Central Pneumatic air compressor

In the year 1982, Harbor Freight Tools have launched the Central Pneumatic Air Compressor.  The Central Pneumatic air compressor is a line of various tools which are bound to impress.  They were designed to meet the increasing demand for higher quality automotive, and workshop demand for pneumatic tools. The company sells in-house store brands that are sourced straight from the manufacturers.  These brands include the following: US General for tool storage, Pittsburgh Pro for automotive and hand tools.  Central Pneumatic for accessories / air tools / pneumatic tools, and also Chicago Electric for the power tools.

Guaranteed Quality

All tools and accessories produced by Central Pneumatic are rigorously and meticulously tested.  Through Harbor Freight Tool’s Quality Assurance division located in Calabasas, California, these tools have been put through their paces.  The company is committed to product testing, quality control, as well as development and improvement.  The best Central Pneumatic air compressor is no exception.  These high quality tools have a good reputation among tradesmen, professionals and handymen alike.

Product testing simulates the most rigorous real-life situations where customers may use their tools.  Continuous testing is conducted during production to decrease possible defects, as well as improving the following generation of products.

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

Since there are a number of people who appreciate the functionality and performance of the Central Pneumatic air compressor, we will share some of the models that have been a favorite among customers.


Central Pneumatic Pancake Air Compressor

Model 95275; 3-gallon, 100psi Central Pneumatic Pancake Compressor

Central Pneumatics Air CompressorThe Central Pneumatic 95275 air compressor is a mid sized air compressor which is highly portable. Its oil-less design allows for less maintenance.  With a neat pancake, low profile shape, this air compressor can be moved easily from one place to another.  Because of its small size, the 95275 can easily be stored in smaller spaces as well.

The size may be small but this Central Pneumatic air compressor can still work efficiently with most air tools.  It works well for tasks like inflating tires, craft projects, trim work, and more.  This unit is a great value air compressor that’s powerful enough for everyday home projects.

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 Central Pneumatic Professional Air CompressorCentral Pneumatics Air Compressor

This ultra modern Professional Air Compressor by Central Pneumatic has everything you need.  Built and designed in a fully self enclosed framework, this small air compressor is bigger than it appears.  With a 6 gallon air storage tank, it can outlast some of its much larger competitors.  Plus it pumps out a whopping 150 psi at maximum operating pressure.

All of this is generated from a very efficient and quiet 1.5 horsepower motor, which is ample to recharge the storage tank as soon as it runs low.  The instruments on this Central Pneumatic Air Compressor are fully shrouded for protection, and easy display.  The control buttons are also easy to operate and are designed as an integral part of the instrument panel.

With a simple and practical carry handle, there is no trouble carrying this machine around.  You can easily pack it and move it from one job site to the next with no trouble.

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Central Pneumatic 3 Gallon Air Compressor

Central Pneumatic Air CompressorAnother heavy duty and versatile Central Pneumatic Air Compressor is the 3 gallon hot dog air compressor.  Weighing in at less than 20 pounds, this little unit can definitely punch above its weight.  It is designed in a hot dog configuration which means the air storage tank forms the structure element of the base.  The air pump, motor and pressure gauges all attach to the top of the tank.  Importantly, the working elements of this Central Pneumatic Air Compressor are completely shrouded for protection.

Because it is very lightweight, all you need to do is pick this unit up by the easy carry handle, and off you go!  This Central Pneumatic Air Compressor is mounted on low vibration rubber feet, so it won’t make too much noise.  This little air compressor is perfect for the DIY home renovator who needs to run a nail gun, or staple gun, or some air power tools.  It is rated for  a maximum operating air pressure of 100 psi, and delivers 0.6 cfm of air flowrate at 90 psi.  As soon as the air pressure in the storage tank drops to 85 psi, the air pump and motor will automatically cut in and recharge the tank.  So you know you will have a steady flow of air between 85 psi and 100 psi ready to use.

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Central Pneumatic 8 Gallon Air Compressor

Model 67708; 8 gallon, 125psi Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

Central Pneumatics Air Compressor

The 2.5HP, 8 gallon Central Pneumatic air compressor is equipped with a direct drive induction motor that protects from thermal overloading. It comes with a well designed carrying handle along with its smooth rolling wheels.  This makes transporting this air compressor much easier than other types of models.  It is necessary to keep the air compressor pump oiled thoroughly yet avoid overfilling the machine. If given the proper maintenance and storage, any equipment will last for years without you experiencing any problems.

The Central Pneumatic 67708 air compressor can sufficiently fill a tank of air in moderate periods while having enough power to run multiple air tools.  However, this air compressor is not considered as one of the most quiet models available but most of the direct drive compressors have the same noise levels as the 67708.

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Central Pneumatic 21 Gallon Air Compressor

Central Pneumatic Air CompressorThis Central Pneumatic Air Compressor is configured as a 21 gallon vertical air compressor, suitable for heavy duty usage.  Even though it is no lightweight at nearly 100 pounds, it comes with wheels and a handle for transport.  So even though this Central Pneumatic Air Compressor is portable, it is designed to run several tools from a central location.  It comes with a very convenient quick release coupler which can accept universal fittings.  Built tough, this Central Pneumatic Air Compressor is aimed at the serious professional builder or tradesman who needs a serious air compressor.

With an incredible 4.7 CFM at 90 psi, and a maximum operating pressure of 125 psi, there is not much that this air compressor cannot handle.  The unit is powered by a 2.5 horsepower motor, and is easily the most powerful Central Pneumatic Air Compressor in the range.  Don’t worry about keeping all of this power quiet.  It comes with rubber isolation mounts on the feet, and the motor is oil lubricated, for quiet running.

Maintenance on this Central Pneumatic Air Compressor is minimal and the machine is designed to run for long periods of time so that you don’t have to stop work and tend to the air compressor.  With a Central Pneumatic Air Compressor, you just get on with the job, and the air compressor will take care of itself.


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Why Choose a Central Pneumatic Air Compressor?

It can be quite troublesome to purchase new parts in the market since prices tend to become a problem especially with a lot of brands.  We consider the price and the effectiveness of items as important factors when selecting new tools.  This is the reason why the Central Pneumatic air compressor is popular among customers.

The company’s tools work effectively and the affordable prices make these products available to most do-it-yourself enthusiasts.  As well as professionals and contractors and tradesmen. In addition to this, Central Pneumatic air compressor parts can be replaced easily. These parts offered for the Central Pneumatic air compressor come in different varieties.  ALL spares are all durable, efficient, and of course, price friendly.  When you look and consider these factors, it’s no wonder why this brand is famous among amateurs and professionals alike.

Once you’re a user of a Central Pneumatic air compressor, rest assured that you will be covered when your air compressor requires basic maintenance, upgrades, and minor repairs too. Their entire line-up of tool parts is at your disposal.


In addition to their wide variety of quality air compressor and tools. Central Pneumatic also carries a large variety of air compressor accessories and air tools as well.  Find everything you need for your Central Pneumatic air compressor.  And rest assured that every product is of superior quality yet at amazing prices that will perfectly suit your requirements and budget.


ModelAir DeliveryMaximum Pressure (PSI)Tank Size (Gallons)Net Weight (Pounds)
@ 90 PSI

Central Pneumatic
3 gallon Pancake
Air Compressor
100 PSI3.0 gal32 lbsCTA3

0.6 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Central Pneumatic
3 gallon Hot Dog
Air Compressor
100 PSI3.0 gal19.5 lbsCTA3

1.2 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Central Pneumatic
6 gallon Professional
Air Compressor
150 PSI6.0 gal29 lbsCTA3

4.5 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Central Pneumatic
8 gallon Hot Dog
Air Compressor
125 PSI8.0 gal64.5 lbsCTA3

4.7 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Central Pneumatic
21 gallon Vertical
Air Compressor
125 PSI21 gal97.8 lbsCTA3



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