How to Skin a Deer with an Air Compressor

Skinning an animal, particularly a deer, can be a difficult, messy, and time consuming task. This is why many hunters are constantly looking for a way to make the process a lot easier. If you are a traditional skinner, you probably resort to knives and saws to get the job done. However, thanks to air compressors, all you need is one tool to make this job infinitely simpler. Many people may consider this a strange and unusual way to skin a deer but the truth is, it works extremely well. Thus, if you are looking for a stress-free way to get things done, look no further. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to hang your deer. This will make the entire process a lot simpler. Depending on your preference, you can choose to hang the deer by its antlers or by its back legs. Once this is done, you are going to use a small knife to make an incision in the deer’s thigh. You should take great care not to make the cut too big as it needs to be air tight. It should only be large enough to fit the nozzle of the air compressor. If you make a hole that is too large, place a cloth around the nozzle once it has been inserted.

Step 2

Place the air compressor in the hole and turn it on. When you power up the air compressor when it is inside the skin, you are forcing the skin to separate from the meat. You are going to need to do this until all of the skin has been detached from the meat. If you are not sure, feel along the length of the deer.

Step 3

As you are feeling along the surface of the deer, you may notice that some parts of the skin are firmly affixed to the meat. In this situation, you are going to have to make a separate hole close to this position. Once again, you should remember not to make the cut too big. Then place the air compressor inside the incision and turn it on until the skin separates. You can repeat this as many times as needed, throughout the length of the deer.

Step 4

Once you are sure that all of the skin is free, you are going to need to use your knife again. Depending on where you have hung the deer from, you should begin to cut the skin there. You can then simply pull the skin down, peeling it away from the meat. Use your knife to cut away any parts that may still be stuck.

You now have the perfect, skinned specimen. In case you are worried about the meat, it is still completely safe to be eaten.

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