How to Change Air Compressor Water Filter?

Air Compressor Water FilterIt is inevitable but water will find a way into your air compressor. When you air compressor sucks in air from its surroundings, it is also inhaling water vapor as well. Depending on the environment that you live in, there can actually be a substantial amount of water entering your compressor. In addition to being damaging to the internal systems of the air compressor, the presence of water can ruin the effect created by the air compressor. For instance, if you are using your air compressor to paint, you will find a weird effect being created.

One of the solutions to this problem is installing a water filter. This device collects the water from the air being passed through the hose and prevents it from reaching the nozzle of the compressor. Here is some information about changing your air compressor water filter.

How Often Should You Change the Filter?

The frequency with which you change your air compressor water filter is dependent on how much you use it. Typically, the average water filter does not need to be changed that often. The replacement period would differ according to whether you lived somewhere very humid or if you used your compressor a lot.  If you live in an area with high humidity, then you will need to dehumidify the air going into the air compressor.  If you notice a ‘fish eye’ effect or other distortions while you are painting, for instance, you may want to replace the water filter.

Changing the Water Filter

Replacing a water filter is actually a simple process. One side of the filter will be attached to the air leaving the air compressor tank. This is the part where the air is circulated throughout the filter. The water droplets are removed and accumulate in the filter, and this means that the compressed air has effectively been through a dehumidifier system. The dry air then leaves the water filter through the second opening before moving on the head of the compressor.

There are a few things to remember when replacing the water filter. First, to have the optimal results, you should place the filter at least twenty to thirty feet away from the air compressor nozzle. This will ensure that the maximum amount of water is removed from the air. There are some water filters that come in the form of a series – there are more than one. This is to ensure that at least 90 percent of the water is removed from the air. In this instance, one of the air filters can be placed closer to the air compressor nozzle.

Maintaining the Filter

As with the other parts of the air compressor, the water filter needs to be maintained in order to function properly. Most importantly, it needs to be drained quite often. Most water filters have a clear gauge that will allow you to see how much water has accumulated. Make sure to drain the collected water before it is full. This way, your air compressor will work much better.


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