Senco Air Compressor Reviews

‘We make hard work easier’ – Senco’s story.

Ever since, Senco has developed ingenious solutions to constructive challenges and have made job sites around the world more efficient and safer, as well as improving the lives of people who work in them.

Albert Juilfs, the founder of Senco who used to work from his basement in the years 1935 to 1936, first built the Springtramp Eliminator – a device that cancels out common automobile vibration problems during that time. This Springtramp Eliminator has become the very first, innovative mechanical device by the business that is to become Senco.

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After WWII, the economy of the US prospered then Senco developed and expanded. Between the years 1952 and 1957, their facilities grew from just five thousand to more than a hundred thousand square feet in size; the advancement driven by the heightened need for pneumatic tools and fasteners for automotive, bedding, casket, and furniture industries.


Uses for a Senco Air Compressor

Customarily, the Senco air compressor is best suited for pumps, cars, and air conditioners; however, the most useful and practical utilization of these compressors is to undoubtedly compress air.

The main advantage of applying compressed air is the aspect of safety since there is little to zero electricity involved. In addition to this, compressed air can be used for other tasks such as running equipment and tools that produce more force compared to traditional tools.

With that in mind, it is safe to say that tools powered by a Senco air compressor are able to get tasks done more effectively compared to regular tools that do not have the same guts and horsepower.

The Pros and Cons of using a Senco air compressor


  • The Senco air compressor delivers increased capacity
  • The machine has individual gauges used for balancing the output pressure
  • The portability is high and really lightweight
  • Versatile design – where customers are not really required to assemble the different parts. Furthermore, the Senco air compressor is fashioned with a direct-drive motor that can increase the proficiency of compression.
  • A Senco air compressor is perfect for home renovation and maintenance work.


  • Some of the Senco air compressor range are not suitable for heavy duty work.

Safety Precautions

Every Senco air compressor has an operator manual included with the product. The manual explains how to safely operate tools which also includes critical warnings. Never operate any tool or equipment without reading first the provided manual. Aside from this, there are other safety precautions that you must consider before operating a Senco air compressor.

  • If you are not planning to staple or drive a nail, keep your fingers off the trigger.
  • Be conscious of your co-worker’s location so you will not bump into them while carrying a tool or any other dangerous object.
  • Your hands and every other body part should be kept at a safe distance from the tool’s safety element. It is also necessary to always wear OSHA required z87 safety glasses that have side shields and ensure that other personnel in the work area also wears the safety glasses.
  • Never mishandle tools, as well as never position yourself where the tool can come into any part of your body.
  • Keep in mind that every pneumatic tool will bounce when driving nails or staples, so always grasp the tool’s handle securely to maintain control over the tool.


With Senco’s history of excellent and effective products, it is highly suggested that a portable and quality-made Senco air compressor is the best options for you.

ModelAir DeliveryMaximum Pressure (PSI)Tank Size (Gallons)Net Weight (Pounds)

4.4 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

Senco PC1131
Air Compressor
125 PSI4.3 gal60 lbsCTA3

0.7 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

Senco PC0947
Air Compressor
125 PSI1 gal23 lbsCTA3

2.2 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

Senco PC0968
Air Compressor
135 PSI2.5 gal38 lbsCTA3

3.5 SCFM
@ 90 PSI

Senco PC1130
Air Compressor
125 PSI2.5 gal39 lbsCTA3


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