Honda EU2200i Portable Generator Review

Honda EU2200i – Portable Generator Review

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator Review Have you ever suffered a power outage during a storm or a fallen powerline?  You know that sinking feeling as the lights go out, and you have to find a flashlight, candles, or whatever we need to do in an emergency.  Well, it is not quite an emergency, but when the power goes off for more than a couple hours, it can become quite annoying!  To avoid being left in the dark, what you need is the wonderful little portable generator – the Honda EU2200i portable generator.

Small and lightweight Honda Generator

The real benefit of the Honda EU2200i is the incredible size and portability of this excellent small and lightweight generator by Honda.  Weighing in at only 47 pounds, and capable of generating 2200 Watts of household electricity, the Honda EU 2200i can be a lifesaver!  No matter whether you like to keep it in storage as a back up generator, or whether you like to use it for camping trips, or whether you need to power tools when you are away from a power source, the Honda EU2200i is the way to go.

The Honda EU2200i is whisper quiet

The Honda EU2200i is an outstanding generator as it is renowned for its whisper quiet operation.  This is worthy of discussion, because most generators are known to be extremely noisy, so it is impressive than Honda have made this unit so very quiet.  With a two layer muffler system designed by Honda, the EU2200i portable inverter generator runs at a very quiet 48 dB and up to a maximum of 57 dB.  This noise level is merely the volume of a normal conversation between two people.  This is better than almost any other generator in the market.  Because the Honda EU2200i generator is so quiet, it is ideal for camping and RV trips.  The Honda EU2200i is also great for busy work sites where noise has to be kept to a minimum.

Additional Safety Features

In addition to the other advantages of The Honda EU2200i, the muffler system is guaranteed to eliminate sparks.  This means the Honda EU2200i is safe to operate in times of fire danger restrictions.  The Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator meets the standards required for US emission regulations.  What better choice for a portable generator that is environmentally friendly and user friendly.

The Honda EU2200i Portable Generator

Quiet and Powerful

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator ReviewThe Honda EU2200i outputs a very generous 2200 Watts of electricity in normal mode.  It also has a short term surge capacity up to 2400 Watts.  This is important when it comes to running multiple appliances, which can cause a temporary spike during start up.  The short term surge capacity is also good for reducing those annoying fade outs when too much current is drawn from the system.  Better still, if you find that you need more power for short term applications, you can even daisy chain this innovative little generator and run more than one at the same time to generate twice the power and electricity supply.

The Honda EU2200i portable generator

Coming in a distinctive package, the fully enclosed Honda EU2200i is a bright red generator, no bigger than a small suitcase.  As mentioned, it weighs just 47 pounds, and you can easily pick it up with the handle, and transport it wherever you need to go.  The Honda EU2200i delivers a safe and steady electrical AC supply at 120 Volts, and 60 Hertz.  It can also provide a 12 volt power source to recharge batteries, which is an excellent feature when the power supply is out.

The Honda EU2200i comes with an automatic controller

The Honda EU2200i  runs on a gasoline powered Honda engine, which is completely self-governing, except for the occasional refueling.  It has a built in Eco-Throttle controller which automatically adjusts the generator speed.  This means that you always get optimal performance, no matter what the power load is drawing from the system.   The fuel efficiency is awesome and provides a continuous supply of electricity for more than 9 hours from a single gallon of gasoline.  The Honda EU2200i has a built in microprocessor known as the Honda Advanced Inverter Technology.  The built in controller governs the supply electricity.  The portable inverter generator produces clean and stable electricity for safe operations of all your sensitive household appliances.

Summary – The Honda EU2200i Portable Generator

With a very handy 2200 Watts energy supply, at a very meager 47 pounds, and whisper quiet operation, there is nothing that can beat the Honda EU2200i.  I have used one of these Honda generators myself, and it never ceases to amaze me how it can be so quiet and self-governed.  Everything is automatic, just one pull and away it goes at a steady hum.  You barely even notice that the Honda EU2200i is running, and in fact most people don’t even realize that it is.

If you need a lightweight and portable generator to keep your lights burning brightly, then the Honda EU2200i Inverter Generator is perfect for you!

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