Top 8 Best Miter Saw Reviews in 2018

If you are planning on doing any type of carpentry work at all, there is one tool that you simply cannot do without – the best miter saw. Whether you are planning on cutting through, creating frames, or cutting molding, you will require this power tool. It is particularly important if you are planning on producing neat or professional looking work. This piece of machinery is also referred to as a drop saw. It enables the user to make quick, precise crosscuts in a variety of materials. The crosscut is easy to make and you can select any particular angle, and you always get an accurate, clean result.  Whenever I want the best result, I will use my best miter saw as my weapon of choice!

Best miter saw reviews

Standard, Compound, and Sliding Compound Miter Saw

There are three types of power miter saws that are commonly used. These include the standard saw, the compound miter saw, and the sliding compound miter saw.

Standard Miter Saw

This is the most basic type of power miter saw. There are no bevel options but you are able to get both crosscuts and the best miter saw cuts with this power tool.


  • More accurate than handheld saws
  • Clean cutting, straight and sharp
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper option
  • Lightweight


  • No bevel

Compound Miter Saw

This miter saw has single and dual bevel options. It is also capable of producing crosscuts, miter cuts, bevel cuts, and compound cuts.


  • Easy to use
  • Precise, accurate cutting
  • Multiple settings options


  • Makes a mess when cutting, if  the wood is subject to splitting

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This power tool has single and dual bevel settings. It can produce crosscuts, miter cuts, bevel cuts as well as compound cuts.


  • Accurate
  • extremely clean cuts
  • Sliding head enables to cut through wider pieces


  • More expensive than other types of Miter saws

Now that you are aware of the different types of miter saws, you need to choose one to suit you. As mentioned, each of these saws have advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, some of these saws are most suited to some tasks than others.  We have taken the broad range of product reviews, and selected the best miter saws for you, in out Top 8 best miter saw reviews – here you can read through some of the most popular models on the market and discover the best miter saw for you:

Top 8 Best Miter Saw Reviews

1. Hitachi C10FCE2
1. Hitachi C10FCE2
Key Features: Versatility- Positive Miter Stops- Dust Bag

This ten inch compound miter saw is great for all types of carpentry jobs that require neatness and accuracy. It can be used with a multitude of materials, meaning that just one piece of equipment can get a variety of work done. This saw is portable and incredibly easy to use, and because of the excellent and accurate cuts, the Hitachi makes it into the top 8 best miter saw reviews.


One of the advantages of this miter saw is that it can be used with plywood, aluminum, wood, hard board, and soft fiberboard. Regardless of what the work piece is made of, you will be able to get the cut that you want – straight and sharp.

Positive Miter Stops

This feature allows for alterations between 0 and 52 degrees left and right to be made. You will be able to easily change the direction of the blade while cutting. This makes it ideal for crown molding or trimming materials.

Dust Bag

One of the main complaints when using a compound miter saw is the incredible amount of dust that is created. With Hitachi C10FCE2, however, this problem has been solved with a dust bag. The surrounding area as well as the interior of the machine remain clean.


  • Can be used with many materials
  • Positive miter stops
  • Dust bag
  • Portable
  • 45 degree bevel
  • Vibration minimizing elastomer grip


  • Table area is a little small

Key Features: Time Saving- Improved Performance- Portability

If you are looking for accuracy and efficiency with your cuts, then the DEWALT DW715 is for you. The powerful motor, sliding fence, and a variety of additions make this an incredible power tool that provides many different functions. Whether you want precision or intensity, this power saw will deliver it.  For speed and efficiency, the Dewalt is also on the top 8 best miter saw reviews.

Time Saving

The DEWALT DW715 has a twelve inch saw that is powered by an impressive 15 amp motor. This produces a speed of 4000 RPM. This means that whatever cutting task you have, you are bound to finish it incredibly quickly. This also results in a smoother finish.

Improved Performance

The 45 degree bevel is capable of cutting through lumber with dimensions up to 2×8 inches. There are four hardened steel bevel stops, allowing for the bevel angles to be set up with relative ease.


This compound saw has been built to be carried around with each. It weighs just 42 pounds for such a powerful tool. It also comes with carry handle to make it easier for you to move it around.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Powerful motor
  • Better cutting
  • Multiple bevel stops
  • Easily portable


  • Lack of LED and laser attachment capability

Key Features: Accuracy- Easy to Use- Simple Adjustment

This is certainly a considerable sliding compound miter saw. The 12 inch saw is powered by a 15 amp motor, capable of producing up to 3600 RPM. One of the benefits of the DEWALT DWS780 is the flexibility offered by this power tool. It is capable of being used for more precise work as well as heavier construction purposes.


This best miter saw comes equipped with an XPS crosscut alignment system. The attached LED light causes a laser-like outline to fall onto the work piece. This way, the user is aware just where the saw will meet the material. The results in a greater degree of precision.

Easy to Use

The power cord is directed through the rail in the back of the tool. This way, the cord does not interfere with the slide. Furthermore, there is a rail lock latch that holds the head away from the fence when needed.

Simple Adjustment

Bevel can be adjusted from zero to forty nine degrees with five positive stops in between. It can be altered in both left and right directions. In addition, the saw miters 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left with, the possibility of ten positive stops.


  • Considerable motor
  • Precision alignment system
  • Ease of use
  • Multiple adjustment possibilities
  • Dust collection system


  • At 56 pounds, this power tool can get a little heavy


4. Bosch GCM12SD
4. Bosch GCM12SD
Key Features: Axial Glide System- Excellent Alignment- Easy Bevel Controls

This twelve inch miter saw is backed up by a 15 amp motor. This creates a smooth and accurate finish to any piece of work. This saw can be utilized for many different tasks and by many different workers. The ambidextrous grip on this power tool makes it a comfortable machine to use for all.

Axial Glide System

This system is designed to give the user more control over the saw. With this addition, you are able to create wider, smoother, and more precise cuts. Not only does this system make the Bosch GCM12SD more accurate, it also uses less space. The design ensures that up to twelve inches of work space will be saved.

Excellent Alignment

The Squarelock quick release fences have a ninety degree alignment to the saw table. It also does not need any alterations. This feature can easily be locked and unlocked, ensuring that the fence can easily be slipped into position. Thus, the alignment is more accurate.

Easy Bevel Controls

The controls allow the bevels to easily be adjusted. The bevels enable angles to be cut from zero to forty seven degrees with three detents for both left and right hand side.


  • Axial glide system
  • Great alignment
  • Easy bevel settings
  • Dust chute and vacuum adaptor


  • Is not easily portable

5. Bosch 5312
5. Bosch 5312
Key Features: Large Base- Precision Settings- Accurate Angles

The total power output of the Bosch 5312 is about 3800 RPM. This power tool is focused on accuracy with many of its features, including the electric brake ensuring, that you make the cleanest and most precise cuts possible.  That is what we want from the best miter saw, and why we will discuss it in the on the top 8 best miter saw reviews.

Large Base

This power tool comes equipped with a twenty five and a half inch base. It also has built-in cast sliding extensions that result in about 40 inches of length. It also has 4.5 inch sliding fences for easy bevel settings. It is also very helpful when cutting crown molding.

Precision Settings

The bevel lock lever and range selector knob are placed upfront on the power tool. This enables it to be easily accessed, meaning that the settings can be changed much faster. There are three bevel stops on both the left and the right.

Accurate Angles

The miter angle range is 52 degrees on the left and 60 degrees on the right. There are five miter detents on the left and right at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 degrees.


  • Incredibly accurate
  • Easy to reach settings
  • Large base


  • Exhaust system needs improvement

6. Homecraft H26-260L
6. Homecraft H26-260L
Key Features: Powerful-Laser-Safety Feature

This is the perfect power tool for someone who wants to use the Homecraft H26-260L around the house. It works on a variety of miter saw stands and is great for wood-based projects. This power tool is easy to use and you are sure to get a precise cut.


This miter saw is particularly powerful for a tool meant to be used for smaller tasks. The ten inch blade is powered by a 14 amp motor. This produces an incredible 5500 RPM which makes cutting through wood an absolute breeze.


The Homecraft H26-260L comes equipped with a battery-operated laser. This allows the user to align the blade with greater precision. Thus, the cuts are a lot more accurate.

Safety Feature

This is certainly a great power tool to be used around the home, particularly due to the safety features. The LockOut switch ensures that the miter saw is not unintentionally turned on.


  • Powerful motor
  • Precise cutting due to laser
  • Safety LockOut feature
  • Extremely light and portable


  • Dust collection bag needs to be improved

7. Makita LS1016L
7. Makita LS1016L
Key Features: Elevated Accuracy-Four Steel Rail Sliding System-Several Applications

The Makita LS1016L is specifically designed to tackle tasks involving crown molding. It comes equipped with a sliding system that enables the finest cuts possible. This tool has been intended to produce a smooth, clean finish – definitely in the top 8 best miter saw reviews.

Elevated Accuracy

The improved precision with the Makita LS1016L comes from the six linear ball bearings. This makes incredibly accurate cuts in a variety of materials. In addition, there is no need for adjustment with this function.

Four Steel Rail Sliding System

This patented addition is one of the things that takes this miter saw up a notch. There is an increase in rigidity allowing for better cuts. Furthermore, it allows this power tool to use up two less inches of rear space than other models in its class.

Several Applications

While it produces superior crown molding, there is a lot more that you can do with the Makita LS1016L. This includes furniture making, trim work, and remodeling. This power tool can be used in a variety of fields and industries, including backyard work and the professional tradesman.


  • Accuracy
  • Smooth finish
  • Several functions


  • While compact, it is a little heavy at 52.2 pounds

8. Ryobi ZRTS1345L
8. Ryobi ZRTS1345L
Key Features: Powerful Saw-Precision-Safety and Comfort

The sheer power of the Ryobi ZRTS1345L means that it can easily cut through a variety of materials. In addition to being precise, this power tool is also quite safe with additions such as an electric brake. This miter saw is great for different types of tasks and projects.  The sheer power, as well as safety features make this an easy choice for the top 8 best miter saw reviews.

Powerful Saw

This ten inch blade is powered by a 14 amp motor. This allows for an output that is about 5000 RPM. This makes it ideal for thicker or tougher materials. It cuts through them while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.


There are several aspects of the Ryobi ZRTS1345L that work in harmony to create this incredible amount of precision. The bevel scale can be seen from either side of the blade, there is a built-in laser guide, and grip allows for maximum control.

Safety and Comfort

This miter saw also comes with a safety feature in the form of an electric brake. This brake allows the blade to come to a complete stop incredibly quickly to prevent injuries from occurring. Furthermore, the D-shaped handle makes for a comfortable grip.


  • Powerful output
  • Precise
  • Safe
  • Comfortable


  • Lack of top carrying handle makes it a little clumsy to use


One of the main concerns when buying a miter saw is about the quality and the ease of use. Using these miter saw reviews, you will be able to make a more informed decision. Read through them and discover which one will serve you best.

Remember to always look for a saw that is well suited to a particular function. This way, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.



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