Choosing The Perfect Gas Truck-Mount Air Compressor

truck_mount_1Being the most colossal type of air compressor, the truck-mounted machines are the most powerful and considered the best portable air compressors one can obtain. These air compressors weigh several hundreds of pounds yet are highly portable since your truck will handle transporting the machine.

These units have huge storage tanks, extraordinary CFM abilities, and very dependable pumps which allow you to effortlessly power large air tools continuously for the whole day. Amidst the power, performance, and portability, using such types of compressors can be restricted since gas truck-mount compressors can only be used where you can drive your truck.

Choosing your best gas truck-mount air compressor

When it comes to equipping your work truck accordingly, it’s crucial to specify the right tools that will be powered by the gas truck compressor. Oftentimes, work trucks will be up-fitted wrongly, and this does not put the correct tools in your hands. You may obtain the wrong items that will not complete your job, costing you valued time and money. In addition, your truck’s equipment may be over-specified, and will likely raise the cost of the up-fitted truck. This is generally the case when selecting a gas truck mount air compressor for your conventional work truck.

When choosing an air compressor for your work truck, there are three crucial factors that you should scrutinize when picking your perfect gas truck-mount compressor.

    – When choosing your air compressor, it’s a must to consider the types of jobs your work truck will come across with. Identify if the tools will be used for basic maintenance and repair, or will you break concrete to reach a certain underground pipeline? Will most tasks require short periods of compressed air, or will the air compressor run for an extended period of time?Note that work trucks frequently fall into one or two of these categories:
    1. For maintenance and service work
    – for this category, air compressors operate hand tools that are powered approximately for short intervals.2. For construction and utility jobs
    – air compressors that are powered under this category run for extended periods of time while operating tools such as breakers, chippers, and jackhammers.
    – Once you have identified the types of tools and the number of these that will be powered simultaneously, you can then determine the required air capacity rating that your truck-mounted compressor will need.An example would be a service truck with a one-man group, operating on a three-quarter inch, or less, impact wrench. An air compressor producing nearly 30CFM will be necessary like Ingersoll Rand VHP30RMH. Another example would be a utility application where the removal of pavement is essential. This type of job will need about two technicians to operate two heavy breakers where each produces up to 90CFM for 180CFM in total.
    – The last factor to be considered when selecting a truck-mounted air compressor would be the drive method for the compressor. The compressor is usually either engine or hydraulically driven; integrating a hydraulic-drive air compressor into an existent hydraulic system of the truck is simple and cost-effective.However, if the truck won’t be equipped with a hydraulic system, then it will be necessary to weigh the expanse of adding a suitable hydraulic system to the truck against buying an engine powered, and self-contained air compressor.

Top brands that offer this type of air compressor


Each day, the business of truck-mounted air compressors is growing rapidly since these compressors can be the best investment you can do for your company while contributing comfort and convenience by equipping the machine on your truck. The most important aspect about including a truck-mounted air compressor to your truck is that it will allow for more room in your vehicle to transport only the most necessary tools, without having to worry about carrying a bulky air compressor or hydraulic pump every time you head to the worksite.

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