Picking The Perfect Wheelbarrow Air Compressor

wheelbarrow_air_compressor_1Wheelbarrow air compressors are identical to Pontoon style compressors but differ when it comes to the position of their tanks which can be found along the machine’s length. This type of compressor resembles a wheelbarrow and both are similar when it comes to portability, and similarly have potent motors that are best suited for heavy-duty use.

Given that the tanks are located at the bottom, wheelbarrow air compressors can be used and pulled along rough and rigorous terrains without having to worry about incurring damages to any of its mechanical components. These compressors, however, are more on the heavier category, weighing almost up to 300 lbs. at times.

Ways to choose the best wheelbarrow air compressor

wheelbarrow_air_compressor_2We know that there are numerous models of air compressors out in the market, even from the same manufacturers, and this realization can make it difficult to choose the perfect compressor that is best for your needs. Aside from its physical arrangement, the main deciding factor usually ends up with the specification of each compressor and having knowledge about these can make everything easier for you.

  • Horsepower – all manufacturers ensure that their air compressors have motors with high enough HP to drive the machines effectively.
  • The tank capacity – The measure of compressed air a tank stores; having a larger tank will allow you to run air tools even before the air compressors motor restarts. Also, a tank with a larger capacity is more efficient when using tools that require higher levels of air, or when tools are being used continuously.
  • Maximum Pressure – the minimum amount of air pressure that any air compressor provides is at 120psi, and air tools are fashioned and developed for air supply levels of 90psi.
  • The Capacity of Airflow Delivery – one of the most important specification that is difficult to find. All air tools can function with a certain amount of air, and if the required air level is not met, these tools will eventually slow down. Remember that it’s required of you to choose an air compressor that has an increased capacity in CFM compared to the highest level required by tools that you plan to power it with.
  • The Duty Cycle – air compressors are generally fashioned for a 60% duty cycle unless stated otherwise. It means that the air compressor motor works 60% of the time and is idle only for 40% of the time – this is essentially important since the act of compressing air develops heat.Keep in mind that if you are running the air compressor near its capacity level or making it work more than its allowed duty cycle, the heat produced by this overage will eventually cause the machine to wear out faster.
  • Oil or Oil-free? – this is another factor to consider when choosing your wheelbarrow air compressor. Will you purchase a unit that is powered by oil or an oil-free machine? Oil-free models are limited in the market, but an advantage of this model is that if the machine falls over on its side, no oil will spill and enter the cylinder. However, these types of air compressors don’t usually last long compared to the oiled compressors.

Some famous brands that carry this type of air compressor

wheelbarrow_air_compressor_3Wheelbarrow air compressors are well-made for job sites since they are built with powerful engines, bigger air tanks, and heavy-duty materials. Wheelbarrow compressors can withstand challenging conditions and environments, and with its single wheel and sturdy handles, you know that this unit can be pulled through tough terrains.
With all of this unit’s features, the wheelbarrow compressors do get heavy, so its wheeled portability is highly efficient. Remember that this type of air compressor can weigh up to 300 lbs. so if your tasks require transporting the machine to different places, it’s highly suggested that you get a lighter model instead.


When selecting any type of air compressor, it’s wise to select a model that is slightly larger than what you need. When you purchase more air tools, the existing air compressor you purchased will function perfectly with them rather than having to upgrade and enhance to a larger compressor.

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