Picking The Perfect Twin-Stack Air Compressor

consumer_twin_stack_1If you are someone who is not familiar or accustomed with air compressors, the thought of choosing a model that would best suit your needs can be a really baffling and difficult task. Considering that there are a large number of different brands present in the market, plus a variety of types which may differ depending on your specific requirements, you should take into account a few things before you can acquire that capable and functional air compressor for your needs.

consumer_twin_stack_2Air compressors are tools that transform power into potential energy which is then stored in pressurized air via an electric motor, gasoline engine, or diesel. An air compressor’s functions is based on a simple principle – Once air has become compressed, the pressure increases while its volume decreases. The compressor then forces air into a storage tank to further increase pressure, and once the tank’s pressure reaches its upper limit, the air compressor automatically shuts off and keeps the compressed air stored in the tank until it’s needed. Compressed air can be used for numerous applications such as powering pneumatic tools.

There are different types of air compressors present in the market, yet we will focus on the Twin Stack air compressor and how to pick the best one that is well-suited for your needs.

Twin Stack Air Compressors

consumer_twin_stack_3Twin stack compressors are your regular hot dog compressors yet feature twin air tanks that are stacked on top of each other. The configuration of the twin tanks has a larger capacity which makes these types of compressors best for powering nail and brad guns, as well as for trim work. These machines are also portable but can weigh up to 70 lbs. However, manufacturers oftentimes include additional accessories to make portability much easier.

Choosing the best twin stack compressor

  • Twin stack air compressors do not run as often as the single type, but an additional benefit of this compressor is that you can store more air in it. A very wise choice for those who work on carpentry since these compressors have great power to run nails guns and smaller brand nails which are used commonly used in trimming work.
  • Before buying your twin stack compressor, be sure to take note of the tasks that require the use of this machine. Doing so will trim down the long list of compressors available which will make it easier for you to choose the best perfect compressor for the job.
  • The compressors power, size, and CFM varies depending on the requirements of your application, so be sure to take note of these as well to ensure that you purchase the correct model.
  • Twin stack compressors come in consumer and contractor-grade models, and they are completely different despite the similarity of their appearance. If you’re planning to build a house, you would opt for a machine that is made for heavy-duty environments. These models are made for rigorous job-sites since both are portable, durable, and powerful.
  • These twin stack compressors come in electric or gas-powered versions; gas-powered ones are highly convenient for work areas without electricity while the advantage of electric twin stack compressors is its lightweight feature. These can be plugged to a 120v outlet and can be used indoors unlike the gas-powered ones, because of the carbon monoxide that it emits.
  • Because of the different brands of twin stack compressors available, it’s best to equip yourself with additional information about the available brands so here are some of the top air compressor brands and their twin stack models.


⇒Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9

⇒Campbell Hausfeld HL5402

⇒Hitachi EC12


consumer_twin_stack_4When you have gone through these simple tips on how to choose the perfect twin stack air compressor, remember to understand and read through manuals once you have purchased your compressor; doing so before operating the machine will ensure safety and will prevent unwanted issues or accidents that may occur while using the compressor.

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