How to Pick A Perfect Air Line Filter

air line filter 1Compressed air line filters protect your equipment and supplies from dirt, dust, oil, and water. Dust will wear down your equipment, especially when they combine with oil and dirt, so when this happens, sticky clumps of impurities may form inside the compressed air equipment.

To keep your machine and supplies clean, it is highly suggested to install a few compressed air filters to help protect the equipment you have, as well as to avoid getting dirt inside your machine.

Tips on choosing your air-line filter

  • If you find an air-line filter that seems reliable and can protect your equipment from dirt, consider purchasing it to allow efficient and effective usage of your compressor; remember that proper filtration is key to maximizing longevity and reliability.
    line_filter 2Air that is compressed can carry condensed water, solid impurities from pipelines, oil carry-overs from compressors, as well as wear particles from actuators; these are impurities that can cause issues when the compressor is being used and should be effectively removed by these air-line filters.
  • Inspect the filter housings and make sure that they can permeate different types of elements to enable proper filtration. If the filter housing of the air-line filter you want to obtain works efficiently, the following benefits can be noted when using the air-line filter:- If the correct type of element and filter rating is selected, there will be more particles removed.- Liquid removal will be efficient since re-entrainment will not be possible.

– Easier filter maintenance and removal of liquid condensate

– Visual monitoring of condensate or filtering elements will be easier for proper function, or prompt maintenance.

Various types of air-line filters

  • Particulate Filters – these particulate compressed air filters work by removing dust and other particles from the air.
  • Coalescing Filters – these types of filters are used to catch oil, as well as moisture that is suspended in the compressed air, in very tiny droplets.
  • Activated Carbon Filters – Activated carbon filters remove odor and vapor. These are commonly used in factories where food is produced.
    Compressed air filters are usually comprised of two main parts: its housing and its filter element. The filtering element itself is actually the part that does the job of filtering the compressed air.In some instances, the filter housing does an important job as well: it often separates dust, water, or oil droplets by using the cyclone action. This means that the housing is fashioned in a way that the compressed air moves just like a tornado, where all the solid particles and droplets get smashed against the walls of the housing while the rest of the air directly moves to the filter element.Filter elements can be purchased separately from the housing, thus can be changed for new ones every year or whenever necessary.

    Compressed air line filter 3When purchasing your filter housings, be cautious and identify the kind of filter elements these can hold. Would it be necessary for you to purchase a new housing as well when the time comes for you to change the filter type? It’s also wise to check the maximum flow rate. If you are planning on buying an additional compressor or a much bigger one in the near future, it may be a good idea to increase the size of your air filters to avoid purchasing new ones in the future.

Various top brands that produce air-line filters

  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Excelon
  • Olympian
  • PneumaticPlus

Additional tips when choosing your air-line filter

compressed air line filter 4When scouting for compressed air filters, always remember that the quality is highly important. Quality-made air filters will produce much cleaner air which will only mean fewer problems when your equipment is being used. Quality air filters have lower pressure-drops compared to low-quality ones. This will help you save energy since every pressure drop in your system will require you to put the compressor on a higher set-point, which in return, will increase your electricity cost.

air compressor air line filterThe quality requirements for compressed air vary considerably depending on the industries, and so does the type of filter necessary. Matching the level of filters used in the system, to the quality of air required is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient option available.

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