Senco PC1010

When you’re looking for a small compressor that does an efficient job in your home or in the workplace, we suggest the Senco PC1010 to accomplish your tasks and needs. The PC1010 is a small and lightweight device that’s consistently on the top 10 list of compressors in the market. Very easy to use and because of its size, it’s conscious of the space which makes it a device that’s easy to store, even in compact areas.

Senco PC1010 is a compressor perfect for tasks that are not so heavy-duty like inflating tires and toys, painting, nailing and more, but since it offers a lot of power for most home tasks, makes it an efficient and reliable tool to have.


One thing about this air compressor is that if you’re not fond of dealing with oil spills and contamination, then this will be something you may consider because the hand-carry compressor is an oil-less type of device. Since the PC1010 is designed to be oil-free, it doesn’t require frequent maintenance which saves on cost, equipment, and labor of having to deal with changing oil when necessary. In addition to this, you won’t need to clean and dispose of any soiled items unlike with those oil-powered compressors.

This air compressor can deliver anywhere from 20 and 44 drives per minute, and it all depends on the kind of air tool that’s connected to it. The Senco PC1010 compressor applies a direct drive pump with 0.5hp with a peak of 1hp, and has a quick recover time that allows you to use the device for extended periods of time.

This compressor is a durable and robust device with a tank that’s made of an aluminum body to prevent corrosion and easy destruction from happening. Also, the device is extremely lightweight at 24 pounds, making the PC1010 an extremely portable unit that tipped the scale.

Now you may be wondering if this compressor is loud; with just about 69 decibels, the Senco PC1010 is extremely quiet, so when working on crafts, hobbies, and small projects, this device will hardly bring any distractions because of unwanted noise.


  • Very quiet
  • Easy portability
  • Has a foam handle and rubber suction feet to keep the compressor sturdy
  • Low maintenance
  • Effective for small jobs
  • Because of its low power, it makes the compressor easily operational even during the cold weather.
  • It has a built-in air coupler and plug on the air hose to prevent leakages, as well as saving on user labor.
  • Equipped with a safety relief valve
  • Has a one year limited warranty


  • Low SCFM
  • Not suitable for large jobs
  • The lengthy time it takes to pump up air.

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