Previously Stanley Bostitch, and more commonly known as Bostitch, is an American company that concentrates on designing and producing fastening tools like staple guns and staplers, nailers, glue guns, riveters, screws, and especially the Bostitch Air Compressor. Their product range varies from home, construction, office, and even industrial use, and apart from these, Bostitch has developed a large number of improvements to what would soon become the modern desk stapler – Stanley Black and Decker’s subsidiary.

Bostitch Air Compressor

In the year 2013, Stanley Black and Decker launched and began selling pneumatic, mechanic’s hand, and tradesman’s power tools under the brand, Bostitch at various Wal-Mart stores, as well as with online distributors.  The Bostitch Air Compressor has become a favorite of home handymen and professionals alike!


ModelAir DeliveryMaximum Pressure (PSI)Tank Size (Gallons)Net Weight (Pounds)

2.6 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

150 PSI6 gal29 lbs

2.8 CFM
@ 90 PSI

150 PSI1.2 gal23.5 lbs

2.6 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

3-Tool Combo
150 PSI6 gal41 lbs

2.6 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

150 PSI6 gal45 lbs

4.1 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

150 PSI26 gal138 lbs


The company manufactures top-notch, quality, and contemporary fasteners and fastening tools especially for construction, home improvement, and industrial applications. Bostitch’s products include pneumatic nailers and staplers, an excellent range of the best Bostitch air compressors, manual operating staplers and tackers, rivet tools, assorted collated nails, screws, and even specialty fasteners in a collection of finishes and materials. Also included in their line of products are carton-closing staplers, office products, among others.

1. BOSTITCH CAP1512-OF Trim Air Compressor

Bostitch air compressor ReviewsThe BOSTITCH CAP1512-OF Trim Air Compressor is a low priced option from Bostitch.  But this Bostitch air compressor is a little different from typical heavy duty Bostitch air compressor.  The Bostitch Trim Air compressor is built with a much smaller 1.2 gallon air tank that is much more portable than its larger cousins.  This Bostitch air compressor is not intended to replace your primary air compressor, but is excellent as a backup or portable air compressor.   But this small Bostitch air compressor is no toy, it is a seriously capable little machine.  With a maximum operating pressure up to 150 psi, the Bostitch Trim air compressor has enough power to drive most air powered tools.

Portable Bostitch air compressor

Weighing in at just 23.5 pounds, the Bostitch trim air compressor can go anywhere you need to go. The Bostitch CAP1512-OF Trim Air Compressor is built tough enough to handle any work environment.  It comes with a roll cage, and instrument shroud, as well as a convenient carry handle.  The clever design is capped off with a very simple to use design and easy to read pressure gauges.  Really, the Bostitch CAP1512-OF Trim Air Compressor is such a pleasure to use, that you may find yourself choosing this neat little Bostitch air compressor over the larger units!

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2. BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT 3-Tool and Compressor Combo Kit

Bostitch air compressor
If you want to get started with an air compressor and power tools, then why not consider the BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT 3-Tool and Compressor Combo Kit.  The kit comes with a superb Bostitch air compressor, which is based on the 6 gallon pancake compressor.  With a maximum operating air pressure of 150 psi, this Bostitch air compressor combo can handle a wide range of air powered tools.  You can actually decide on your own choose of combo tools, but for most people, the 3 tool combination is a great way to get started.

What is included in the Bostitch air compressor kit?

The 3 tool combo kit includes a brad nailer, a finish nailer and a staple gun, as well as the Bostitch air compressor.  The BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT 3-Tool and Compressor Combo Kit is an excellent choice for the beginner or even an experienced tradesman.  The 3 tool combination includes a handy range of nail guns for every different task you need to cover.  The kit also comes with a 5 meter air pressure hose and quick connect fittings for easy coupling to the Bostitch air compressor unit.  Pick your favorite choice of combo kit, and get started with your Bostitch air compressor kit today!

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3. Bostitch BTFP02006 6-Gallon Horizontal 150PSI 3.8SCFM Air Compressor

Bostitch air compressor
The next Bostitch air compressor in our review is the Bostitch BTF02006 which is a 6 gallon air compressor.  Providing a very healthy air pressure up to 150 psi, this Bostitch air compressor can handle itself anywhere.  Constructed in a hot dog configuration, the Bostitch BTF02006 is a solid and sturdy machine.  It weighs in a 64 pounds, which is much heavier than some other machines.  However, it comes with large wheels and a handle to make it portable.  The benefit that you get from such a sturdy Bostitch air compressor is that it is designed for high performance.  The Bostitch BTF02006 pumps out an incredible 3.8 cfm of compressed air at 90 psi.

Bostitch air compressor

The high flow rate of the Bostitch BTF02006 air compressor is courtesy of a high performance air compressor pump.  Not only can it deliver a high flowrate, but it can also recharge the 6 gallon air tank very quickly.  So this Bostitch air compressor is designed to be transported to remote work sites.  Once it is up and running, the Bostitch BTFP02006 is designed to supply several air powered tools at once.  If you need a dependable and high performance Bostitch air compressor at your work site, then the Bostitch BTFP02006 is a great all round performer.

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4. Bostitch BTFP02028 Air Compressor

Bostitch air compressor ReviewsNow for the biggest Bostitch air compressor on the market!  The Bostitch BTFP02028 Air Compressor is built with a massive 26 gallon air tank.  And this Bostitch air compressor is designed for high performance!  Configured as a vertical air compressor, the Bostitch BTFP02028 is perfect to set up in the corner of the workshop.  This a Bostitch air compressor that you can set and forget.  With a massive air tank, and a matching high flowrate, this air compressor is built to deliver.  This Bostitch air compressor is capable of delivering a flowrate of 4.1 CFM at 90 psi.  But the Bostitch BTFP02028 doesn’t stop there, and it can pump all the way up to 150 psi.

The Bostitch BTFP02028 is heavy but still portable

Despite the bulky size of the Bostitch BTFP02028 air compressor, it comes with built in wheels and handle.  But weighing in at over 100 pounds means that it is not easy to move around frequently.  In reality, this Bostitch Air Compressor is designed to power several tools around the workshop, all at the same time.  We recommend buying long air pressure hoses so that you use power tools anywhere within reach of this unit.  If you have a decent sized work shop or if you need to run several air power tools at the same time, then you need to get serious!

The Bostitch BTFP02028 Air Compressor is a serious contender for best air compressor, and it can handle the job!


Summary – Bostitch air compressor

Choosing the best Bostitch air compressor is a no brainer, it just depends on how big you want to go!  The Bostitch air compressor is renowned for reliability and high performance.  Professionals and DIY home renovators rely on the Bostitch air compressor brand.

Choosing the best Bostitch Air Compressor for your needs

There are four simple steps that you must take note of, to ensure that you have the best Bostitch air compressor required for your application.

  • Identify where the Bostitch air compressor will be used and what it will be used for.  Choose the correct voltage for your air compressor.  And consider the location you wish to operate the machine.  For on site work, an electric 110 volt compressor is the most appropriate for such environments.
  • Know which tank size is most appropriate for you. When selecting the Bostitch air compressor tank size, keep in mind that this does not affect the air delivery volume of the air compressor. However, it will affect the required amount of power the motor uses to make the Bostitch air compressor run, as well as to keep the tank full.  If you plan to use more than one tool with the air compressor, or if you prefer to keep the motor’s running noise to a minimum, it is best to choose a larger tank instead. Remember – when the tank size increases, the portability of the air compressor decreases.


Consider the extra features – will they be useful?

  • Bostitch air compressors vary in size, output, and features. Do you require additional features such as built-in tools, twin air outlets, or fastener trays?  Be sure to choose the best Bostitch air compressor for your requirements.
  • When it comes to choosing the best Bostitch air compressor, ask yourself if an oil-less compressor is best suited to complete your task, or if a lubricated one will work better.
  • Air compressors come in oil-free and lubricated models and the traditional lubricated ones need oil to function; aside from requiring oil, these compressors also need regular monitoring and can be a little tedious at times.
  • Lubricated compressors are more durable than the oil-free compressors and can perform well during rugged and continuous work. Oil-free air compressors, on the other hand, work best for lower volume operations.  Since these types of compressors are low maintenance and can function on steep angles.  It is best for oil lubricated air compressors to operate on level ground, or risk poor circulation of oil.
  • The number of tools that will be used all at once. It’s best to know how many tools the Bostitch air compressor will power at the same time. There are a number of variable factors to consider.  Such as the type of fastener, the stability of the wood.  But most importantly, what tools are being used. Take note that all Bostitch air compressors should be operated and powered close or if possible, next to the main electrical power source. If this isn’t possible, it’s best to use a long air hose instead since a drop in line voltage may occur.

Below Are 4 Best Bostitch Air Compressor Reviews on the Market


Bostitch Air Compressor reviews
While the best Bostitch air compressor may not suit heavy-duty usage, they are perfect for painting, cleaning, and inflation tasks. A Bostitch air compressor is the best option for those who are searching for quality-made products that are economical and durable, as well as products that are suitable for performing any and every type of tool operations.




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