Best Gas Air Compressor Reviews

Choose the Best Gas Air Compressor for High Pressure Work

Best gas air compressor ReviewsAs with any power tools, when you need that extra power for larger applications, the most viable option is to choose the best gas air compressor.  What this means in practicality is that most domestic users choose a small portable air compressor.  These are usually driven by an electric motor, and powered off the mains electrical supply.  The next level up is to progress to a gas air compressor which is fitted with a gasoline powered engine on top of the unit.

Electric air compressor vs gas air compressor?

Generally speaking, there is a range of electric powered motors up to around 1 to 2 horsepower.  The upper end of the power range is not actually dictated by the size of the electric motor.  There are some massive electric motors out there for industrial applications.  Rather the upper size is limited by the common domestic electrical supply.  The standard electricity supply is regulated to the 110 volt supply and 15 amp current limits.  For those who understand electric power, you would know that power equals voltage times current. That means you simply cannot extract any more power from that power outlet, without blowing a fuse!

Why choose a gas air compressor?

The way to overcome the electrical power limitation is to choose a gas air compressor, with a gasoline engine.  The common gas powered engines are much more powerful, and also a lot more noisy and smelly!  The only power limit on the gas engine, is the internal capacity of the engine.  The extra power from a gas engine is what you need to push beyond the limitations of the domestic electrical supplies.

What about the storage tank for compressed air?

One of the biggest reasons for using compressed air as a power source is the potential energy.  The compressed air that is pressurized in the storage tank is actually a source of energy, known as potential energy.  The purpose of any compressor, whether it is a gas air compressor or whatever, is to convert fuel energy into the potential energy of compressed air.  When we tap off that compressed air via air tools, we use that potential energy to generate kinetic energy.  Kinetic energy is what we normally associate with moving parts to drive tools for drilling, turning and nailing

Why choose a larger storage tank?

The next piece of the puzzle is flow rate, which is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFPM.  More compressed air generally means there is more stored energy and therefore more power to drive more air tools.  The higher the pressure and the larger the storage tanks, then we have more stored potential energy.  When you need to run several high power tools all at the same time, you need a high CFPM rating.  When you require a high operating pressure, and high CPFM at the same time, you need a gas air compressor!

Best gas air compressor

The best gas powered air compressor is used in industrial applications such as a commercial workshop, automotive repair shop, and industrial work site.  These high end users tend to require several air tools to run at the same time.  They need high pressure and high flow rate.  Hence the need for the best gas air compressor, with a decent horsepower rating and a large capacity storage tank.

What constitutes the best gas air compressor?

The best gas air compressor is usually rated above 2.5 horsepower, powered by a gas engine.  The storage tank can be anything greater than 5 – 10 gallons, and range all the way up to massive storage cylinders.  The flow rate provided by the best gas air compressor is generally above 1 CFPM at high pressure.  The test for the best gas air compressor is to achieve high flow rate at high pressure.

What are the features of the best gas air compressor?

The best air gas compressor is generally rated by price, power and portability.  The primary factor when choosing a gas air compressor is the price.  The larger the size and larger the engine, then you will generally expect a higher cost.  Large and heavy gas air compressors are generally not very portable, and they are fixed in location.  However, with recent advances in technology, there have been some improvements in the gas air compressors available on the market.  Now the best gas air compressor is within reach of everybody, so let’s see if we can find a unit for you!


Here is our list of the best Gas Air Compressor Reviews:

1. DEWALT DXCMTA5090412 Gas Air Compressor

1. DEWALT DXCMTA5090412 Gas Powered Air Compressor
1.  <strong>DEWALT DXCMTA5090412 Gas Powered Air Compressor</strong>
Key Features: Very High Quality - Under $1000 - Easy Portability - High pressure - 155 psi

In terms of all round performance, quality and reliability, the DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 gas air compressor is top of the list.  Being the best gas air compressor, it is also one of the more expensive models on the market.  But as with most things in life, you get what you pay for, but it is worth it!  The DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 air compressor is a great performer in all areas.

DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 gas air compressor specifications:

To begin with, the DeWalt air compressor is powered by a very capable 6 horsepower Subaru gas engine.  The air pump fills a medium sized reservoir of 4 gallons, and it can do this in a very short time.  As is usual with a top quality DeWalt air compressor, this is a precision engineering unit.  It is capable of generating high pressure air up to 155 psi, which is more than enough for most applications.

The reason we have listed the DeWalt air compressor so highly is that it is accessible for everyone.  In the old days of industrial air compressors, only professionals and workshops could access heavy duty specifications like these.  With this excellent DeWalt air compressor technology, now everyone can have one!  High pressure air and superfast tank refill are the key ingredients to high performance.  If you need a lot of compressed air in your garage or workshop, then this could be the way to go.

DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 gas air compressor – easy to use

Suitable for professionals and amateurs alike, the DeWalt gas air compressor is simple to use.  It comes as a portable unit, with its own wheels and frame, so you can move it around easily.  However, you have to remember that as a gas powered air compressor, it is heavy and cumbersome.  But the DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 gas air compressor is all about performance, so the weight is a bit of a trade-off.

It has a clear and visible instrument panel, which are protected by a sturdy cage to prevent accidental damage.  The unit comes with automatic shut off protection if something goes wrong, such as overpressure or overheating.  The dials and gauges are simple, and you don’t have to be an expert just to operate it.  You just want to run the compressed air, not fiddle with the air compressor all day!

What we like about it:  This best thing about this DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 gas air compressor is the perfect overall size.  Powerful enough for professional use, but small enough to use in the average garage or shed.  The only drawback is the price, but hey, if you can justify the expense, you will never look back!

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2. Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH

2. Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH Gas Powered Air Compressor
2.  <strong>Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH Gas Powered Air Compressor</strong>
Key Features: Very Expensive - Solid Construction - High pressure - 175 psi

Another of the market leaders in the gas air compressor field is Ingersoll Rand.  Once again, this is not a cheap air compressor, and the Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH is a gas powered air compressor which is built to impress.  With a 13 horsepower gas engine powered by Honda, this air compressor has power to burn.  Ingersoll Rand are renowned for large capacity industrial air compressors, and the IRTC2475F13GH is no exception.

Whilst the Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH may not be the most attractive looking air compressor, it is built to last.  This gas air compressor is well designed using top quality materials and components, starting with the Honda engine.  The storage tank is a very solid 30 gallons, and made from cast iron, so it will last forever.  Operating up to a very handy 175 psi operating pressure, this air compressor is a good all-purpose machine.  The rotating components within the Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH are covered under a 2 year warranty.

Ingersoll Rand air compressor – built to last

The Ingersoll Rand IRTC2475F13GH has a good reputation for durability and toughness.  With high quality components, and solid construction, this gas air compressor is rated for 15 000 hours between maintenance intervals.  This is an awesome claim that could only be made by the best in the business – Ingersoll Rand air compressors.

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3. Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412

3. Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412 Gas Powered Air Compressor
3.  <strong>Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412 Gas Powered Air Compressor</strong>
Key Features: Very Affordable - Under $1000 - Easy Carry Handles - High pressure - 155 psi

If you like Honda engines, then that is a good thing!  Because all the best gas air compressor brands use Honda engines, and Industrial Air Contractor is no exception.  The next best gas air compressor on our list is the CTA5090412 by Industrial Air Contractor.  This model is perfect for the busy contractor, builder, or handyman who needs a lot of power.  But if you also need to move around different work sites, then this is the way to go.  The CTA5090412 comes with a twin air storage tank, for a total of 4 gallons of compressed air.  The operating pressure is a healthy 155 psi, which is more than enough to satisfy most requirements.  And of course, it is all powered by a gutsy 5 horsepower Honda engine, which is relatively quiet for the amount of power it puts out!

Honda Powered Gas Air Compressor

The Industrial Air Contractor CTA5090412 air compressor is not the cheapest air compressor, but it is built to last.  The Honda engine is about as good as it gets in terms of quality and reliability, so no problems there.  The reciprocating air pump is also built for reliability as well as performance.  It comes with a two piece cooling system, to keep the temperature at a steady level.  The whole design of this unit has been optimized for reduced wear and tear on the components.  This means the maintenance requirements have been minimized in order to stretch out maintenance intervals.  The aim is to reduce the cost of running this air compressor, so that you get more value for money.

What we like about it: IAC air compressor:

Without a doubt, the components on this IAC gas air compressor have been designed to be durable and maintenance free.  The amount of maintenance has been minimized such that the operator can have many hours of hassle free use.  And that is why we believe the IAC air compressor represents good value for money.  It costs a little more up front.  But if you need a heavy duty industrial air compressor, for reliable delivery of high pressure air, then this is worth checking out!

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4.  Ingersoll Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB

4. Ingersoll Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB Gas Powered Air Compressor
4.  <strong>Ingersoll Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB Gas Powered Air Compressor</strong>
Key Features: Good Value for Money - Around $1000 - Wheel barrow Configuration - 135 psi Operating Pressure

Next on our list of best gas air compressor reviews is another by Ingersoll Rand – the SS3J5.5GH-WB.  Without a doubt, Ingersoll Rand is the manufacturer with the oldest and most renowned reputation for industrial air compressors.  The Ingersoll Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB costs more than the next best gas air compressor, but you get what you pay for!

Ingersoll Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB Features

We always like to start off with the Honda powered gasoline engine, because that is the obvious selling point.  Great power and reliability right there, so no problems from that perspective.  You also get heavy duty cast iron construction, so it is built tough enough for industrial users.  It comes with 8 gallons of twin tank air storage, which is adequate for most applications.  The storage tanks can handle an operating air pressure up to 135 psi, which is also adequate.

What we like about it: Ingersoll Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB

We always like to see a gas air compressor partnered with a Honda gasoline engine.  That is a bit of a benchmark in the air compressor industry.  You just can’t beat Honda when it comes to reliability, power and quiet operations.  This gas air compressor is designed with a wheelbarrow configuration, so it is made for transporting around construction sites.  Ingersoll Rand is renowned for building top quality industrial tools, that won’t let you down.  The Ingersoll Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB is built tough enough to handle rough treatment, so that is all you need to know!

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5.  Mi-T-M 5 Gallon Gasoline Portable Single Stage Air Compressor

5. Mi-T-M 5 gallon gasoline portable Air Compressor
5.  <strong>Mi-T-M 5 gallon gasoline portable Air Compressor</strong>
Key Features: Good Value Air Compressor - Under $1000 - Solid Construction - Very Professional Unit

The Mi-T-M brand may not have been around for as long as some of the traditional manufacturers of gas air compressors, but they have certainly made a name for themselves with the Mi-T-M 5 gallon gasoline portable air compressor.  And that is a good one!

This gas air compressor is a machine that suits it name very well.  It is very sturdily built, and it looks like it means business.  This is an air compressor that any professional contractor or home handyman would be proud to own.  It looks like a professional, top quality air compressor, and has the performance to match.  Built from stainless steel components, this air compressor is guaranteed not to corrode in the weather.  That means you can use it with confidence on building sites without worrying about a bit of dirt or mud.

Best Features – Mi-T-M 5 gallon gasoline portable air compressor

The Mi-T-M gas air compressor has more than enough power to keep your storage tank filled at all times.  Whilst the 5 gallon tank is not huge, the powerful Honda gas motor can refill the tank in no time.  Heavy duty, but not too heavy, this unit can be easily transported from one site to another.  The Mi-T-M 5 gallon gasoline portable air compressor is perfect for the construction worker or home handyman.

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6. NorthStar Gas-Powered Air Compressor

6. NorthStar Gas-Powered Air Compressor
<strong>6.  NorthStar Gas-Powered Air Compressor</strong>
Key Features: Very Powerful - Around $1000 - Easy Portability - High pressure - 130 psi


You might already be familiar with the NorthStar gas powered air compressor?  But did you know that it is powered by a customized Honda GX160 gasoline engine?  Well, we are off to a good start straight away with that feature.  When you need extra high pressure compressed air, there are not many contenders above the 100 psi range.  The NorthStar gas powered air compressor is surely one of these, with a very handy 130 psi operating pressure.  Now that really blows the competition away!

NorthStar gas powered air compressor

NorthStar achieve this stunning air pressure with clever valve design in the reciprocating air pump.  Smart valves can handle extra pressure at the same time as reducing maintenance requirements.  This contributes to an overall longer life and longer time between maintenance intervals, so that saves you money.

What we Like about it: NorthStar gas powered air compressor

NorthStar have added a bit of spice to the normal design of their gas air compressor.  The extra air pressure is a big advantage to some users.  Others love the rugged design, and impressive longevity of the NorthStar air compressor.  Certainly a great all rounder, and worth paying a little extra for.

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7.  ROLAIR 5.5 HP

7. ROLAIR 5.5 HorsePower Gas Air Compressor
7.  <strong>ROLAIR 5.5 HorsePower Gas Air Compressor</strong>
Key Features: Good Value for Money - Around $1100 - Wheel Barrow Configuration - Good Operating Pressure

Another great name in the gas air compressor industry, we couldn’t go past the Rolair 5.5 HP gas air compressor.  Although it is not the highest performer in comparison with some of the other units, it is certainly a great choice for a steady workhorse that won’t let you down.

The Rolair 5.5 HP gas air compressor delivers a relatively modest operating pressure of 90 psi.  The good thing though is that it delivers an excellent flow rate across the range of operating air pressure.  Designed with a wheelbarrow frame, this air compressor is no trouble to wheel around.  The tire is foam filled, so you never need to worry about a flat tire!  The benefit of this machine is that you can transport it to nearly any worksite, set it up, turn it on, and have a steady supply of compressed within minutes.

What we like about it:  Rolair 5.5 HP gas air compressor

It is renowned as a handy toll for construction sites because it is easy to transport, and always reliable.  The fuel economy is a feature of this unit, which means you don’t have to stop work to refill with fuel as often as some of the other gas air compressors.

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Gas Air Compressor vs Electric Air Compressor

There are a variety of reasons why people prefer one type of air compressor over another.  But we will try to discuss the benefits of both types for your comparison.

The Gas powered air compressor is an excellent choice for those larger projects on work sites or around the house. A gas air compressor is commonly used by the construction industry.  The main reason for this is that there is usually no noise restriction, and no need for a quiet machine.  Plus the power output from a gas air compressor is high enough to run the whole site from a single power source.  A construction site may not have an electrical supply to connect up to, whereas gasoline is readily available everywhere.

An electric powered air compressor is equally as useful on a work site, but is limited by the power supply.  As we discussed, there is an upper limit imposed on the electric motor by the electrical supply.  However, this can be overcome by using the motor to refill the storage tank such that the compressed air can be drawn down as required.  The smaller, portable air compressor is very popular with domestic users, and the home handyman.

What is the cost comparison?

One of the biggest drawbacks with owning a gas powered air compressor is the additional cost.  Generally associated with fitting a high quality gas engine, there is always a higher price to pay.  But in addition to the gas engine, you generally get a larger size and more powerful gas air compressor.  In other words, you get a lot more for your money!

On the other hand, there are some really affordable choices of a small air compressor on the market at the moment.  So this is an opportunity for the average home handyman to buy a small portable air compressor for home use.

Generally, the smaller electric air compressor is suitable for domestic use, or in the garage or shed.  They are generally designed for a single or at most dual pressure line, so there is a limited amount of applications at any given time.  As long as you operate a small electric air compressor within the guidelines, it will serve you faithfully for many years.

The Verdict: Best gas air compressor

But for the heavy duty operator, who needs to work on remote and industrial work sites, the best gas air compressor is a necessity.  With power to burn, and built to be a lot more forgiving of rough treatment, there is no comparison.  The best gas air compressor is built for performance, rather than appearance.  Sure, the best gas air compressor is noisy, heavy and costs more money.  But that is a small price to pay when you consider the power and the reliable air supply that just keeps pumping!

For the money and the great reputation, we recommend the DeWalt gas air compressor –  check the price on the DeWalt air compressor at Amazon. Protection Status

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