Dewalt DWFP55126


When your work needs a high amount of pressure that’s delivered in short bursts, a pancake compressor is what you’ll need to get the job done. However, these compressors aren’t really suitable for extensive kinds of work because of the small tanks, but at least they’re compact, light, and easy to move around. We recommend , which is one of the brand’s popular models out on the market now.


DeWalt DWFP55126 is equipped with a 6 gallon tank with a max PSI of 165, and is built with a highly efficient motor that allows smooth start up when plugged into an extension cord. What’s also good about its motor is that it easily starts up even during cold weather. The DWFP55126 also has 2 universal couplers so it can simultaneously run two power tools while its high flow regulator provides maximum performance.

They made their pump design oil-free for easier maintenance and the DWFP 55126’s ball drain valve allows you to drain the tank completely to get rid of built up moisture in there. Furthermore, it’s surprisingly quiet at 75dB even with its high pressure rate, plus the compressor is very light at just 30 pounds. Don’t worry about the compressor scratching your floor because it has rubber legs to avoid scratches which also keeps the device stable.


  • It’s good for light household tasks and can handle nailing, tire inflation, light texturing, and sanding with ease.
  • It has a second port so you can run two power tools at once.
  • Low maintenance because of the oil-free designed pump.
  • The compressor is extremely light so it can be moved about easily.
  • Unlike other air compressors in the market, this one’s really quiet that you can have a conversation while it’s working.
  • It’s fairly small so the DWFP55126 is easy to store.
  • Because it’s oil free, there’s no maintenance necessary and it starts easily during the cold weather.


  • This compressor isn’t really appropriate for furniture painting and spray painting. Also for some people, they say it’s a little too small for their liking.
  • Compared to other pancake compressors, DWFP55126’s price ranges a bit higher than some (but not several) of its competitors.
  • Not really related to the compressor’s efficiency and performance, but some people said in reviews that the air compressor was ugly and absurd. As long as their ‘ugly’ or ‘absurd’ comment doesn’t describe how the compressor works, we’re still recommending this to anyone who does home projects and wants a device that’s capable and quality-made.


Based on reviews, this compressor has been given positive and negative feedback. However, because of its functionality and impressive performance, there were more satisfied customers who commented on this device. We’ve noticed that its selling point is its convenience and power, so despite the size and quietness, it packs quite the punch for various household tasks.

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