Best DeWalt Air Compressor Reviews

DeWalt is an iconic and comprehensive brand that creates world class power tools and hand tools specially designed for a variety of purposes.  The best DeWalt air compressor is designed for tradesmen and professional contractors.  But you can also use a DeWalt Air Compressor for around the home for tasks such as maintaining pressure for vehicles, tire rotation, and all types of crafts and projects.  Even the construction industry can use a DeWalt Air Compressor for heavy industrial uses such as general manufacturing and more.

The brand has an extensive number of DeWalt air compressors that are highly recommended for professionals, do-it-yourself householders, and construction workers who handle heavy-onsite duties.  The best DeWalt air compressor is the perfect tool to work effectively and efficiently in any application and any location.  With a little regular maintenance, a DeWalt air compressor will provide years of hassle free service, ensures that all your air powered tools functions smoothly and effortlessly.


DEWALT D55140 1 Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Air Compressor

DeWalt Air Compressor
The neat and compact DeWalt D55140 air compressor is very portable and compact by design.  The DeWalt air compressor comes with a 1 gallon air tank, and it generates 135 PSI continuous air pressure.  The DeWalt Max trim air compressor is an excellent design that will keep every happy.  No matter whether you are a DIY renovator or a professional builder, this DeWalt air compressor is good for all kinds of jobs around the house. With a  low level of noise output, the Dewalt D55140 is one of the best air compressors for working indoors.

DeWalt air compressor

We recommend the DeWalt air compressor because it is well designed.  It is built to last with high quality fittings and heavy duty cast iron components.  The DeWalt D155140 air compressor is built for hard work, so this machine will not let you down.  It comes with a sturdy protective  roll cage, and the pressure gauges are shrouded for protection.  This DeWalt air compressor is a top quality machine that is suitable for a wide range of interior finishing and trimming tasks. When you buy a DeWalt air compressor, you don’t have to worry about breaking this tool.

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DeWalt D55154 Wheeled Air Compressor

DeWalt D55154 Wheeled DeWalt Air Compressor
The DeWalt D55154 4 Gallon Wheeled Air Compressor is designed and built to be rugged and tough. The DeWalt 4 Gallon Air Compressor is powered by a heavy duty 1.9 horsepower electric motor with dual voltage power source.  Built to last, the DeWalt air compressor is manufactured with a cast iron twin cylinder air pump.  The secret to the longevity of the DeWalt air compressor is the cast iron twin cylinder air pump that will run forever.  The DeWalt air compressor pump is fitted with precision bearings, durable stainless steel reed valves, which are the critical internal components.  The benefit of the DeWalt D55154 4 Gallon Wheelbarrow Air Compressor is the roll bar with built in wheels which keeps the unit on a stable base.  As is customary with a DeWalt air compressor, it offers high performance, with a delivery of compressed air at 125 psi.  This high pressure air is regulated at the manifold assembly, and includes fail safe quick connectors for easy tool changeover.

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DeWalt DXCMLA1983054 30 Gallon Air Compressor

DeWalt Air Compressor
The DeWalt DXCMLA1983054 is yet another heavy duty, high performance DeWalt air compressor, that is built to impress.  The DeWalt 30 gallon air compressor is designed around a twin cylinder air pump, with cast iron crankcase.  The benefit of the DeWalt air compressor is the solid and sturdy air compressor pump components which are built to last forever.  With a similar design to the DeWalt wheelbarrow air compressor, the DeWalt 30 gallon is built with high quality internal components.  This DeWalt air compressor is designed to be sold and sturdy, yet it is also a portable air compressor.  Suitable for use in any workshop, or garage, or even in the backyard shed, this DeWalt air compressor is built to last!

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DeWalt DXCMV5076055 60 gallon Air Compressor

DeWalt Air Compressor
The DeWalt DXCMV5076055 60 gallon Air Compressor is s substantial piece of equipment, designed and built for heavy duty applications.  The DeWalt 60 gallon air compressor features a 5 horsepower electric motor with thermal overload protection.  This DeWalt air compressor is designed and built for reliability and dependability, so it is brimming with high quality components.  With an innovative cooling system and deep groove cooling fins, it is designed for longer run times than other air compressors.  Cooler operational temperatures and low air compressor speed, mean that maintenance on this DeWalt air compressor is much reduced, so that you operate it for longer.

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The DeWalt air compressor is manufactured and assembled with high standards and quality parts.  The maintenance needed for these machines should be minimal. DeWalt Air compressor maintenance can be done by in-house technicians or companies that regularly service different types of air compressors. Here are some points to maintain your DeWalt air compressor and keep it working conveniently and efficiently.

  • For best results, air filters should be cleaned and examined weekly.
    Usually, the air filter on a DeWalt air compressor can be jolted to remove the filtered dust and debris; these should also be completely changed each month for better functionality.
  • Oil change should be done as often as necessary. DeWalt Air compressors are also equipped with an oil filter that needs to be changed at regular intervals.
  • Weekly inspection of inlet filters is needed.
    Inlet filters of the Dewalt air compressor need weekly checkups and should be replaced whenever it deems necessary.
  • Regular piping and joint checkups are needed.
    Air leaks are easy to fix, so piping and joints should be checked regularly for water and air leaks.
  • Dewalt Air compressor cleanliness should be maintained.
    Always keep your DeWalt air compressors clean. Removing debris and dirt from the unit’s exterior helps keep the air filter clean.
  • Weekly wear and tear inspection is needed.
    The Belts on your DeWalt air compressor should have a weekly wear and tear inspection, and replaced when necessary.

DeWalt air compressor Maintenance

It is vital for air compressors to have proper maintenance simply to have the system operate and function at efficient levels. If basic maintenance is neglected, the DeWalt compressor may begin to wear and eventually break.  Avoid expensive repairs costs and increased electric bills due to a malfunctioning air compressor.  We recommend it is best practice to observe proper maintenance on all available equipment.

Another tip for working with a heavy duty industrial DeWalt air compressor.  It is useful and advisable to keep an maintenance log when dates and services were conducted. This is to let everyone in the workplace have an idea of the air compressor’s condition.

Always make a habit to inspect the DeWalt air compressor each day.  You should also maintain and inspect the area surrounding the work space.  A simple checklist may be necessary to remember what things need to be inspected.  This can save time during the air compressor maintenance, including some of the following:

  • Ambient conditions –the area where the air compressor works should be clean and free of any unnecessary rubbish.  The place needs to be well ventilated to allow proper air flow and cooling.  The air should also be dust free to prevent blockage of the air filters.  A clean work space can help to prevent overheating and strain to the DeWalt air compressor components.
  • Gauges and control – Always ensure that your DeWalt air compressor is running at its highest capacity.  Make sure that the air pressure gauges and other controls are calibrated properly.
  • Use high-quality oil –  Keep your DeWalt air compressor running at peak efficiency.  It is advisable to use quality grade oil as specified by the manufacturer.  Also, you should keep the oil tank and component parts clean to reduce sludge buildup on your compressor.


Before beginning the process of inspecting your DeWalt air compressor, always provide safety when working and using any type of machinery. When in the process of maintenance duties, be sure to disconnect any supply of electricity powering the tool and relieve this from stored pressure before any maintenance begins.


ModelAir DeliveryMaximum Pressure (PSI)Tank Size (Gallons)Net Weight (Pounds)

3.0 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

200 PSI2.5 gal36 lbsCTA3

5.0 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

200 PSI4.5 gal83 lbsCTA3

0.75 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

135 PSI1 gal24 lbsCTA3

4.0 CFM
@ 90 PSI

125 PSI4 gal87 lbsCTA3

5.7 CFM
@ 90 PSI

155 PSI30 gal190 lbsCTA3

15.5 CFM
@ 90 PSI

175 PSI60 gal400 lbsCTA3

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