If you’re looking for a light and compact compressor that’s designed to make household or commercial tasks painless, then Porter Cable’s CMB15 oil free shrouded compressor is the device you may need.

Porter Cable’s CMB15 compressor is equipped with a 1.5 gallon tank that’s convenient and portable, good for anyone who’s usually on the go. If you love travelling a lot in  your car, or enjoy long bike rides with family or friends, bringing the CMB15 around for necessary tire inflating would be a piece of cake. Not only is it portable, but the Porter Cable’s CMB15 is the best value for money while allowing you to do tons of tasks easily and efficiently.

image-2970341960Porter Cable’s CMB15 air compressor runs at 2.0 SCFM at 90 psi for a quick compressor recovery time and it’s also rigged with a 1.5 gallon tank making it light and portable at just around 20 lbs. Its low amp 120 volt starts with ease even with an extension cord, and aside from that, it runs easily even during the cold weather. It’s also built with an enclosed design for superior protection so worrying about random objects getting into the machine won’t be an issue. In addition to that, the compressor is made of durable oil-free pumps, which makes it last a long time without really having to deal with maintenance; It only means that more tasks and jobs to finish and taking a breather, instead of burdening yourself with maintenance. Another good thing about Porter Cable’s CMB15 is that it’s made with rubber feet to help absorb vibrations emitted by the motor, which means it’s much more quiet compared to other air compressors around.

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  • Since the compressor’s tank fills quickly, you don’t really have to wait much before you can use the air compressor again to continue working on your tasks.
  • There has been a flood of positive reviews in regard to its enclosed and compact design. It saves a lot of storage space while protecting the compressor itself.
  • Because of its rubber feet, the noise from the compressor isn’t that much of a problem and is quite acceptable. Perfect for indoor use especially if you’re someone who isn’t that fond of too much noise.


  • The accessory kit that’s included with Porter Cable’s CMB15 air compressor; a number of customers said that the quality of the accessories, such as the hose and fittings aren’t as good and quality made compared to the compressor itself.
  • If you plan to use the compressor for different applications and tasks, it’s best to purchase couplers that are quick to connect so changing from one use to another will be a lot easier.

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