Makita MAC700 REVIEW

If you’re searching for an air compressor for home use or in a small work area, you have most likely seen quite a number of oil-less units in the market, including Makita’s MAC700. The MAC700 is an oil-lubricated compressor generally designed for DIY home use.

Makita MAC700 Review

The motor of this portable and quiet compressor is considered as one of the most essential and important key factors that you should take note of. It is powered by a 2.0-HP motor and is equipped with a cast-iron pump that has big bore cylinders, as well as pistons designed to offer the best performance and high-caliber output. Remember: the greater the bore and stroke, the higher its compression, recovery is faster, and there is less noise as well.

Pros and Cons


  • In less than 20 seconds, the compressor can restore pressure from cut in
  • Vibrations are lessened because of the rubber feet present
  • Oiled pumps ensure longer life for the compressor
  • In less than a minute, the unit can go from zero to 130psi


  • Though portable, it’s one of the heaviest units present in the market. Carrying it around can be awkward due to its size and weight, so it’s suggested that you transport the unit via dolly or handcart.
  • For inexperienced users, the manual included with the compressor isn’t that useful nor helpful
  • When it comes to the duty cycle, MAC700 is at 50% compared to the duty cycle of other oil-free compressors in the market.


MAC700’s Impressive Features

  • Maximum pressure is at 130psi
  • For performance, it has a 90psi : 3.3-CFM, and 40psi : 3.8CFM
  • Has a tank capacity of 2.6-gallons or 9.8L
  • 80dB for the noise level
  • Its pump is oil-lubricated
  • For lower RPM, there is a 1720RPM pump available for higher displacement
  • It weighs at around 52lbs.

Some do-it-yourself people may think that this compressor isn’t befitting for them and opt for oil-less units. In reality, a lot of hobbyists and homeowners have taken advantage of this type of compressor and haven’t encountered any problems when using these machines for tasks. A lot of people have realized eventually that oil-filled compressors aren’t that tedious to work with, and aside from that, this Makita compressor is rigged with an oil drain, and oil sight glass that are positioned efficiently in place.

MAC700 – For whom is it designed for?

Considering that it is at the lower end of the power range yet has a moderate SCFM output rate, the Makita MAC700 is aimed for the home do-it-yourself, or enthusiast users who only have limited air requirements. Additionally, this compressor can still be used professionally but tasks should be non-intensive.

This unit weighs almost 60 lbs. and although it is still treated as a portable unit, the MAC700 still weighs twice as much as the typical portable air compressor.

Even if the unit is low powered, this air compressor isn’t a toy; it’s essential to keep expectations in line with its power output. Industrial tools that need to be used continuously isn’t suitable for this specific unit but instead, stapling, airbrush work, stapling, and other tasks that only require low airflow is where this air compressor excels.


At 60 lbs., this unit is considered heavy yet the weight makes the unit more stable, but it also requires some strength to transport the compressor from one place to another. Because of this, Makita has equipped the MAC700 with an industrial quality handle which is fused directly to the tank, making it a little easier to move despite its weight.


If you’re someone who worries about noise, you will be pleased to know that the MAC700 hardly runs any louder than a dishwasher. If you’re a few feet away from the compressor, the level of noise is below 90dB – which is still within conversation volume.

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