Best Wireless Doorbell Reviews

Top 8 Best Wireless Doorbell Reviews

Best Wireless Doorbell Reviews

The best wireless doorbell reviews and cordless doorbells are one of the greatest innovations of our time!  The greatest benefit is that you can now update your home with the latest gadgets and innovations without having to run wiring through out the whole house.  These handy wireless video doorbells now operate on their own wireless network throughout your house or business.

These days it is all about integration and technology.  Yes we want to fill our lives and our homes with the latest technology and we want it to integrate all of our devices to make life easier.  Sounds simple, but the challenge is to understand the various options before we buy, and this is especially true for a new wireless video doorbell.

Wireless technology for Doorbells

The benefit of running a wireless video doorbell is that you can change over your old technology and devices for the latest wireless, with no hassles with infrastructure.  You can install a wireless doorbell outside the front door of your home or business, and it will connect automatically to the monitoring device which can be anywhere within the range of the wireless communications.  There is no need to run cables or wires between the devices, and the monitor is completely mobile such that you can take it with you around the building.

WiFi enabled DoorbellsBest Wireless Doorbell Reviews

The other common technology is a WiFi wireless doorbell which interfaces with your existing WiFi network.  This means that both the wireless doorbell and the monitoring device can be placed anywhere within range of the WiFi network, and they can simply and easily be connected to each other via the WiFi communication system.  A WiFi wireless doorbell will be able to make use of existing devices such as your computer and smartphone so that you can integrate your monitoring system with the devices you already use around your home.

Wireless integration is the way to go

This is why we like to use the best wireless devices such as a wireless video doorbell, and smartphone enabled devices which means we can use as much of our existing technology and devices as possible, and simply integrate new devices as we like.

How to choose the best wireless doorbell?

The most difficult part of the equation is how to choose the best wireless doorbell that meets your particular requirements.  For example, how large is your house or business premises?  Do you need it to operate during day or night, or both?  How about being able to communicate via an intercom system?  Do you need to integrate your video doorbell with other security monitoring devices?

How much to pay for a wireless doorbell?

The other part of the equation is how much are you willing to pay to get the best wireless doorbell?   There is no point paying for technology that you don’t need, so we don’t advise that you pay too much.  However, it can be a frustrating and wasteful exercise if you buy the cheapest device that does not live up to expectations.  If you have to go back out and buy a replacement because a cheap unit failed, then it can turn out to be an expensive exercise.

The best wireless doorbell reviews

To make your decision easier, we have made a short list of the best wireless doorbell reviews, and we have presented a whole list of the best features.  Hopefully there is something here that suits your requirements!


1. Ring Doorbell Pro Review

Best Wireless Doorbell Reviews The Ring Doorbell Pro is a top class wireless video doorbell which interconnects with the existing WiFi in your house.  The signal will be pumped to anywhere in your house where there is WiFi reception, and the signal can be picked up on any connected device, such as your computer, laptop or even on your smartphone.

Most Popular Wireless Doorbell

So how this unit works is when a visitor pushes the button of the video button at the front door, an alert is sent directly to your smart device.  At the same time, the video camera is triggered to start the video feed which will be available when you click on the monitoring device.  So not only will you be able to see who is visiting at the front door of your house or business, you will also be able to talk to them, all using your phone or computer!

Priced at around $200, this is a quality product and comes with all the instructions you need to install the system into your house or business.  Although this may seem a lot more expensive than an old fashioned doorbell, the benefit is that it is actually a security monitoring device, which will enhance the security features of your property, and help to keep your house or business safe and secure.

Find out more about the Ring Doorbell Pro, click here to go to Amazon.


2. Honeywell RCWL3501A1004/N Decor Wireless Door Chime Review

Wireless Doorbell ReviewsHoneywell have a long and distinguished reputation with electronics and home security devices, and we just had to consider their up market model as one of the best wireless video doorbell on the market.

The Honeywell Décor Wireless Doorbell is well named as it is designed to provide a boost in terms of aesthetic appeal to your house, but make no mistake, there is some serious technology behind the Honeywell Décor!  This is a truly wireless doorbell, with an operating range of 450 feet from the doorbell unit, which is more than enough for most houses and business premises.

Honeywell Wireless Doorbell

The most important part of the Honeywell Décor is that it integrates seamlessly with other home security devices, such as motion sensors, window alarms and door contacts.  Not to mention you can also add more wireless doorbells in case you need to cover other entrances to your home or business.  You can choose from 6 different chimes and doorbell alerts so that you always know when someone has come knocking on the door.

The Honeywell RCWL3501a1004/N Décor is a wireless doorbell that not only enhances your feeling of security in your home, but also adds to the aesthetic appeal to the front entrance of your home – and is always a good thing!

Check out the Honeywell RCWL3501a1004/N Décor wireless door chime at Amazon.


3. Honeywell RDWL515A2000/E Portable Wireless Door Chime Review

Portable wireless door chime The next wireless doorbell review is another product from Honeywell, that is at the top of list because it is extremely versatile.  The Honeywell RDWL515A2000/E Wireless Doorbell is a modern and attractive device that can be moved as often as you like, and you can change the location, or take it with you when you move houses.

Perfect for the tenant or business lease, the RDWL515A2000/E Portable Wireless door chime is modern and stylish, yet it is designed to fit with your modern lifestyle.  Because it is wireless, it will integrate with any modern security system, or you can add other portable devices to build up a safe and secure system around your house or business.

Portable Wireless Doorbell

No matter whether you own your own home, or want to be able to change your apartment, or business or office, the Honeywell portable doorbell is designed to be flexible and versatile.  This wireless doorbell is extremely easy to set up and install, and is easy to connect into an existing network.  No need to change your security system whenever you change homes, this portable wireless doorbell can go wherever and whenever you choose to go.

Check out the Honeywell RDWL515A2000/E Portable wireless door chime at Amazon.


4. Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell – 2 PACK

Best Wireless Doorbell Reviews In case you wanted to buy the up market version.  There is also a Honeywell Premium Portable wireless doorbell with extra features and double pack with 2 doorbells.  Most notable is the choice of audible door chime, or the LED alert system. For those times when you don’t need to wake the family or disturb other people at the office.  The Honeywell Premium comes with a so called flash alert system.

With a simple push button selection, you can switch on silent mode.  This mode will still grab your attention with a set of flashing LED lights.  So there is no need to worry about missing a visitor at the front door.  And there is no risk of waking the baby or disturbing the rest of the family either.

Check out the Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable wireless doorbell.


5. SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell Review

Cheap Wireless Doorbell At the other end of the cost spectrum from the mighty Honeywell devices.  The SadoTech range of Wireless Doorbells are more affordable options.  We acknowledge the increasing popularity of this model.  We just had to include it on our list of wireless doorbell reviews.

The SadoTech Model C wireless doorbell is extremely affordable at around or under the $20 mark.  This is one of the reasons for the rapid increase in popularity.  Many users have been extremely happy with how easy to use and how easy to connect the SadoTech device into their house or business.  The SadoTech Model C wireless Doorbell comes with its own doorbell and monitoring device.  The monitor can be up to 500 feet away from the doorbell, which makes this an extremely powerful wireless device.

Cheap Wireless Doorbell

The SadoTech Model C comes with a wide range of door chimes to choose from, so you never need to get bored with the same old doorbell sounds.  Despite the affordable price tag, this is one of the best wireless doorbell on the market, and offers as many features if not more than the competition.

Check out the SadoTech Model C wireless doorbell at Amazon.


6. Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell Review

 Jacob Jensen BEst Wireless DoorbellJacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell is another premium product which is designed to offer convenience and a superb range of features to suit every need.  Not only is this wireless doorbell a very attractive addition to any house or office, but it is also extremely functional as well.

Coming in a very stylish package, this wireless doorbell is for people who wish to make a statement at the front door of their house or business.  The Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell certainly stands out as a quality product, and if a first impression of guests or customers is important to you, then this might be the best choice for you.

Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell is very stylish

Some of the excellent features include silent alarm mode.  Which is designed to not disturb the family or other people in the office.  Another feature is the cleverly designed audio chime system.  This system is specially designed for those with hearing problems.

The Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell is extremely easy to set up and install.  And it comes with all the instructions that you need to do it yourself.  Although it costs more than the average wireless doorbell, the Jacob Jensen doorbell is all about style and sophistication.  The Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell is for those who need a little more performance out of their home security systems.

Don’t be left in the dark – check out the Jacob Jensen wireless video doorbell at Amazon.


 7. SadoTech G Series Modern Wireless Doorbell Review

Cheap Wireless Doorbell And just to prove that we have made a list from both ends of the cost spectrum.  Here is another device from SadoTech which is a worthy addition to our best wireless doorbell reviews.

The SadoTech G series wireless doorbells are not only affordable, but also extremely capable devices.  They offer a similar range of features to the more up market devices we have already discussed above.  The SadoTech G series of wireless doorbells are presented with an elegant appearance.  And they come with excellent wireless connectivity up to a range of 500 feet.

Cheap Wireless Doorbell

The only downside to these products is that they have a limited ability to interconnect with other devices.  And they are primarily designed to match with other SadoTech devices.  While this can be a limiting factor, the overall performance is still very good.  And they are much more affordable.  You can always interface them with other SadoTech devices without breaking the bank.

Check out the SadoTech G series wireless doorbell at Amazon.


8. Honeywell RDWL311A2000/E Wireless Door Chime Review

Cheap Wireless Doorbell Our list of best wireless doorbell reviews is rounded out with yet another excellent product from Honeywell.  Honeywell always set the standard for video wireless doorbell devices.

The Honeywell RDWL311A2000/E Wireless Door Chime is similar to the Honeywell Décor that we reviewed previously.  But this model offers a different choice of appearance and style.  Your choice depends on what type of style you choose for your house or business.

Honeywell RDWL311A2000/E Wireless Doorbell

Again, the name décor is a good description.  Honeywell have gone to great lengths to ensure this product performs as well as it looks.  Because that is what is most important to people.  The Honeywell Décor is more than just a wireless doorbell.  Many people have come to appreciate the added security that is on offer.   Because you get wonderful clear images of the visitor at the front door, you never need to open the front door until you are sure of the identity of the guest or visitor.  Even if the person is a potential client or customer to your business.  You can easily speak to the person over the intercom to establish the reason for the visit.

Check out the Honeywell RDWL311A2000/E wireless door chime at Amazon.


Which is the Best Wireless Doorbell Reviews for Your House or business?

Now that we have reviewed our list of the best wireless doorbell reviews.  It is time to summarize some of the pros and cons of selecting the best device to suit your needs.  Some of the criteria we have considered are:

Wireless connectivity for Wireless Doorbells

The best wireless doorbell should be easy to install.  And it should be compatibility with other security devices in your house or business.  The best wireless doorbell should connect easily with other devices, but most importantly to the monitoring unit.  No matter whether it comes with a dedicated monitor.  Or whether it integrates with an existing monitor unit such as your phone or computer.  The best wireless doorbell must be easy to install an connect.

Do you have other security systems around your home or business?  Then it is important that you be able to integrate a wireless doorbell into the security system.  This is a major benefit to keeping your house safe and secure.

A Wireless Doorbell can also be a monitoring device

The monitoring device is another vital part of the system.  It needs to integrate properly with the existing infrastructure that you use at home.  For many people, their smartphone is always near to hand.  So why not make use of this handy feature when it comes to video images, and communication device?

Security features of a wireless doorbell

The best wireless doorbell needs to compliment other security devices that you may have installed around your house.  For example, other security cameras can be connected to the same video feed.  Or you can simply select which video feed that you wish to look at any given time.  The best wireless doorbell should enhance the security features that keep your house safe and secure.

Doorbell Chime or silent alert

The best wireless video doorbell should allow you to select from a range of suitable doorbell chimes.  In case the baby is asleep, or you don’t want to disturb the rest of the family.  Then you might also need to choose a silent alert.  Or with flashing LED indicator lights to let you know when a visitor is at the door.

Operating Range

The operating range should be a large as possible.  This allows you the freedom to take the monitor unit with you no matter where you go in the house or business premises.  The last thing you want is for a visitor to go unnoticed at the front door.  But you no longer need to worry when you are out in the garden.  Or anywhere out of range of the wireless doorbell – you can stay connected!

Style and Appearance

Perhaps the most important feature for many people is the selection of a style and appearance of the best wireless doorbell.  It is important to match the décor of the house or business premises.  A stylish front entrance makes a statement about the rest of your property.  And when you want the best for the safety, security and appearance of your property.  Then you need to choose the best wireless video doorbell.



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