Hitachi Air Compressor Reviews

Hitachi Ltd. – a leading global electronics company that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  Hitachi offers a wide variety of products and services in market sectors which include consumer products, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, materials, as well as logistics and financial services.  The Hitachi Air compressor is a renowned brand that is popular with tradesmen and professionals.



1. Hitachi KNT50AB Pancake Air Compressor – Combo kit

Hitachi Air CompressorThe Hitachi KNT50AB combination kit consists of the Hitachi EC710S air compressor with pancake shape and 6 gallon air tank.  This Hitachi air compressor is more than adequate for all your compressed air needs.  No matter whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, this is a great all round machine.  The Hitachi air compressor combo kit comes with a Hitachi brad nailer which is an excellent lightweight air tool.  But the kit also includes everything you need to get started with your next building or renovation project.

The Hitachi air compressor kit includes a 25 foot high pressure hose, which spiraled to avoid tangles.  The high pressure hose is also flexible and long enough to reach right around your shed or workshop.  The hose comes with all the fittings you need such as quick connector couplings, and inflation nozzles.  Hitachi have even thrown in a set of safety glasses and special pneumatic tool oil.  This Hitachi air compressor delivers a very impressive 150 psi at maximum operating pressure.  More impressive is the air delivery of 2.8 cfm flowrate at 90 psi, which is exceptional for a small unit.

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2. Hitachi EC99S Twin Stack Compressor Review

Hitachi Air Compressor ReviewsHitachi are well known for their quality product of air powered tools, and this extends to their line of exceptional air compressors also.  The Hitachi air compressor is well designed and built in terms of safety and reliability.  No matter whether you are a professional builder or contractor, or DIY home renovator.  There is a Hitachi air compressor to suit everyone.

The Hitachi EC99S Twin Stack Compressor is a tough and durable unit that can handle the hard work.  But it still comes with all the nice to have features.  For example, the pressure gauges are industrial standard gauges, and not just cheap plastic dials. The pressure gauges are easy to read, and protected with steel protective shrouding.  This Hitachi air compressor has a pressure shut off switch set at the maximum operating pressure of 135 psi.  When the air storage tank drops to 105 psi, the air compressor will automatically switch on to refill the tank.

Hitachi air Compressor – Super fast recharge times

The Hitachi air compressor takes no time at all to refill the air storage tank.  When you first switch the machine on, it takes less than 2 minutes to come up to operating pressure.  When the tank drops to 105 psi, the compressor cuts in and takes only 20 seconds to recharge back up to 135 psi.  This air compressor has twin air storage tanks with a total of 4 gallons of compressed air.  As is typical with a Hitachi air compressor, the EC99S Twin Stack Compressor comes with a thermal overload switch to prevent damage from overheating.  The compressed air hoses can be easily coupled to the machine with quick connector, to allow for simple tool changes.

Hitachi EC99S Twin Stack Compressor – Features

  • Thermal overload protection for protection of air pump
  • Cast iron construction
  • 15 Amp electric motor
  • Industrial quality pressure gauges
  • Shrouded in steel for heavy duty protection
  • 135 psi maximum operating pressure
  • Oil lubricated air pump for cooler operation and less maintenance
  • Universal quick connector for air tool swap over

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3. Hitachi EC89 4 Gallon Portable Electric Air Compressor

Hitachi Air CompressorThe Hitachi EC89 4 Gallon Portable Electric Air Compressor is another twin stack model of Hitachi air compressor.  Built to last, this air compressor has a direct drive electric motor and lubricated air compressor pump.  Weighing in at 57 pounds, the Hitachi EC89 4 gallon air compressor can handle itself on any job.  No matter whether you are an experienced contractor, or a weekend home renovator, the EC89 is very capable.  Better still, everything is automatic with this machine so you don’t have to fiddle with the controls.  The air compressor will shut off when it reaches maximum operating pressure at 135 psi.  When the pressure drops down to 105 psi, the air compressor will automatically kick in to recharge the air tank.  It also comes with thermal overload protection, so you don’t have to worry about overheating.

T0p Quality Hitachi Air Compressor

The Hitachi EC89 air compressor is designed to make life easier.  It comes with rubber mounted feet, and easy carrying handles.  The hose connectors are designed for quick release and connection, with pressure seal to stop leakage and lost air pressure.  Hitachi is a leader in pneumatic systems, and guarantee the workmanship of all models of Hitachi air compressor.  The EC89 air compressor is suitable for use with a wide range of air power tools such as nail guns, staplers, drills, saws, grinders and sanders.  It will even inflate car and bike tires just using the air storage reservoir.  There is such compressed air capacity that you don’t even need to turn on the pump!

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4. Hitachi EC2610E Gas Powered Air Compressor with Honda Engine

Hitachi Air Compressor ReviewsThe Hitachi EC2610E is a superb gas powered air compressor driven by a 160 cc Honda engine.  With power to burn, this is a very powerful Hitachi air compressor.  Capable of delivering up to 9.5 cfm at 90 psi, it has a maximum operating pressure up to 145 psi.  The Hitachi EC2610E provides exceptional quality components for long lasting and maintenance free operations.  With the reliability of the Honda powered engine, there is no better combination to have with a Hitachi air compressor.  The Hitachi EC2610E gas air compressor is built to run all day, without causing any fuss or bother.  This Hitachi air compressor is designed for the professional builder and tradesman who like their tools tough.

Features of the Hitachi EC2610E gas air compressor

  • Gas Powered air compressor
  • Engine is a 160 cc gasoline Honda with 8 horsepower output
  • Honda reliability and high performance
  • Air delivery = 9.5 CFM at 90 PSI
  • Cast iron construction
  • Lubricated air pump for surprisingly low noise output
  • Capable of driving several air tools at same time
  • Can operate multiple nail guns at once
  • Industrial standard pressure gauges

 Summary – Hitachi Air Compressor

The Hitachi EC2610E gas air compressor is built tough enough for the most demanding operator.  With more than enough horsepower, this unit can power the whole worksite, and several air tools at the same time.  You can run the Hitachi EC2610E gas air compressor with the confidence of Honda reliability.  Paired with the high quality Hitachi air compressor, the EC2610E gas air compressor is an awesome combination.

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5. The Hitachi EC119SA 4 Gallon Twin Stack Air Compressor – Spare Parts

Hitachi air compressor spare partsThe Hitachi EC119SA 4 Gallon Twin Stack Air Compressor is a heavy duty air compressor in a small package.  This Hitachi air compressor features a 2.5 horsepower electric motor.  This is a larger air compressor motor than normal and provides heavy duty performance for such a small machine.  For convenience, the air pump is oil lubricated to keep the machine cool while operating.  But nevertheless it comes with all the features, such as thermal overload protection.  To assist with keeping the Hitachi air compressor cool, this unit is fitted with a cooling fan.  Additionally the air compressor head comes with cooling fins to help dissipate the heat.  Nice to know that you can operate this machine even in hot weather without having to pause for cooling time.

Features of the Hitachi EC119SA Air Compressor

This Hitachi EC119SA Twin Stack Air Compressor has been built to withstand a little rough treatment.  It comes enclosed in a steel protective cage, which also serves as a sturdy mounting frame.  This air compressor comes with carrying handles so it can be moved around the worksite.  Weighing in at 64 pounds, it is no lightweight, but it is a very high performance air compressor.  The 2.5 horsepower motor can deliver up to 4 cfm at 90 psi, which is more than other air compressors of the same size.  Even though it only has 4 gallons of air storage, that big motor can recharge the tank in next to no time.

This Hitachi air compressor comes with dual connector outlets for running two air lines at the same time.  The EC119SA Twin Stack Air Compressor has no problem providing compressed air for two nail guns at the same time.  This machine may also be a little on the noisy end of the spectrum.  The best way to operate this Hitachi air compressor is to purchase an extra long high pressure hose.  That way, you don’t need to move the air compressor, just stretch the hose to the job.  Better still,  you can park the machine outside, while you work inside where it is quiet!

Good News – spare parts for Hitachi air compressor!

Even though the Hitachi EC119SA is no longer available, we found a reliable source of Hitachi air compressor spare parts at Amazon!

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ModelAir DeliveryMaximum Pressure (PSI)Tank Size (Gallons)Net Weight (Pounds)

2.8 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Hitachi KNT50AB
Pancake Air

150 PSI6.0 gal47 lbsCTA3

3.1 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Hitachi EC99S
Twin Stack Air
135 PSI4.0 gal53 lbsCTA3

3.1 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Hitachi EC89
Twin Stack Air
135 PSI4.0 gal58 lbsCTA3

9.5 CFM
@ 90 PSI

Hitachi EC2610E
Gas Powered
Air Compressor
145 PSI8.0 gal158 lbsCTA3


For over a hundred years, Hitachi has been contributing a wide array of ingenious, technologically superior, and value-oriented air technology products.  The Air Technology Group is responsible for the Hitachi air compressor, including the mechanically advanced vortex blowers and oil-free Hitachi air compressor that complement various industrial applications.

Hitachi’s selection of industrial DSP oil-free air compressors, vortex blowers, and SRL oil-free scroll air free compressors offer value in terms of maximized performance, plus power and space savings. Since the company is one of the chief providers of air technology products, Hitachi follows meticulous environmental standards to allow delivery of oil-free and contaminant-free air for critical tasks.


Here is a brief description of the oil-less Hitachi air compressor which includes a brief review of the features:

  • Hitachi DSP Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor
    Hitachi continues to manufacture a complete lineup of advanced DSP oil-free rotary screw air compressors that are used by a large number of industries worldwide. The Hitachi DSP oil-free air compressors are produced equally with the industry’s rigorous standards and techniques to deliver unrivaled efficiency. The Hitachi compressor is extremely flexible and can eliminate occurring issues due to oil mists, as well as vapors in compressed air.

Features of the Hitachi air compressor – oil free:

– First and second stage rotors are made of stainless steel

– Equipped with hi-precooler to avoid thermal shock

– Low vibration and sound levels

– Has OMR to stop gear-case mist from leaving its package

– PTFE-free rotor coating

– The company produces almost 80% of this specific package in-house to ensure quality

  • Hitachi Industrial SRL Oil-less Scroll Hitachi Air Compressor
    These types of air compressors are the result of Hitachi’s innovative technology which focuses on providing oil-free, as well as contaminant-free compressed air. Hitachi fashions the SRL oil-free scroll air compressors, focusing on its quality and performance while improving the capability of the most demanding industrial applications. Lately, the company has included SRL multiplex oil-less scroll air compressor in its industrial Hitachi air compressor portfolio, and the new multiplex oil-less SRL compressor develops energy savings by employing their multi-drive mode which optimizes the compressor’s operation by corresponding air supply to production demand.

Features of the Hitachi air compressor – oil-less scroll compressor:

– Includes microprocessor controls

– Great service life of any scroll compressor available in the market

– The 100% oil-less design eradicates environmental concerns and emissions for natural resources

– The Hitachi scroll compressor has a tip seal material which offers high performance, high reliability, and extremely low wear.

– Alumite TM treatment prolongs the compressor’s scroll life and limits its life cycle cost

– The industry’s leading sound level is from 48-52dB, and the point of use is now possible with the quiet Hitachi SRL oil-less scroll compressor.




Hitachi has continuously developed and produced more advanced, trustworthy, and industry related compressors that meet each one of their customer’s specific performance needs, so aside from their oil-less compressors, Hitachi created their line of oil-lubricated air compressors which cater to various industrial applications.

There is a range of the oil-lubricated Hitachi air compressor reviews as follows:

  • Oil-lubricated Package Bebicon
    This type of compressor comes with an enclosed cabinet that reduces the generated noise levels of the machine during operations. The compressor is a heavy-duty piston machine that is designed to operate for long, continuous hours.The Bebicon compressor is best for manufacturing industries, spray painting, automotive service workshops, and pneumatic tools.


Features of the Hitachi air compressor – oil lubricated air compressor:

ECOMODE: this feature monitors the consumption of air and automatically adapts the cutout pressure for energy conservation.

–  Suction-type drain piping: the new and enhanced design prevents rust from accumulating in the compressor’s drain pipe.

          –  Smaller Foot Print Space: compared to previous models, the Bebicon compressor’s oil-lubricated package installation space is 2% smaller.

          –  Maintenance Interval Improvement: the improved design allows for extended maintenance intervals from 8,000 hours to 10,000 hours.


  • Hitachi Lubricated Bebicon
    Hitachi’s lubricated (oil flooded) Bebicon air compressor is designed to operate for long hours. It is suitable for spray painting, pneumatic tools and works best for automotive service workshops as well as for manufacturing industries.

Features of the Hitachi air compressor – oil lubricated air Bebicon air compressor:

– Compressor Head:  is compact, light, has high performance and reliability, plus it’s easy to maintain.

– High-cooling Head Design: its cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy and has a ventilated rib for improved air capacity and heat radiation.


With their impressive line of high quality air technology products, we recommend the best Hitachi air compressor for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who are in search of contemporary and innovative machines that help people with various applications.



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