How To Pick The Perfect Portable Single Stage Compressor?

portable_single_stage_consumer_1Portable single stage air compressors operate by drawing air in then later on compresses the air to its final pressure in the single piston stroke. These air compressors can attain pressures of up to 150psi, and its single stage pump allows for a higher CFM rating compared to a two stage pump. The reason for this is that every cylinder draws air in then compresses it with air during every rotation.

Choosing the best Portable Single Stage Compressor

Before choosing an air compressor to purchase, it’s best to understand the compressor’s uses to ensure that the machine you’re aiming for can do the required task. If you buy an air compressor that is too small, it will waste a lot of valuable time while purchasing a compressor that is too large will waste valuable resources depending on your requirements.

  • Verify the type of job that requires the use of a compressor
    Jobs requiring 125psi or less can usually work with a single stage compressor since this type of air compressor pulls air in a chamber then reduces the chamber’s volume which then compresses the air. Single stage air compressors are suited for tasks where the duration of work is shortened like tire inflation or occasional use of impact wrenches. Though the single stage air compressor is efficient for such tasks, it may eventually become less cost-effective over time if the applications on hand require continuous usage.
  • Portability
    portable_single_stage_consumer_3If you need an air compressor for applications like tire inflation or powering nail guns, it’s best to use a small, portable, and lightweight single stage air compressor with about two to four-gallon tanks. However, if your tasks are more demanding such as powering frame nail guns, a portable yet larger compressor will work more efficiently to complete the job.
  • Determine the power source
    Another imperative factor to take note of when choosing the best single stage air compressor is its power source. A large number of air compressors are powered by electricity or gasoline yet both power sources have their advantages and disadvantages.portable_single_stage_consumer_2An electric single stage air compressor does not release any fumes which make it a preferred compressor for indoor applications. However, the disadvantage for this type of compressor is the increased reliability and electricity cost, plus if electricity isn’t available, you won’t be allowed to work with your tasks on hand.Gas powered single stage air compressors can be depended on 24/7, provided that gasoline is present to power the machine. Also, these types of compressors emit fumes, so if you prefer using an environment-friendly air compressor, it’s best to work with electric-powered air compressors.
  • Performance
    Once you have determined the portability and power source of the single stage air compressor, the next factor to focus on would be the performance rating of the single stage air compressor.For performance, the key factor to consider when it comes to this is the volume of air a compressor can deliver. The volume is usually measured in SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Consider the tank size of your single stage air compressor

portable_single_stage_consumer_4When it comes to air compressors, the tank size matters, since this establishes the amount of time an air tool functions before the air compressor is powered on. Their tank sizes are classified in gallons, and with the different tank sizes available, it’s possible to obtain air compressors with tank sizes that may reach from 1 to 80 gallons.

If your job requirement includes the use of air tools that need continuous high volumes of air, then portable single stage air compressors that will work effectively for the job will be those with larger tanks, above 50-gallons.

  • Pump Type
    Some may ignore this, but the pump type is another important factor to consider when choosing your compressor. The variety in pump designs have been proven to have different results when it comes to the air compressors performance, so to choose the best portable single stage air compressor, factor in the different pump types to determine which specific single stage compressor will be better for the application.

Here are some of the top brands of air compressors that offer portable single stage compressors:

  • Ingersoll Rand
  • DeWalt
  • California Air Tools
  • Industrial Air


At first glance, any air compressor can seem like an intimidating machine, yet a little insight and knowledge about the machine will make things much easier for you. So by doing a little research and following the tips mentioned earlier, acquiring a perfect portable single stage air compressor will be a less stressful job for you.

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