Finding Technical Support For Your Air Compressor

sp1What is technical support? Technical support is a user-friendly assistance for those experiencing technical issues with devices, applications, and even machines such as air compressors. A technical support team is usually comprised of individuals that are well-acquainted with the ins and outs of the specific product or machine. With this knowledge, the technical support team is able to troubleshoot most problems that a user can experience with their product.

The importance of Technical Support

Support can be a key selling point which is a common reason for corporations to choose one product over their competition. Even with products that are aimed at tech-savvy users, knowing that there are people available to answer inquiries or help fix a machine’s performance issues can influence the decision to purchase any product.

When searching for an air compressor, it is possible that you will come across numerous companies that are willing to make a lot of promises just to make one sale. Sadly, it only means that once you obtain your product and encounter any issues with it, you may be unlucky when it comes to technical support or customer service from the company the product has been purchased from.

This is the reason why it is important to search for the support you can receive from the vendor before purchasing any product. Determine the types of support that will be available and will be provided based on the product purchased.

Methods of Technical Support

  1. Phone – there should be a direct phone line to the support team and a representative should answer and handle the call as soon as they can. This is to avoid calls going into a queue that may leave customers disappointed and infuriated.
  2. E-mail – the company should also have email access to send attachment, screen shots, and other details and information required to solve your issues.
  3. Social Media – some companies have available blogs or user groups to cater to customers’ needs and inquiries, as well as complaints.
  4. Ticketing System – oftentimes, vendors track the customer’s individual issues where you are also able to see all of the open-issues you have with the vendor.
  5. Web Meetings – on some occasions, vendors use a certain type of web meeting application to asses and potentially resolve the customers’ issues.

Technical Support Information for some air compressor brands

  • Ingersoll Rand
    – you can submit a request on their website if you require technical support for your air compressor. Simply answer the questions on their page then send. The request form will be routed to the distributor that will best handle your needs.
    – on their website, you can either search for the closest service center available in your area or contact a customer service representative to assist you with your tech support inquiries or issues.
  • Quincy
    – whether you require the latest instructional manual, a CAGI data sheet, or most importantly, a 24-hour emergency service, Quincy compressor is committed to quality customer support.
    Local Sales Service Locator:

Factors to consider regarding proper technical support

  • Do you have direct-contact to your main line of support?
    – Generally, there are call centers that provide support and the representatives present use standard scripts or spiels for the first level of customer support. Remember that you will not be guaranteed to speak with the same person each time and most likely will get a different person on each call. The customer representatives aren’t usually educated on more technical issues, so if possible, request to be transferred to a technical support representative or better, contact the technical group directly.
  • Expected turnaround time for support
    – normally, vendors promise a quick response within 48 hours, however, if your product is having further issues, you would require a faster response from the vendors. Critical times should be responded to with the highest priority as possible, and if the vendor doesn’t offer quick responses to issues, it could potentially cause fatal consequences to the business.
  • Tracking Systems
    – it is essential for vendors to have an online tracking system for their client who prefer contacting and having their issues resolved, online. Having one can show the users at a glance where their issues are, as well as the status of completion but without this, it could again leave the customer furious without knowing the status of their concerns.

The key part for technical support is to identify the company that will provide the most exceptional service. It’s best to find reliable companies that have been around in the business for some time, and it’s also beneficial to choose companies that have a 24/7 support center so a technical support representative can attend to the customer’s issues at the earliest.

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(800) 356-3392


(866) 775-9429

(888) 895-4549



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(714) 522-8088


(800) 543-6400


(800) 445-1805

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(888) 895-4549


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(800) 954-3310


(770) 529-4731 x102

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(866) 294-4153


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