or else it will continue to labor through the wood.  More suitable for trimming trees and branches, the OREGON PowerNow CS1500 is certainly a very handy tool for all types of jobs around the house and the garden.

What we like about the OREGON PowerNow CS1500

This is why research is important, because I found a really handy feature with the OREGON PowerNow CS1500 which should impress all chainsaw users.  This electric chainsaw has a self sharpening chain system which keeps the chain sharp.  And you never have to experience that annoying feeling of trying to cut with a blunt chain.  All you have to do is use the sharpening tool for a few seconds each time before you use this tool.  The chain is always sharp and ready to use.

This has got to be one of the best features I have ever seen.  If you have ever experienced the frustration of using a blunt chain, then you will know what I am talking about!  If you have ever tried to sharpen a chain by yourself, then you would understand that it is not a simple task.  Sharpening a chain saw is very difficult, and you almost need to be an expert tool sharpener.  Therefore we just can’t go past the OREGON PowerNow CS1500 for the built in chain sharpener – simply brilliant!

Best Features of this product:

  • Easy to use Chain sharpener
  • 15 amp power
  • Safety chain brake
  • Tool free chain adjuster
  • Light weight at just under 13 pounds
  • balanced ergonomic grips and handles.
  • Automatic lubrication of bar and chain
  • with translucent viewing window.
  • Very quiet operation


6. Sun Joe SWJ701E 18 Inch Electric Chain Saw

6. Sun Joe SWJ701E 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw
6. Sun Joe SWJ701E 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw
Key Features: Lightweight Electric Chainsaw - Affordable - Reliable

The Sun Joe SWJ701E is a quality electric chainsaw.  It turned out to be a bonus during the search for the best electric chainsaw.  Not only is this electric chainsaw an ideal wood cutting tool, but is also a very affordable lawn and garden tool.

Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chainsaw

Even though it comes with a 18 Inch cutting bar, the Sun Joe SWJ701E is a very compact and lightweight electric chainsaw even though it is at the top end of the rating for electric chainsaws.  The reason we like to use these electric chainsaws is because they are light and easy to hold.  The ergonomic grips help out a lot to keep you hands comfortable.  This means you can use this tool for long periods of time without fatigue.

The Sun Joe SWJ701E can handle medium to heavy duty tasks around the house and garden.  Excellent for trimming branches and small trees.  You might be surprised at the cutting speed that this little machine can handle.  It is great for cutting small limbs and softwoods.  But it may not be suitable for large firewood or for cutting through dried hardwood.

The Sun Joe SWJ701E offers a self oiling cutting chain which is a necessary part of any chainsaw.  You will have to watch the oil level and keep the oil level topped up as much as necessary.  The chain tensioner does require a little manual adjustment.  You will also need to watch out in case the chain becomes loose.  You will need to keep the tension at the correct  operating tension.

The Sun Joe SWJ701E is not a toy, and it is a serious electric chainsaw.  It is suitable for a wide variety of trimming and wood cutting tasks around the house and garden.


  • Excellent for pruning and medium heavy tree trimming, and wood cutting
  • Robust 14 amp motor
  • 18 inch self oiling bar and chain
  • Safety Chain brake
  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handles and grips.


7. Sun Joe SWJ698E 12 inch 9 Amp Electric Chain Saw

7. Sun Joe SWJ698E 12 Inch Electric Chainsaw
7. Sun Joe SWJ698E 12 Inch Electric Chainsaw
Key Features: Small Electric Chainsaw - Chips as Chips - Reliable

The Sun Joe SWJ698E is the little brother to the larger 18 inch SWJ701E.  The Sun Joe SWJ698E is a very handy 12 inch, 9 Amp, garden trimmer and pruner.  At just 9 Amps it is a much smaller and lighter chainsaw. It is ideal for cutting wood and branches under 3 inches in diameter.  This neat and compact little chainsaw would only have limited use for hardwood and firewood.  But is certainly a very handy tool to keep in the shed.


  • Excellent for pruning bushes and light-duty trimming.
  • Lightweight 9 amp motor
  • 12 inch self oiling chain and bar
  • Lightweight design.


8. Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14 Inch Electric Chainsaw

8. Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14 Inch Electric Chainsaw
8. Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14 Inch Electric Chainsaw
Key Features: Small Electric Chainsaw - 8 amp motor - Cheap and Reliable


We just had to include this little Remington electric chainsaw.  It is one the cheapest electric chainsaws on the market.  Don’t be concerned by that fact, it is made by a reputable company in Remington.  According to user reviews, it is actually a good little chainsaw.  Very handy for those clean up jobs around the house and garden.  The Remington RM1425 is useful, but not very powerful.  But it is safe and easy to use.  For that reason we are happy to recommend it for someone who does not need a huge chainsaw.  It is also a good beginner tool.  Good for someone who does not want to risk hurting themselves or the garden!

The best thing about it is the price.  At around $35, it  is hard to go past this little chainsaw in terms of value for money.    It offers the total convenience of having it in the shed whenever you need to use it.

Remington RM1425 Features:

  • Cheap and reliable
  • simple to operate
  • Weighs only 6.2 lbs
  • Quiet 8-amp electric motor
  • Wrap around secure hand guard
  • Two year warranty.

Click to see where you can by the cheapest electric chainsaw at Amazon!


Just for a reminder, the Top 8 Best Electric Chainsaw reviews are:

  1. Makita UC4051A
  2. WORX WG303.1
  3. WORX WG304.1
  4. Makita UC3551A
  5. Oregon PowerNow CS1500
  6. Sun Joe SWJ701E
  7. Sun Joe SWJ698E
  8. Remington RM1425 Limb N’ Trim


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