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How to Choose The Best Wireless DoorbellBest Wireless Doorbell

If you want the convenience and security of a video wireless doorbell then look no further!  We have a range of the best wireless doorbell reviews for you to choose from.

If you want to see, speak and hear when someone comes to your door, then you can stream the wireless video direct to your phone, tablet or computer.  

The best way to keep your property safe and secure, and to easily see who is at the front door, then click here to see the best wireless doorbell reviews!


1. The VTech IS7121-2 video wireless doorbell

Best Wireless DoorbellVTech IS7121-2 video doorbell is a very versatile device that acts as a doorbell chime for the entrance to your home, but it can do a whole lot more!  The VTech IS7121-2 video doorbell allows you to see, hear and speak to visitors at your front door.  You never have to worry about missing the sound of someone knocking at the front door ever again.  Unlike an old fashioned doorbell chime, the VTech IS7121-2 video doorbell sends an alert wherever you are inside your house.

The VTech IS7121-2 video doorbell acts like a security sensor

VTech IS7121-2 video doorbell comes with a 1.8 inch color screen as part of the handset monitor.  The VTech IS7121-2 video doorbell can take a still photo of a visitor, and sends the image automatically to the handset.  When the doorbell button has been activated, the VTech video doorbell begins to transmit a streaming video signal directly to the handset monitor.

The VTech IS7121-2 wireless doorbell screens will zoom in and out

Using the cordless handset of the video doorbell monitor, you can actually hear the doorbell chime, see the still photograph of the visitor, and watch the video feed.  No matter what part of the house you are in, you will never miss a visitor to the front door when you have the VTech IS7121-2 video doorbell.  You can also adjust the volume setting on each of the doorbell handsets, and you can listen and reply to your visitor using the  speakerphone system.

The VTech IS7121-2 video wireless doorbell is fully adjustable

The VTech IS7121-2 video doorbell camera can be aimed at the general location of the front entrance of your house.  Depending on the visitor, the angle of the doorbell camera can be adjusted left and right, and up and down using the control settings.

Conclusion – The VTech IS7121-2 wireless doorbell

This video door bell system has the option run wirelessly. The VTech IS7121-2 video doorbell is not advertised as being weatherproof, so it may be susceptible to extreme weather, and it should bot be expose to the weather.

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2. The Skybell HD – Best Wireless Doorbell

Best Wireless DoorbellSkybell HD video doorbell is our first review of the latest technology cordless doorbell reviews.  The Skybell HD wireless doorbell has everything you need to add a stylish appearance to your front entrance.  It comes with the latest technology such as connectivity with your home Wi-Fi system.  With simple instructions for installation, and simple connection to the WiFi system, the Skybell wireless doorbell is one of the best cordless doorbells on the market. When connected to the WiFi, the Skybell HD video doorbell can record and send the video feed from the front door direct to your smartphone or mobile device.  The system allows you to not only see who is at the front door, but also allows you to communicate with the visitor.  This means that you can be safe inside your house, and speak to the person at the front door without having to open the door.

Stream video direct to your smart device

The Skybell HD video doorbell allows you to use your existing hardware.  Such as WiFi and smartphone, without the need for additional hardware and devices.  All you need is to download the app onto your smartphone or mobile device.  And you can access the video stream whenever you need to.  So with the Skybell HD video doorbell you can hear the doorbell ringtone, view the video, speak with the visitor and even take still photos.

The Skybell HD video wireless doorbell is a motion sensor

The Skybell HD WiFi doorbell is activated whenever it senses motion at the front door. Or wherever you position the unit.  The benefit is that even if the visitor does ring the doorbell, you will still receive an alert to their presence.  With active camera video stream, motion sensor alert, and day or night vision.  The Skybell HD video doorbell is more like a security system than a doorbell!

Skybell HD wireless doorbell is weatherproof

The Skybell cordless doorbell is an all-weather device, which is weatherproof against the normal environmental hardships.  It can handle all types of seasonal weather fluctuations from cold to heat.  And the unit is water resistant so that it can handle storms and persistent rain.

Conclusion – The Skybell HD – best wireless doorbell

The Skybell video doorbell is an excellent all round doorbell.  It allows you to connect up with your domestic WiFi, and can stream video direct to your Smartphone.  Simple download the app onto your smartphone or mobile device, and have full control.  You can change all of the settings from a touch of the button.  And you can even choose the option to turn off the doorbell chime.

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3. Ring video doorbell – most popular and best wireless doorbell

best wireless doorbell reviews The Ring video doorbell lets you see, speak and hear anyone who comes to your door.  You can stream the wireless video straight to your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.   It is the best wireless doorbell system that can record and store images of both video and photograph formats.  The video and photographic images can be stored and exported either for real time viewing, or review at a later date.  Not only does the Ring video doorbell allow for images of the visitor to the front door.  But it also allows you to communicate via an intercom system.

Ring video doorbell is wireless and cordless

The Ring video doorbell operates with a wireless connection between the doorbell unit, and the monitor screen.  Ring doorbell can capture both still photos as well as video streaming directly to the monitor station.  The video streaming comes with good resolution and full color signal.  This means it becomes black and white during night vision operations.  The monitor screen is a neat and compact 3.5 inch LCD screen.  It is convenient to leave on the table or carry around the house during the day.

The Ring video doorbell is suitable for all weather conditions

With a weather shield to protect from rain, and a temperature range of 10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) up to 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit), the Ring cordless doorbell is suitable for all weather conditions.

The Ring – best wireless doorbell is easy to install

To install the Ring video doorbell, the doorbell unit simply connects to the indoor monitor.  Simply attach the cordless doorbell to a suitable vantage point adjacent to the front entrance.  That is all that is required for installation and the system will connect the elements together.  The Ring cordless doorbell is powered by rechargeable batteries, which are included.

The Ring wireless doorbell comes with whatever chime you choose

Ring wireless doorbells come in a range of 16 different doorbell chimes to choose from. So there is bound to be a doorbell chime to suit your personality!

Advantages of the Ring video wireless doorbell

Without a doubt, there is one big advantages of The Ring video doorbell over the competitors.  The Ring video doorbell comes with an enhanced motion sensor which means that you can always maintain awareness over your property.  After all, you can tell who the visitor is by checking with the video feed.  As well as use confirmation via the intercom system.  With the Ring video doorbell, you have control over your property, and which visitors you all to entry the property.

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