Best Gas Chainsaw Reviews – Ultimate Buyers Guide

Husqvarna 240 best gas chainsawThe best gas chainsaw can be used in almost any wood cutting situation, no matter how big the log, or how hard the wood.  No matter whether you need to clear fully grown trees, or trim the garden.  Whether you need to cut old dried firewood, or clear vegetation after a bad storm.  Even if you want to make wood carvings, or compete in a wood chopping competition, the best all round tool for the job is a good old fashioned gasoline powered chainsaw.

What size logs can the best gas chainsaw cut?

The only limit to how big a job you can do with a gas chainsaw is the length of the bar.  The bar is the extended arm of the chainsaw, which really act as a chain guide, and around which the chain blade rotates, as it cuts through the wood.  The length of the bar is not intended to represent a 1 to 1 relationship with the size of logs that can be cut with a chainsaw, and ideally, you would need a longer bar and chain than the diameter of the log you need to cut.

Having said that, I have seen gas chainsaws cut through logs with a larger diameter than the length of the chainsaw blade, but I assume the operator was very experienced, the chain was very sharp, and obviously, the chainsaw was very powerful.

The Best Gas Chainsaw is very powerful

In terms of sheer horsepower, nothing beats the best gas chainsaw when it comes to cutting through logs, chopping firewood, and trimming branches.  The best chainsaw also provides the low down torque and grunt to get through the toughest wood, and to keep on going when other tools would stall and get stuck.

Unfortunately, we have to remember that even the best gas chainsaw is very noisy, oily, and smelly.  There is no other way to describe the fact that chainsaws pump out noise and exhaust emissions in copious amounts.  Now, some people wouldn’t have it any other way, and the louder the chainsaw, the harder they work!  But if you live in a suburban area, then you might need to consider a more neighbor friendly option such as an electric chainsaw, or even a cordless battery chainsaw.

But there is more to a gas chainsaw than just

raw power and length of the cutting chain. 


How is the best gas chainsaw measured?

  • Bar length: The bar or chain length is a simple measure of distance that the cutting chain protrudes from the end of the chainsaw, and is generally measured in inches.  Obviously a longer chainsaw is better for bigger logs, but we need to be aware that size is not everything.  Sometimes a shorter blade can offer better maneuverability, lighter weight, and still cut through big logs with very little effort.
  • Engine size: The engine size is generally the critical factor that determines the power output of a chainsaw.  The engine size is measured by the cubic centimeter (cc) displacement of the gasoline engine, and generally ranges anywhere from 20 cc right up to the larger 60 cc units.
  • Engine power: Engine power is generally a direct correlation with engine size and the higher the engine capacity, the higher the power output.  Engine power is generated by the internal combustion of air and gasoline, which is converted into the rotational energy of the cutting chain, and is usually associated with a lot of noise, and a reasonable amount of exhaust gas and just a little smoke!  This is measured in horsepower, or hp for short, and can range from 1 to 5 hp for gas chainsaws.

What type of gas chainsaw engine?

  • 2 stroke vs 4 stroke engine: The smoky exhaust is due to the fact that most small gasoline engines utilise what is known as the 2 stroke combustion system.  A 2 stroke gasoline engine is generally twice as powerful as the 4 stroke internal combustion engine, which is more commonly used in larger engines, such as motor vehicles.  2 stroke engines do emit a small amount of smoke from the exhaust, which is normal, but it can raise concerns about gas emissions.
  • Engine torque: Engine torque is a secondary measure of the power of a gasoline engine, and relates to the amount of rotational force that the engine exerts.  Engine torque is generally proportional to engine size, and not the bigger the engine, the more torque force it will provide, which allows the operator to cut through larger and tougher wood, such as hardwood and dried firewood.
  • Weight: The weight of a chainsaw is self explanatory, but it is an important measure when comparing different chainsaws.  A heavier chainsaw may have a larger engine, and therefore have more power, but this is not necessarily always the case.  If you prefer a lighter chainsaw, or you need to work for long periods of time, then this is important to look out for.  Usually measured in pounds.

Power to Weight ratio

  • Power to weight ratio: This is another relative measure of a chainsaw, and is useful when comparing the best gas chainsaw against another.  This is an important measure if you need to work in tough environments, or if you need to work for long periods of time.
  • Cutting speed: The cutting speed of the chainsaw is also important to the operator, as higher cutting speed can often make all the difference to get through those difficult logs.  The cutting speed is a measure of the chain speed in feet per minute.

So why are these measurements important?

When you are looking to buy the best gas chainsaw, it is important to understand all of the features and to match your wood cutting requirements with the capability of the chainsaw.

Balance is important when you buy the best gas chainsaw

There are other factors such as balance of the best gasoline chainsaw, which can be a measure of the physical balance of the machine.  But it can also be a measure of the balance between power and chain length.  It is not much use have a long chain, with a weak engine, and conversely, an overly heavy chainsaw with a short chain.

Reliability is important when choosing the best gas chainsaw

The best gas chainsaw must be reliable enough to work all day, and never let you down.  It must be easy to maintain, easy to start, and easy to use.  If you work a chainsaw too hard, it may burn out, stop working, and leave you alone in the woods.

So reliability and balance are some of the more important factor to look for when choosing the best gas chainsaw, so lets cut straight (pardon the pun) to the chase and look at some of the best gas chainsaw reviews!


Best Gas Chainsaw Reviews


1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
Key Features: Simply awesome Gas Chainsaw - Powerful 60 cc engine - 24 inch bar and chain - Weighs only 12.8 pounds - Expensive but Worth the Money

Without a doubt, Husqvarna have established their brand at the top of the list of best gas chainsaw reviews.  Husqvarna make the best gas chainsaws for professionals who need to chainsaw for extended periods of time.  Husqvarna chainsaws have been designed for excellence in terms of all round performance.  They are powerful, they are extremely lightweight for a gas chainsaw, they are well balanced, and they are a real pleasure to operate.  Yes, Husqvarna have a reputation for making the best gas chainsaw, but they are expensive.

Husqvarna have included a host of nice to have features, such as SmartStart.  This works extremely well and makes this the best gas chainsaw to use, because it is so easy and reliable to start.  The SmartStart feature offers a decompression pull start, which means you don’t need as much tension during the pull start make things happen.  One easy pull every time, and that is all the Husqvarna 460 Rancher needs to be up and running.

Nice to use, but can you afford it?

Husqvarna have also designed the 460 Rancher gas chainsaw to be relatively vibration free. On top of that, it is light and well balanced, and comes with ergonomic handles.  For all these reasons, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher is the best gas chainsaw because it is easier to use for long periods of time, with less fatigue.

This machine really is a little larger and more powerful than most people will ever need, unless you are a professional, or need the extra cutting ability.  It also costs more than most people want to pay, costing up to $500 for the chainsaw and a spare chain or two.

But hey, we can all dream can’t we!

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2. Husqvarna 450 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

2. Husqvarna 450 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
2. Husqvarna 450 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
Key Features: Very Powerful Gas Chainsaw - 50 cc - 2 stroke Gas engine - Well Balanced 18 inch chain - Weighs less than 12 pounds

Coming in significantly cheaper than the 460 Rancher, the 450 Rancher is another fantastic Husqvarna gas chainsaw.  With a shorter cutting chain, and a slightly smaller engine, the Husqvarna 450 Rancher is a smaller and more manageable chainsaw, which makes it a little more versatile for all round usage.  Better still; the 450 Rancher is the best gas chainsaw because it is definitely within reach of the average backyard enthusiast, costing between $300 – $350.

But the good news keeps coming!  There is no compromise in the good stuff, such as excellent power and torque.  The power is awesome, and the engine spools up very quickly so that you don’t even have to run at top revs to cut most logs.  As is typical with Husqvarna engines, the torque band is very wide across a range of engine revs, and that means you always have enough grunt to cut through solid timber no matter what the engine speed.

Husqvarna are never short on features

The Husqvarna 450 Rancher is still packed with all the fantastic features that we come to expect from Husqvarna, such as Smart Start, side mounted chain tensioner, and combined choke and engine shut off control switch.  These might be small touches, but when you have been working hard, covered in sawdust, have bulky gloves on, it is very reassuring to be able to easily and quickly adjust the chainsaw whenever you need to without fumbling and fiddling with buttons and switches.

Not to be outdone, the Husqvarna 450 Rancher maintains the superb weight and balance that Husqvarna chainsaws are renowned for.  The 18 inch cutting bar and chain is perfectly matched with the gutsy 50 cc engine, and it all comes together at an amazing weight of just 12 pounds.  That is very lightweight for a chainsaw with so much power, and added to the smooth vibration free handles, the 450 Rancher is the best gas chainsaw that we have reviewed.

Not lacking in the size department

The Husqvarna 450 Rancher is a good example of the fact that size is not everything.  This powerful gas chainsaw is capable of cutting through all types of wood, from pine to any type of hardwood.  It really can rip through logs of at least the same length as the cutting bar, but unless you are an expert, stick to smaller stuff at first.  The 450 Rancher is suitable for felling trees, cutting firewood, clearing fallen vegetation, and any other jobs you can find around the backyard.

In any emergency, or even just to help out a neighbor, you will certainly impress your friends with any chance you get to use the awesome Husqvarna 450 Rancher, because for the money, it has got to be the best gas chainsaw on the market!

Keep living the dream with the Husqvarna 450 Rancher gas chainsaw at Amazon.


Do you want to spend so much money for the best gas chainsaw?

So we have spent some considerable time discussing the top end of the range when it comes to the best gas chainsaw reviews.  But there are many other more affordable options which can work equally well.  But they don’t have to cost as much as the marquee brands such as Husqvarna and Stihl.  The compromise comes in terms of longevity and reliability.

You get what you pay for!Husqvarna 240 best gas chainsaw

The more affordable brands may not have the staying power to run at full speed all day long without overheating or simply wearing out. I am not suggesting they will burn out with a little hard work – the opposite is true.  The best gas chainsaw is built to be tough and cut through heavy timber, it comes with the nature of the work!

However, when you need to run at top revs for hours on end, some machines can handle that pressure better than others.  Or perhaps the machines with higher power don’t need to run at full revs to get the job done.  Therefore they are less likely to overload.  Whatever the reason, the professional grade best gas chainsaw is perfect for professional tree loppers, and they depend on the top quality and reliability that the top money can buy.

What if you don’t have such a demanding workload?

For anyone who just needs a chainsaw to help keep the block of land tidy and clear, with occasional bursts of activity such as cutting firewood, then there may be less expensive machines that can handle the workload, and do just as good a job.


For a cheaper alternative to the best gas chainsaw, let’s continue with our list of the best gas chainsaw reviews.

3.  The Husqvarna 240 Gas Chainsaw –

the affordable Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw

3. The Husqvarna 240 – the affordable Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw
3. The Husqvarna 240 – the affordable Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw
Key Features: Best Value Gas Chainsaw - Powerful 38 cc engine - just over 10 pounds - easy to start - easy to use

The Husqvarna 240 is another highly recommended gas chainsaw which is high on our list of best gas chainsaw reviews.  It comes with all the high quality and reliability that we have come to expect from Husqvarna, but without the high price tag of the bigger models in the range.

With a 38 cc engine, and a shorter 16 inch cutting chain, you might be mistaken into thinking this chainsaw couldn’t cut it with the big boys.  Well you might be mistaken.  The Husqvarna 240 gas chainsaw is certainly not a toy, and can mix it with the best in the business.  Weighing in at only just over 10 pounds, it will let you work all day without getting tired, but it can saw through firewood in no time at all.  You can even use this little chainsaw for gardening work such as trimming high branches, because it is not too heavy for overhead work.

Nice features makes it the best gas chainsaw!

Typical of the best Husqvarna gas chainsaws, the 240 comes with some very nice features.  Vibration reduction comes as standard, as does the safety brake system, and simple chain tensioner.  This is why we have listed the Husqvarna chainsaws so high on the list of best gas chainsaw reviews.

I have an old chainsaw (which I am waiting to break down so I can get a new one!) with the chain tensioner screw on the front body of the saw.  This is always covered in oil, sawdust, and because it is right under the exhaust outlet, it gets exceedingly hot.  This means I cannot easily adjust the tension on the cutting chain, which creates problems when I need to tighten the chain.  A side mounted chain tensioner is an excellent feature, and something which Husqvarna do very well.

There is an opportunity here to buy the best value gas chainsaw!

Husqvarna gas chainsaws are normally priced at the top end of the market, such that it is better suited for professional who need to work for long hours, as well as chain sawing on most days.  However, the Husqvarna 240 gas chainsaw represents a great opportunity to buy the best value gas chainsaw, at a great low price.

For under $200, the Husqvarna 240 gas chainsaw is truly a great chance to buy a gas chainsaw from the most reputable manufacturer.  You get all the features of the best gas chainsaw on the market, but you don’t have to pay the marquee price tag.  We rate this model as one of the best gas chainsaws on the market!

Features of the Best Gas Chainsaw

  • Easy to start, easy to use
  • Powerful engine
  • 38 cc, 2 horsepower
  • low emissions
  • Combined choke and kill switch
  • Side mounted chain tensioner
  • Vibration free handles and grips
  • Safety chain brake
  • Weight – just over 10 pounds
  • Lightweight and ergonomic

Disadvantages of the Husqvarna 240

  • Nothing significant holding this excellent little chainsaw back
  • even the best gas chainsaw is noisy
  • With a 38 cc engine, it is not as powerful as its bigger cousins, but it is no slouch!


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4.  Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw – great value for money

4. Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw – great value for money
4. Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw – great value for money
Key Features: Powerful Gas Chainsaw - 56.5 cc engine - 20 inch cutting bar

For around the $200 price tag, the Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw offers great value for money.  With a massive 56.5 cc engine and delivering a whopping 3.3 horsepower, you will never run out of grunt.  The Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw provides the cutting power you need to tackle almost any job with confidence.

The Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw is perfectly matched with a 20 inch cutting bar and chain, which is one of the larger chainsaws we have reviewed.  But the important thing to remember is that the price tag is not the biggest.  So that is why we can confidently list the Surpass chainsaw high on our list of best gas chainsaw reviews, because it represents great value for money.

Good all round gas chainsaw

No matter whether you’re trimming tree branches, chopping firewood or clearing fallen vegetation after a storm, the Surpass gas chainsaw is a great all round performer.  No log cutting task is too big for the Surpass Chainsaw’s for the powerful 56.5 cc engine. The 20 inch low kickback guide bar, driven by 3.3 horsepower of brute strength can zip through logs and trees with authority.

The Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw uses a easy start pull cord that makes pull starting the big gas powered engine a breeze.  The Surpass Gas Chainsaw comes with an adjustable lubrication system that delivers a constant flow of bar oil for non-stop working, and makes easy work of wood cutting, no matter whether you need to chop softwood, hardwood, or even dried firewood.

Where can you buy the Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw?

The Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw comes fully assembled and is backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Click here to buy the Surpass SPS205812CS Gas Chainsaw at Amazon.

Advantages of the Surpass gas chainsaw

  • Powerful engine
  • 56.5 cc, 3.3 horsepower
  • low emissions
  • Easy start pull cord
  • Safety chain brake
  • Automatic lubrication

Disadvantages of the Surpass gas chainsaw

  • Larger engine, heavier weight
  • less manoeuvrable
  • be wary of fatigue in hands and arms


5.  Remington RM5118R Rodeo – Good Value Gas Chainsaw

5. Remington RM5118R Rodeo – Good Value Gas Chainsaw
5. Remington RM5118R Rodeo – Good Value Gas Chainsaw
Key Features: Good Value Gas Chainsaw - Powerful 51 cc engine - 18 inch chain - 17.5 pounds

The Remington RM5118R Rodeo is an affordable chainsaw which does not compromise on features.  It offers great value for money because it comes with all the features.  And reliability of the more expensive gas chainsaws, such as all metal components.  The Remington Rodeo also comes with high quality features such as QuickStart which for easy start up.  As well as a 2 position choke to improve the cold weather idle.  It has an automatic chain lubrication system.  This takes into account the oil temperature and changes in viscosity so that the correct amount of bar oil is delivered at any time.

The most impressive thing in terms of value is the very powerful 51 cc gasoline engine.  That is about as big as you will find for under $200.  This really makes for a great workhorse chainsaw that is robust and ready to work.  Paired with an 18 inch cutting bar is just about right for the Remington Rodeo Gas Chainsaw.  It can cut and chop all tops of logs, trees and firewood with no problem.  The powerful engine just keeps on powering through any job you take on.

The Remington RM5118R Rodeo Chainsaw is well designed

The Remington RM5118R Rodeo Chainsaw is a little on the heavy side, at 17.5 pounds  But that is nothing unusual for a large and powerful unit like this one.  The best feature though is the vibration free operation of this chainsaw.  Remington have gone above an beyond to provide anti-vibration handles and grips on this chainsaw.  That means you can work for longer without getting tired.  This is an important feature, as if you try to use a cheaper chainsaw you may find the combination of weight and vibration can be overwhelming, and cause fatigue.

NOTE:  Always stop work when you become fatigued. It is not safe to operate a gas chainsaw unless you are feeling fully functional.

Features of the Remington RM5118R Rodeo Chainsaw:

  • 51 cc 2 stroke Engine
  • 18 inch bar and chain
  • Safety chain brake
  • QuickStart System for hot or cold starts
  • 2-Step Auto Choke: Automatically sets a high idle for warm-up.
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Vibration free handles
  • Two year warranty.

The Remington RM5118R Rodeo is at the top of our list of best gas chainsaw reviews.  because it is powerful, reliable and affordable.  Use it for cutting down trees, or cutting up firewood, whatever you like.  The Remington RM5118R Rodeo is the best gas chainsaw under the $200 price range.

Check out the details of the Remington RM5118R Rodeo gas chainsaw at Amazon.


6. Poulan Pro 967061501 – Affordable Gas Chainsaw

6. Poulan Pro 967061501 - Affordable Gas Chainsaw
6. Poulan Pro 967061501 -<strong> Affordable Gas Chainsaw</strong>
Key Features: Affordable Gas Chainsaw - Powerful 50 cc engine - 20 inch chain - 15.4 pounds

The Poulan Pro 967061501 is a very capable gas chainsaw in the mid range of chainsaws.  But it comes at a very affordable price tag.  But there is no compromise in terms of size and power, because it has a 50 cc 2 stroke gasoline engine.  Paired with a 20 inch cutting bar, it is no slouch in terms of cutting length either!  With an operating weight of just over 15 pounds, this Poulan Pro gas Chainsaw is a powerful gas chainsaw.  And it won’t break your back, and it won’t break the bank either!

The Poulan Pro 967061501 is powerful, well-built and easy to start.

The Poulan Pro 967061501 is suitable for experienced operators who need the extra power to get the job done.  Because this chainsaw is solid, but not too heavy, it is also suitable for less experienced operators.  Especially for those who don’t use a chainsaw all the time.  But when you occasionally need to reach for a chainsaw and get stuck in – this is the one!

Poulan Pro chainsaws have a hidden pedigree

Perhaps the reason why the Poulan Pro 967061501 chainsaw rated so highly on our list of best gas chainsaw reviews is because they come with a hidden pedigree.  The Poulan chainsaw brand is owned by the same company as Husqvarna.  There are some similarities between the two brands of gas chainsaws.

Poulan shares the same home as Husqvarna!

Because the Poulan gas chainsaws share chainsaw technology and components with Husqvarna, it is logical to expect that the Poulan brand gains a huge benefit in terms of the expertise from Husqvarna who are the marquee brand in outdoor power tools.

Here’s an example why.  You have to try the spring assisted pull cord start up system.  If you have ever experienced a tight pull cord, then you will understand how hard it can be to get a chainsaw started.  But the Poulan Pro 967061501 offers a fantastic easy pull start system which makes life so much easier!

The Poulan Pro 967061501 has a fast chain rotational speed which translates into a fast cutting speed also.  This is a big advantage when it comes to cutting through large trees.  It is important to keep the chainsaw speed up to avoid stalling in the middle of the log.

That is why Poulan Pro chainsaws are on the list of best gas chainsaw reviews!

To sweeten the deal, Poulan Pro have included the anti vibration technology that is normally associated with much more expensive chainsaws.  So that is a real bonus, as you confidently operate this chainsaw for extended periods of time without suffering from vibration fatigue in the hands and arms.

If you are unsure what this is about, power tool operators often suffer from compartment syndrome.  That is a muscle and joint problem caused by excessive tool use.  It is caused by gripping the tool too tightly for too long.  This can result in numbness and even pain in the arms and hands.  It makes it nearly impossible to continue working.  So it is a really positive feature when the best gas chainsaw comes with anti vibration technology, and a definite tick in the box.

Overall, this chainsaw performs very well, and costs just under $200.  You can confidently buy this Poulan Pro 967061501 knowing that it is one of the best value chainsaws for the money.

Features of the Poulan Pro 967061501:

  • Easy Pull Start
  • Efficient air filter system
  • Anti Vibration handles
  • Avoid fatigue
  • Quality carrying case included
  • Safety Chain Brake
  • Automatic lubrication while the chainsaw is running.

7.  Poulan Pro PP4218AV – Affordable Gas Chainsaw

7. Poulan Pro PP4218AV - Affordable Gas Chainsaw
7. <strong>Poulan Pro PP4218AV - Affordable Gas Chainsaw</strong>
Key Features: Affordable Gas Chainsaw - 42 cc engine - 18 inch chain - 12 pounds

The next best gas chainsaw on the list also goes to Poulan with the Poulan Pro PP4218AV.  As a lightweight alternative to the larger model Poulan Pro 967061501, this smaller gas chainsaw is a good mid range chainsaw for professionals and homeowners alike.  Although it may not have the full on power of the larger chainsaws, for such a great low price, it is well worth considering.

The 42 cc 2 stroke engine is not a toy, and when it is paired with a 18 inch cutting bar, the Poulan Pro PP4218AV is an excellent weapon against overgrown trees and fallen timbers.  The Poulan Pro PP4218AV than capable of reducing a cord of wood into short lengths of firewood, so if this is what you need, then you need to look no further!

All the features of a larger chainsaw

With a wonderful operating weight under 12 pounds, this is the best gas chainsaw for occasional users who may not be accustomed to chain sawing for long periods of time.  The Poulan Pro PP4218AV is easy to start up, easy to maintain, and simple to keep the chain lubricated and at the correct tension setting.

The Poulan Pro PP4218AV is a versatile chainsaw that can rip through logs more than 14 inches in diameter and comes with safety brake protection against that unexpected kickback.

For the less experienced operator, it comes with vibration reduction grips and handles, which can help to avoid tired arms.  The benefit is that so long as you keep the chain blade nice and sharp, you won’t get tired, because this chainsaw is powerful enough to cut through logs and firewood in no time at all.

The Poulan Pro PP4218AV comes with an extra chain, working gloves, and an excellent protective carrying case, which means you have everything you need to get started.

Poulan Pro PP4218AV is an affordable gas chainsaw that won’t break the bank.

Poulan Pro PP4218AV – Features:

  • 42 cc  2 stroke gasoline engine
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Safety Chain Brake.
  • Efficient air filter system
  • Comes with extra chain, gloves and protective case
  • Vibration reduction handles.


8. Blue Max 8902 – Affordable Gas Chainsaw

8. Blue Max 8902 - Affordable Gas Chainsaw
8. Blue Max 8902 - Affordable Gas Chainsaw
Key Features: Affordable Gas Chainsaw - 45 cc engine - Interchangeable Chainsaw Bar - 13 pounds

The Blue Max 8902 is on the list of best gas chainsaw reviews because it comes with 2 interchangeable cutting bars and chains.  The Blue Max can be interchangeably fitted with either the 14 inch cutting bar, or the 20 inch bar and chain, which is an incredible deal when you consider the price of this gas chainsaw.  At a little over $200, it is well worth considering as a great all round tool that offers an incredible range of versatility.

The Blue Max 8902 is the ideal tool to keep in the shed or garage in case of an unexpected eventuality such as a storm, or a fallen tree or branch.  It is also a great chainsaw to have in the back of the truck or when you need to travel to a remote worksite, and you never know what you will find until you get there.  No matter what happens, or how serious the problem, the Blue Max 8902 is versatile enough to cope with any eventuality.

The Blue Max 8902 can deal with any situation

No matter what you need to cope with, the Blue Max is ready to go.  Say for example, you need to clear fallen vegetation after a storm.  Then you need to be able to rip through a mess of branches and broken limbs, and you need a shorter blade to be able to get into awkward locations and make lots of heavy duty cuts in difficult situations.

On the other hand, if you need to cut down a cord of large diameter logs into firewood, then you might prefer the longer guide bar to help slicing through the heavier duty timber.  Either way, the Blue Max 8902 is equipped to get the job done with no fuss.

The Blue Max 8902 is easy to use

The Blue Max 8902 is a very powerful chainsaw, with a 45 cc 2 stroke gas engine that can cope with most tasks that you will ever need.  It is very easy to start in hot or cold weather.  It has been ergonomically designed to reduce vibration and reduce fatigue in the hands and arms.

However, the biggest rap for the Blue Max 8902 has to be the bundle purchase.  With a choice between the 14 inch and 20 inch cutting bar, the Blue Max gas chainsaw is easily the most versatile chainsaw that is why we have included it on the list of best gas chainsaw reviews.

The Blue Max 8902 is the best gas chainsaw in terms of versatility to handle any job, no matter how big or how small.


The Blue Max 8902: Product Features:

  • Fitted with 14 inch bar and chain
  • Bundle includes 20 inch cutting bar and chain
  • 45 cc 2 stroke gasoline engine
  • Great cutting speed – 2800 rpm
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Quick start facility
  • safety chain brake
  • Vibration reduction handles


9. XtremepowerUS 45cc – Cheap Gasoline Chainsaw

9. XtremepowerUS Gas Chainsaw
9. XtremepowerUS Gas Chainsaw
Key Features: Cheap Gas Chainsaw - 45 cc engine - 22 inch cutting bar - Underpowered stalls frequently

Hmmm – not sure about this one.  This looks very similar to the gas chainsaw I bought a few years ago under a different label.  This XtremepowerUS gas chainsaw does not appear to be branded with a known gas chainsaw manufacturer, so I suspect it is a generic imported brand.

If it is indeed based on the model chainsaw that I purchased (mine is called BushMan), then I need to discuss a few of the advantages and disadvantages of this chainsaw.  If it does run a 45 cc engine as advertised, then it seems to be severely underpowered.  I do not find that this chainsaw has the power to run through large logs in a single cut as advertised.

Poorly balanced gas chainsaw

If it is the case that the engine is underpowered, it may be a result of the fact that the chain and bar are too long for this engine.  Whatever the problem, this is an example of a gas powered chainsaw that has not been put together with a well balanced matching of components.  Perhaps with a shorter chain, and a higher revving engine, this chainsaw may be able to perform up to expectations.

The problem is that with the high capacity specifications, buyers may be attracted to this chainsaw to do large diameter cutting, only to be let down. The existing configuration, of 2 stroke gas engine and 22 inch cutting chain places this chainsaw in the top end of the performance ratings, but in reality, it is not capable of doing heavy duty tree felling and land clearing.

What are those limitations?

I use this chainsaw for cutting firewood, and as long as I stay within certain limitations, I find it does an adequate job.  So what are those limitations?

If the chain is blunt, this chainsaw is almost useless.  Now that is a harsh statement, but unfortunately true.  It is inevitable that the chain will lose it cutting ability after some cutting time, but this is noticeable even after a few cuts.  As soon as the chain loses it cutting ability, the engine on this chainsaw begins to labor, and stall.  I highly recommend using a high quality cutting chain with this chainsaw, which can hopefully retain its cutting edge for longer.

The Xtremepower chainsaw struggles to cut through old hardwood.  Now I understand that this can be a challenge for any chainsaw, but I quickly realized that it could not handle heavy logs, but even for smaller logs of hardwood, this chainsaw is very slow.

Front mounted chain adjuster

It is important to keep the chain adjusted to the correct tension at all times.  The problem with this chainsaw is that the tension adjuster screw is located at the front body of the chainsaw.  Right under the exhaust outlet.

This is not an easy location to access when you are in the middle of working with the chainsaw.  Generally because it is covered in sawdust and bar oil.  Plus it is too hot to touch.  The trouble with this is that you have to pause the work, wait for the chainsaw to cool, to tighten the chain.  Or the temptation is to keep working with a loose chain.  Which is what I sometimes do, and this is not a good thing!  It can be quite alarming if you see the chain separating from the guide bar, while spinning at many miles per hour!

Engine stalls frequently

The reason I feel the engine on this chainsaw is underpowered is that it frequently stalls in the middle of a difficult log.  Now I am fairly careful to back off the load and increase the revs.  But once this chainsaw loses momentum, it is difficult to keep cutting.  The only way is to pull the chain out, speed up the revs and try to continue the cutting.  This just does meet with the expectation of a reasonably large sized chainsaw, and becomes very annoying.

The Xtremepower is a cheap gas chainsaw

I guess you get what you pay for.  But this chainsaw has been fairly reliable, and does not take a lot of maintenance to keep it running.  Overall, it has been a good workhorse, and is suitable for some rough and dirty types of jobs, where you wouldn’t want to spoil your good Husqvarna!

Click here to see the price of the Xtremepower.

10.  Poulan P4018WT – The Wild Thing is a Cheap Gas Chainsaw

10. Poulan P4018WT - The Wild Thing
10. Poulan P4018WT - The Wild Thing
Key Features: Cheap Gas Chainsaw - 40 cc engine - Looks Funky - 20 pounds

The Poulan P4018WT Wild Thing is indeed a cheap gas chainsaw.  Despite the somewhat cult following it seems to have, we are not sure that it fits within the best gas chainsaw category.  Just like the last chainsaw review, this model seems to over promise and under achieve.  Let’s have a look at facts and figures.

The Wild Thing looks funky

True – P4018WT Wild Thing is an inexpensive gas chainsaw. It has a decent, but not overly powerful 40 cc engine.  It comes with a large 18 inch cutting bar, which raises suspicion that it might not be well matched to the smaller engine.  The Wild Thing weighs in at a hefty 20 pounds, so it is certainly no lightweight.  These stats seem to indicate that this chainsaw may be a little out of balance in terms of power to weight ratio.

Sure it looks cool, but we are not sure that it has the performance to back up its cult status.  Check out the reviews for yourself – the Poulan P4018WT Wild Thing.


Maybe it is better to stick with some of the higher quality manufacturers of gas chainsaws that are affordable and effective.


11. Ryobi RY10518 Quality Gas Chainsaw

11. Ryobi RY10518 Quality Gas Chainsaw
11. <strong>Ryobi RY10518 Quality Gas Chainsaw</strong>
Key Features: Affordable Gas Chainsaw - 46 cc engine - 18 inch chain - Good power for the price

Ryobi is a renowned manufacturer of a wide variety of power tools, with an excellent reputation for quality.  Rather than top of the range tools for the professional, Ryobi products are aimed at the consumer market.  The Ryobi RY10518 is an affordable gas chainsaw that is suitable for medium to heavy duty tasks around the garden, the shed or the garage.

With a 46 cc 2 stroke gas engine, the Ryobi RY10518 is a capable chainsaw.  It is well matched with an 18 inch cutting bar and chain.  The Ryobi is not designed to do tree felling, and log splitting.   It is more than useful for trimming and pruning in the backyard, and perfect if you need to cut firewood.

Compare this with the previous chainsaw

The point we need to make about the well designed Ryobi RY10518 chainsaw, and the previous model XtremepowerUS chainsaw, is all about balance.  The Ryobi RY10518 has a similar sized engine, but a much shorter 18 inch cutting blade.  The previous model chainsaw comes with a massive 22 inch chain.  But from my experience, the engine is not powerful enough to cut large logs.

So we believe that for a similar price, it is a much better idea to scale back on your expectations about what the chainsaw can do.  And stick with a smaller capacity, more affordable unit.  Obviously, you also have to drive the chainsaw fairly carefully.  These small units simply cannot rip straight through large logs, unless the chain is kept super sharp.  It is best not to push the chain through the wood, but rather let the chainsaw pull itself through the log.

Why we recommend the Ryobi RY10518:

Okay, that is the end of the lecture.  We recommend that you stick with the known brands of high quality and best gas chainsaw, such as the Ryobi RY10518.  These better known brands offer excellent value for money, and they are very affordable at under $200.

The Ryobi RY10518 has a safety chain brake, which always keeps the operator safe from kickback.  It has an automatic lubrication system, and all tools are included.  It will require some basic maintenance.  Keep the air filter clean, adjust the chain tension, and check the spark plug for carbon build up.  That is about all you need to keep the Ryobi RY10518 gas chainsaw running very happily.

Check out where you can buy the Ryobi RY10518 gas chainsaw at Amazon.


  • 46 cc, 2 stroke gasoline engine
  • Easy pull start
  • Simple choke for cold starts
  • 18 inch bar and chain
  • costs a little more, but it is  worth the money

12. Tanaka TCS40EA18 Affordable Gas Chainsaw

12. Tanaka TCS40EA18 Affordable Gas Chainsaw
<strong>12.  Tanaka TCS40EA18 Affordable Gas Chainsaw</strong>
Key Features: Affordable Gas Chainsaw - 40 cc engine - 18 inch chain - Good Chainsaw for the price

The Tanaka TCS40EA18 is an affordable chainsaw that is a contender for the best gas chainsaw.  Tanaka is yet another reputable producer of outdoor power tools, and the Tanaka TCS40EA18 is an excellent medium sized chainsaw.  With a super powerful 40 cc engine, the Tanaka TCS40EA18 is a brilliant example of getting the power to weight balance just right.  Paired with an 18 inch cutting bar, this 2.4 horsepower engine will run all day with no problems.

Tanaka is very pleased with this little power plant, and claim that it produces more power and less emissions.  It is a 2 stroke engine, so it produces a lot of noise and smoke, but this chainsaw is a pleasure to use.  It comes with a range of user friendly features, thanks to Tanaka quality.  The vibration reduction system is really nice.

Tanaka has a hidden pedigree also!

Tanaka chainsaws have a lot in common with Hitachi.  Hitachi really understands gas powered engines, and the Tanaka TCS40EA18 is no exception.  The easy start system, and a simple choke and primer combination, this chainsaw will start first time every time.  This is a very important feature to give you confidence in your machine.  There is nothing worse than trying to endlessly pull start a stalled machine.  Make sure you read the manual for any handy tips about easy starting and idle speeds.

The last thing we need to point out is the light weight of the Tanaka TCS40EA18.  Weighing around 10 pounds, this is one of the best gas chainsaws for the price.  It is light enough to carry around easily, and it won’t tire your arms.  It is excellent when you need to chainsaw in awkward locations, or overhead to trim branches.  We do need to factor this into the decision about what is the best gas chainsaw to buy.  Because a lot of tree trimming is overhead!

We recommend the Tanaka TCS40EA18 gas chainsaw as a great all round tool.  Suitable for backyard gardeners, landscapers, and especially those who need a reliable tool for those occasional forays to the wood pile.

The Tanaka TCS40EA18 offers is on the list of best gas chainsaw and it won’t cost a lot of money.  Check out today’s price on the Tanaka TCS40EA18.

Features of the Tanaka TCS40EA18:

  • 40 cc / 2.4 hp 2 stroke gas engine
  • Easy pull start
  • Simple choke for cold start up
  • 18 inch bar and chain.
  • Vibration reduction system for user comfort
  • Easy to use chain tensioner

Which is the Best Gas Chainsaws to buy?

So we set out to make a list of the Top Ten Best gas chainsaw reviews, but we came across a couple of dodgy models.  So this list of chainsaw reviews has a total of 12, not all of which we would recommend to buy.

The best advice we can offer is to look at how much you can afford to spend.  There are some excellent and affordable gas chainsaws on the market.  But to choose the best gas chainsaw, we recommend to stick with a reputably brand.  That is why we have discussed a range of brands in our list of best gas chainsaw reviews.

Here is a summary of the best gas chainsaw brands to choose from:

Undisputed Number One goes to Husqvarna! Husqvarna clearly tops the list in terms of quality, reputation, powerful and lightweight chainsaws.  Unfortunately, they also cost a lot of money, but at least you can buy with confidence.  There is good news!  We found an excellent opportunity to own one of these best gas chainsaws for an affordable price.  We highly recommend the Husqvarna 240 gas chainsaw – for under $200, this is too good to miss!



Close competition amongst the other contenders, great value for $200 – $250.


So the best advice seems to be, stick to the big name brands, and you should be okay.  Unless you need a professional gas chainsaw, you should be able to choose something affordable with a good reputation.  Always check the user reviews on Amazon as there is bound to be someone who can answer your questions.

When you buy the best gas chainsaw, remember to stick within the limitations of the tool.  Don’t expect a small gas chainsaw to be able to chop down large trees.  Look after the maintenance, and keep that chain sharp!  From all of us at Air Compressor Journal, we wish you the best of luck in your decision to buy the best gas chainsaw.  If you need to choose the best log splitter, then click here to read our detailed review.

If you want some more options and maybe look at the latest technology in cordless chainsaws, then we recommend this list of best battery chainsaw reviews.  Be prepared to be surprised, as the best battery chainsaw is fast catching up to the best gas chainsaw!


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