Choosing The Best Contractor Twin Stack Air Compressor

twin_stack_1The contractor twin stack air compressors are the ideal choice for anyone who owns appliances that will not be used regularly, and are considered advantageous since these machines allow more room for air storage. Contractor twin stack compressors are highly favored and recommended by carpenters for the reason that these come in two types, namely the contractor-grade and consumer-grade models.

You have the option to select between electric or gas-powered twin stack air compressors, yet note that electric brands are highly convenient due to their portability, therefore making these more suitable for job sites and efficient for a variety of heavy-duty applications.

Comparable to the consumer air compressor yet is created with increased power and materials with higher-quality, these types of air compressors can weigh as much as 80 lbs. which at times, can become a problem when transporting this machine from one area to another. Despite the weight, these contractor twin stack air compressors are still considered portable.

Choosing the best contractor twin stack compressor

twin_stack_2It will be highly beneficial for you to be armed with general knowledge about air compressors that are suitable for automobile uses such as tire inflation, so a prospective buyer is required to make a few determinations.

  • Budget – an air compressor’s functionality and features are essentially important, yet it’s better to determine first the budget you have for purchasing your air compressor. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly applicable for tools such as compressors; so with that, you must be realistic and opt for a machine with a slightly higher price with more features, or opt for a unit with fewer features and lower horsepower for a more convenient price.
  • Intended Use – if the primary consideration for obtaining an air compressor is for automotive purposes, then an inexpensive and smaller model will be most efficient for the job. With this knowledge, you should conduct a careful and detailed review of consumer grade compressors, as well as small portable units depending on your specific needs.
    However, if the air compressor will also be used for other projects which include household, garage, or outdoor uses, a contractor grade unit will be more beneficial and desirable for such tasks. Nonetheless, if you plan to use the air compressor in a more professional setting, then a bulky, heavy, and generally stationary commercial air compressor should be considered for this type of environment.
  • Standard Cubic Feet per Minute – an air compressor that will be used mainly to operate power tools or inflate tires in a home garage requires lesser SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) compared to compressors used in larger job-sites. Whatever the intended use, it’s better to calculate the maximum SCFM that may be required for your job; to do this, first determine the tool that has the highest SCFM and PSI, before adding 50% to its SCFM number. Finally, select an air compressor that is equipped with a large enough tank to produce that said amount of SCFM.
  • Horsepower – once you have identified the required SCFM, you should next determine the air compressor’s horsepower. The SCFM amount has the most effect on HP, but aside from this, the PSI also needs to be calculated to be able to choose your air compressor.
    Since the horsepower in air compressors vary, it is crucial that you choose the right one carefully while also remembering that the sufficient horsepower for household use or leisure travel is generally 1.5 to 2.0HP.
  • Portability – portability is an essential factor to consider unless the air compressor is intended for use in a professional auto-repair shop. Simple household, garage, or travel uses require a unit that can be transported with ease, and a consumer-grade or portable unit will be the most sufficient for the application. Also for auto use and applications done in smaller works-sites, a contractor twin stack air compressor may be the best option.
  • Power Source – air compressors can be powered by either gas or electricity; and in some cases, portable air compressors may be powered by plugging it into a car’s cigarette lighter socket. However, if the air compressor is used in a professional or personal garage, plugging the unit will be less complicated compared to adding gas which at times, can be messy.

Top brands that have contractor twin stack compressors


Air compressors are highly significant for everyday use and to purchase the best compressors, it’s best to have knowledge about its features, performance, and also which brands in the market are reliable. In case you are planning to buy one, do some research and follow the simple tips shared earlier to reach an excellent decision that concerns which air compressor you should acquire to effectively work for your applications.

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